How long does it take to drive across the nullarbor

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how long does it take to drive across the nullarbor

Driving Across The Nullarbor – Everything you need to know

May 20,  · How long does it take to drive the Nullarbor? Travel time for crossing the Nullarbor can depend on how much time you’ve got on your hands. If you’re blitzing through with nothing more than a few toilet stops, the Nullarbor Plan from Norseman to Ceduna ( miles) could take you roughly 16 hours. May 28,  · The section we’ve described will take around hours of non-stop driving to complete. Where does the Nullarbor Plain start and finish? Technically the Nullarbor plain is the km wide section of exposed limestone split over the SA/WA border, but for all intents and purposes it can be treated as the area between Norseman and Ceduna.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more details. After a few days discovering the best things to do in Esperance despite rain storms and summer hail! The Nullarbor Plain is a semi-arid area of limestone bedrock between Perth and Adelaide on the southern coast of Australia, coveringsquare kilometres.

I must say, I saw a lot more trees than I expected on my journey! However, the Nullarbor is still a whole lot of nothing compared to the more populated parts of Australia. The distance from Norseman to Ceduna across the Nullarbor Plain is 1,kmwhich takes about 12 hours 20 minutes to drive. The distance from Esperance to Ceduna is 1,kmwhich takes around 14 hours and 30 minutes to drive. We split the journey over three dayswith two overnight stops bush camping on the Nullarbor Plain, at Baxter Rest Area and Bunda Cliffs, and one night at Wittelbee Conservation Park in Ceduna at the end.

You could cross the Nullarbor Plain by bus tour or by train on the Indian Pacific railway journey that runs all the way from Perth to Sydney, but this blog post is a self-drive itinerary for those travelling by car or campervan or motorbike of course! One of the most important things to think about when crossing the Nullarbor is fuel stops. Here is a list of roadhouses across the Nullarboralong with the distances between drive stops. Norseman Roadhouse : km from Esperance.

Balladonia Roadhouse : km from Norseman. Caiguna Roadhouse : km from Balladonia. Cocklebiddy Roadhouse : 85km from Caiguna. Madura Roadhouse : 91km from Cocklebiddy. Mundrabilla Roadhouse : km from Madura. Eucla Roadhouse : 65km from Mundrabilla. Border Village Roadhouse : 41km from Eucla. Nullarbor Roadhouse : km from Border Village. Nundroo Roadhouse : km from Nullarbor. Penong Roadhouse : 82km from Nundroo. Ceduna Roadhouse : 72km from Penong.

Unfortunately, petrol across the Nullarbor is expensive. The prices had totally changed when we did the journey just a few weeks later though. Many even have outdoor swimming pools. We chose to camp in our tent at very basic free campsites and rest areas along the Nullarbor. I must say, we were the only people I saw tent camping — everyone else what a true friend is in caravans or campervans — and due to the limestone ground, it was extremely difficult to get tent pegs in.

It took Michi about an hour to hammer them all in each time. What you will come across is a lot of trucks and road trains huge lorries. It took us a while to understand this was why they were signalling, as back in the UK it would mean that they themselves were about to pull out and overtake something!

Make sure you keep an eye on your oil and coolant levels and tyre pressure every so often too. It might be tempting to power on through the night just to save some time, but it can be very dangerous. Also, the Nullarbor is home to wild kangarooswombats and, apparently, camels! Kangaroos like to come out for the night just before sunset until dawn, so you need to be very careful of running them over, not just here but anywhere rural in Australia.

We quickly discovered that Telstra has better coverage in virtually every rural area we visited including the majority of Tasmania. The Nullarbor weather tends to be hot and dry, with cooler nights. The daytime temperatures average degrees Celsius in the summer, with nights falling to In the winter, daytime temperatures are usually between degrees, but as low as degrees at night. Norseman was the first place we felt properly hot since Perth! Due to its isolated location though, prices will be higher than in other parts of Australia.

