How to apply make up for men

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how to apply make up for men

Make-Up For Men: How To Apply It And Look Your Very Best

Jan 05,  · His beauty jumpoff is about skin prep: "An issue many men in makeup can run into is skin texture — whether that derives from facial hair or just rougher skin in general. A great way to minimize Author: Tynan Sinks. Use your ring finger, which is your weakest, to apply it to any dark shadows or eye bags, patting gently until it’s fully blended into your skin. Parched lips and boozy breath are two major signs.

Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us xpply believe, men are wearing makeup and are damn proud of it. The following seven makeup tips, tricks and hacks go out to all the guys who know their liner from their stick, and to all those who are just starting out.

Contouring and highlighting are two crafty techniques that can enhance your best features. They can define your cheekbones, even out your skin, give you a natural glow and even create the illusion of a slimmer nose.

Fair warning: when done wrong, the results can be downright disastrous. Luckily, uow expert Wayne Gossbest known for his useful makeup tutorials on looking "flawless, not fake," has emn this helpful how-to video on mastering the art of contouring and highlighting. Numerous late nights, hard liquor and genetics catching up to you? Hoow dark circles and "bags" is as easy as The quick fix is to apply concealer and blend away.

YouTuber Runjacerun goes through the specifics in this step-by-step video. In less than three minutes, fashion vlogger Colin Jay explains how to turn a thin, patchy beard into a fuller, darker one. The trick? NYX eyebrow cake powder. The technique is ideal for covering up shaving mistakes or areas that are sparse on your face. To help your brows look their best, you'll need three things: a good pair of tweezers, brow pencil and brow gel.

Vlogger Jake-Jamie Warda. Pro tip: pluck with discretion. From Johnny Depp to Jared Leto, we've seen several male celebs rockin' what not to wear at interview. To recreate, you'll need black eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. In a few simple steps, English makeup artist Wayne Goss discusses how to perfect the look. Lip care can often be how to lose weight without dieting fast. Ross Callahanself proclaimed "YouTube's number one male skin care and grooming guru," recommends using a lip balm with SPF daily.

Learn how to pick the right lip balm and how to exfoliate your lips in the tutorial below. It's important for makeup wearers to stay committed to their skin care regimen. Any guy who wears makeup should be aware of the benefits of using cleanser, toner and moisturizer on a daily basis. Learn the essentials with this instructional video by James Welsha men's grooming, style and hair vlogger.

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How Make-Up For Men Became A Thing

Apr 12,  · Have you ever wanted to get good at make up for men. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Apply Make Up For Men. Follow Videojug's experts a. Nov 27,  · Use the doe-foot applicator of your product to gently place dots of concealer on blemishes (right on top), under the eyes (try three dots—outside, middle, and Author: Phillip Picardi.

And the creases in the skin after working a hour week. Debate what it means for masculinity if you like. One in five men of men said they now use make-up, according to a survey for grooming brand Wahl.

Despite becoming a zeitgeisty talking point recently, make-up for men is nothing new. As far back as ancient Egypt, kings and pharaohs blackened their eyes with kohl sort of the OG eyeliner to ward off evil spirits, a practice that eventually reached Native American tribes who used body paint to psychologically prepare for war.

Male beautification remained prevalent even up until the s when it was common for Englishmen to sport powdered faces as well as rouged cheeks and lips. David Beckham hit headlines at the start of for his cover of Love Magazine in which the ex-England football captain wore green eyeshadow, and Ezra Miller has long defied gender expectations, wearing everything from bold lipstick to silver glitter.

Blusher not included. Here are seven key pieces that comprise the ultimate kit for guys that want believable, no-bullshit cosmetics. A primer prepares the skin for everything else that follows, allowing it to go on easier and last longer.

A double skin win. BB stands for blemish balm and is ideal for spot-prone skin or those in need of a little colour boost. CC stands for colour correcting and provides light coverage while also reducing the appearance of redness or age spots. Concealer Pre-date breakout? This is where concealer comes in. It works by blending imperfections into the surrounding skin, so use it for hiding under-eye shadows, or spot coverage, or a death-by-hangover-day.

Blotting Sheets No one wants a shiny schnoz, which is why most women use pressed or loose powder to keep excess oil at bay. However, men typically have larger pores, which can make this appear obvious.

Blotting sheets sort the oil slick without leaving a layer of cakey product on your skin. After all, if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains. Brow gel, fix or definer — they have multiple names, but basically all do the same thing. Stick to clear formulations and use sparingly with the included brush to keep unruly arches in check. Colour Corrector You may not think of a bunch of coloured crayons as make-up, but this is where science comes into it.

Green, for example, counteracts redness see ya, spots , orange counteracts deep-blue bye bye, eye bags and lavender counteracts sallowness have that, hangover.

Apply the appropriate corrector before concealer or foundation and watch your sins disappear. Foundation This is where things get a little scary for some guys, so allow us to mansplain.

Like on a construction site, a foundation is usually the load-bearing part of a make-up routine. Thicker than BB or CC cream, foundation is ideal for masking imperfections, evening out skin tone and generally just making you look more youthful and healthy. Luckily, we found one for you. And if all fails? The Make-Up Routine For Acne-Prone Skin Spot, zits, blemishes — call them what you want, but having acne-prone skin can put a dent in your confidence levels.

Stick to medicated formulations and mineral-based make-up to help camouflage any breakouts, without aggravating them further. Reserve the deathly look for Halloween fancy dress parties. Take your morning coffee with a side order of cosmetics. Go for subtle, multi-use products to help enhance your best bits. Men naturally have stronger features so, when you add make-up to the face, it naturally looks more dramatic and prominent.

Always start with a small amount of product and build up from there. When using a BB or CC cream, apply a small amount and blend into your skin until it disappears.

After applying products to your face, used a beard brush to comb through any excess and avoid build-up. A clean fingertip is usually all you need to blend in your product. A patchy beard is the Achilles heel of most well-groomed men. To add thickness and definition without the expense of a transplant, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps. Avoid the top line of your facial hair, which can look artificial, and always brush through after for a natural finish.

By Lisa Haynes. Your face most likely resembles an unloved box of prunes from dehydration and the lack of shut-eye. Slap on a sheet mask for minutes to inject some moisture back in, pronto. Spritz on a primer water instead, which will refresh and hydrate your skin in seconds. Reach for a clever green colour corrector to counteract any blotchiness. Dab a small amount on with your fingertip to balance out any obvious angry zones.

After Berocca and a very, very dark room, concealer is your best mate on hungover days. Parched lips and boozy breath are two major signs that you were on first name terms with the bar staff the night before.

Apply a lip balm loaded with mint for hydrated smackers and more bearable breath. Look for one specially formulated with anti-irritating ingredients like salicylic acid that will heal blemishes as well as cover them. Park the idea of using loose or pressed powder, which can clog pores and cause spots.

If oily skin is a major bugbear, arm yourself with blotting sheets to instantly mattify and control a shiny T-zone. As well as lathering up in the morning, use a face wash at night to remove any product for a calmer, clearer complexion. Sod the cucumber slices. Roll a cooling eye serum over your extra undereye baggage instead to feel less like a salad bowl. Look for a formulation loaded up with caffeine to pep up droopy peepers.

Fight off the look of fatigued