See my Border Village section further down for more details. There are clocks up in the roadhouses, and one had a sign confirming that yes, this is the real time! Petrol stations, IGA supermarket, visitor centre, public swimming pool, motels.

Acclaim Gateway Tourist Park. Balladonia Hotel Motel : bar and restaurant in the evenings, swimming pool and outdoor entertainment area. We continued a further km east of Balladonia to a free camping spot called Baxter Rest Area. We stayed there in summertime and only one other group arrived!

It was very weird to see absolutely nothing in all directions! We even recovered from our long day in the car with a bit of a workout in the outback! A two-hour drive east of Balladonia is Caiguna Roadhouse and John Eyre Motelwhich has motel accommodation, budget rooms and powered and unpowered camping and caravan sites. You can also visit the Caiguna Blowhole, 5 kilometres west of Caiguna Roadhouse.

John Eyre Motel : 08 You can stay overnight here at how to write algorithms in word Wedgetail Inn or the caravan park. An attraction in this area is the Eyre Bird Observatory50km south-east of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, which is the most remote research station in Australia.

Read the website carefully, as there are restrictions on types of vehicles because of the roads. The sign below shows just how isolated the roadhouse owners are, living out on the Nullarbor! Cocklebiddy Roadhouse: fuel, takeaway food, restaurant, licensed bar, playground. At the base of the Hampton Tablelands, an hour east of Cocklebiddy and just over an hour west of Mundrabilla is Madura Roadhousewhere you can refuel, refresh and stay overnight at Madura Pass Oasis motel or the camping and caravan park.

About 2km west of Madura Roadhouse how long does it take to drive across the nullarbor can pull over at Madura Pass lookout on the north side of the highway to admire the sweeping view across the Roe Plains and Madura Pass. Madura Pass Oasis : swimming pool, licensed restaurant, caravan park, camping. Just over an hour east of Madura Roadhouse is Mundrabilla Roadhousewhich has a motel, caravan park, and according to its website, a reputation for being one of the cheaper places to buy fuel across the Nullarbor.

As you can see, Eucla Roadhouse, 40 minutes east of Mundrabilla, is one of the more modern roadhouses across the Nullarbor. They have overnight accommodation at the Eucla Motor Hotelwhich has standard motel rooms sleeping people as well as budget rooms, deluxe rooms and executive rooms. Border Village Roadhouse : standard motel rooms, family rooms, cabins and backpacker rooms, or at the caravan and camping site.

On-site swimming pool, hour reception, pet-friendly, bar, games room and TV. Visit the Australian Interstate Quarantine website for details on what you can take in and out of each state. Note that the quarantine check in Ceduna just consisted of an officer poking around in our car boot.

To the east of Border Village, on the southern side of the highway, are a series of lookouts to view the magnificent metre high Bunda Cliffs at the Great Australian Bight. You can also pay to go to the visitor centre at the Head of Bightwhere you can whale watch from a viewing platform between May and October. There are quite a few marked camping areas along Bunda Cliffs, and the view here is absolutely spectacular. The downside was the complete lack of toilets!

Nullarbor Roadhouse, two hours east of Border Village, is one of the nicer roadhouses. The accommodation at Nullarbor Roadhouse has lots of options too. An hour and a half east of Nullarbor Roadhouse is Nundroo Roadhousewhich offers overnight accommodation. See the facilities below. After three days of staring out at endless plains of nothingness, it felt extremely weird to enter an actual town, and kind of a relief!

Ceduna is still quite isolated, lying on the eastern edge of the Great Australian Bight at scenic Murat Bay, but it does have houses and schools and shops and people — around 3, of them!

It also has a thriving oyster industry, dry salt lakes, wildflowers, secluded beaches and the chance to snorkel or scuba dive along the coastline. We decided to go cheap again and bush camp in Ceduna, at Wittelbee Conservation Park. The first annoyance was getting stung by a mystery insect whilst rummaging round in the tent in the dark.

There was nobody else staying at the camping ground at all, and it was a very isolated spot. The sting was unbelievably painful, much worse than a wasp sting, and I had to run to the car, which Michi was inside, and sit and wait until it subsided, hoping it was nothing serious!

We then had to attempt to search for the mystery insect inside the dark tent, and shake out our sleeping bags etc. It was also the second night in a row that we how to check mobile number identification no toilet. Skulking off in opposite directions in the morning, surrounded by flies in searing heat was an experience neither of us wish to remember. The final straw was finding a huge hairy huntsman spider on the car as we were about to leave.

While we were tired, stiff and in desperate need of showers, we can proudly say that we crossed the Nullarbor! And had finally made some headway on our Perth to Adelaide road trip. We also had a terrific treat lined up later that day: swimming with wild dolphins and sea lions on the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experienc e! Best of luck on your Australian travel adventures.

You can read about our next overnight stop in my next blog post on things to do in Port Lincoln. What company is a joint stock company more about me here! If you have any questions about travelling or living in Australia, feel free to drop them into my inbox here.

Dreaming of Down Under. About Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer. No holiday resorts here! Rocky ground beneath our tent at Bunda Cliffs — yes, this really was the best spot!

The Towns of the Nullarbor

May 06,  · If you’re planning on taking the km drive, you’ll most likely be searching for some tips for driving across the Nullarbor highway. The road is safe and a lot busier than you might think, but there’s definitely some things you should keep in mind when driving across the Nullarbor. Dec 28,  · Highway One now heads East across the incredible Nullarbor Plain. Deciding how long to drive across Australia will depend on whether you like to take the experience slowly and relax, for people who enjoy isolation and being completely away from major cities, the Nullarbor Plain is definitely going to be a road trip to fall in love with.

The Australian Nullarbor has quite the reputation, known for being one of the longest, straightest, most remote stretches of highway in the world. Driving across the Nullarbor is a daunting adventure for first timers, but it is a unique experience that any adventure traveller should go for!

There is no denying the fact that it is a long drive, with nothing but a couple of roadhouses every couple of hundred kilometres, but there is something truly magical about being on the Nullarbor, surrounded by native Australian flora and fauna with not a person in sight.

The Nullarbor highway is actually called the Eyre Highway and is approximately km long, taking two days to cross. Because of the long distance, travellers must be prepared to camp for the night or stay in a roadhouse motel. It is not advised to drive through the night due to wildlife. In between Ceduna and Norseman, all you will see is a roadhouse every couple of hundred kilometres.

CamperMate will help you find free and paid campsites, bathrooms, petrol stations, grocery stores, information centres, rubbish bins and more. The App can be used offline so it is very helpful when on the road.

Fuel Map Australia pinpoints all petrol stations. You should never drive past a petrol station on the Nullarbor unless you know how far the next one is and you are sure that you can make it. The Fuel Map App also provides information about petrol prices, so if you are organised you can fill up at the cheaper petrol stations. The cost can vary up to 20 cents per litre so it is worth being aware of.

Before driving across the Nullarbor it is also highly recommended to service your car, and regularly check your oil and water along the way. Crossing the Nullarbor requires some preparation.

You will need supplies to last a few days and camping gear unless you plan on staying in a roadhouse motel. This is everything I recommend pack for the Nullarbor. If you forget anything, the last town to get supplies in is Ceduna on the East and Norseman on the West. Here you can purchase any last minute food or camping supplies for the trip. Keep fresh fruit and vegetable purchases to a minimum due to the quarantine checkpoints on the borders.

We purchased lots of fresh salads in Ceduna and had them taken off us an hour up the road, so the quarantine checkpoint is something I wish I knew about prior to crossing the Nullarbor.

If you do forget anything, the roadhouses along the way sell a few supplies, at highly inflated prices. You will find lots of free campsites as you are driving across the Nullarbor. I used the CamperMate App to find campsites. Some sites I recommend include:. This campsite has bathrooms, showers and a kitchen.

It is run by donation, so you can donate what you can afford to sleep the night and take a shower. Cactus Beach Campsite — This beachfront campsite is located west of Ceduna, and is a favourite because of the beachfront location and sand dune views.

The campsite has all the facilities you need — toilets, showers and a BBQ. We camped at 10k Peg Parking Area and loved it. You pull off the Eyre highway into the area and if you follow the trail back you will find lots of private places to camp.

There are no facilities here, so be prepared, but it is a magical place to spend the night. This campsite is free.

The sunrise below is from the lookout near 10K Peg Campsite. You can search for accommodation on the Nullarbor here. These are general figures for travelling the Nullarbor. Different car types would impact these figures dramatically. Ceduna is a small town located on the Eastern end of the Nullarbor.

Call into Ceduna for coffee, lunch or to grab some last minute supplies. Take a quick trip down to the waterfront of Ceduna where you will find a harbour filled with beautiful shades of water. This is one of the most popular beaches in the area and a great place to camp for the night on your trip across the Nullarbor. There are three lookouts that are marked by a sign with a photo symbol. All three lookouts are worth checking out. On the Western side of the Nullarbor, you will find Esperance, a picture-perfect town that is worthy of a visit.

Despite the fact that the Nullarbor is known for being empty and having nothing around, there are plenty of photo opportunities. Make sure you pull over every now and then and snap a pic. Along the Nullarbor, there are many interesting Australian signs, such as the ones below. They make for great photo opportunities. The section of the Nullarbor between Balladonia and Caiguna is regarded as the longest straight stretch of road in Australia and one of the longest in the world.

The road stretches for Snap a pic at the start of the road, or on it! Sign me up for the newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for this very useful site and information. Do you have any advice or information about other travel options by road?

I would be prepared to share the driving and experience with someone, to perhaps make the most of it as a bit of an adventure. Many thanks for any information you can offer, Brigitte. Do not forget the quarantine rules. Water not suitable for drinking. The experience of a lifetime. This is such a good idea for a post! We spent hours trying to find all the information we needed to spend a few days slowly driving across the Nullarbor.

We ended up staying at Bunda Cliffs for three nights to try and finish all our food!! The checkpoints are at Eucla, checking West bound vehicles only and at Ceduna where all vehicle heading East only are checked. We travel every year and while the checkpoint crews are friendly, they are also very efficient, with good reason. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Back in Learnt to drive trucks.

It was a great way of life. A lot of the road was still dirt. Before they put in new road down closer to cliffs, there was a roadhouse called Ivy Tanks. Been there for years. If you are still travelling enjoy. And after 50yrs there are 3 girls I still write or phone. I came from W. One lady N. Other Perth. Stay safe.

Hi We are in our 70s. Lynette and Chris. This was fantastic, so much info, Thank you for sharing. We are intending to travel with a van later this year and as it is first time on the new road, very excited.

A lot different from hundreds of miles of unmade road and far less stops or convenience stores when last travelled in the early 70s. Appreciate the new information.

Gives a feeling of confidence. Thank you. Camping on the Nullarbor You will find lots of free campsites as you are driving across the Nullarbor. Accommodation on the Nullarbor. A budget for driving across the Nullarbor. To cross the Nullarbor, you actually drive along the Eyre Highway. The Eyre Highway is km long and takes two days to cross.

The first motorcar crossed the Nullarbor Plain in The last unsealed section of the Eyre Highway was finally sealed in Another form of transport to cross the Nullarbor is by the Indian Pacific Train. This train runs twice weekly from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide and takes 3 nights to cover the km journey.

Even though the Nullarbor has very harsh weather conditions it is home to a surprising amount of animals. If you travel the Nullarbor between June — October, you can spot whales off the coast. Head of the Bight is one of the best places to watch the whales.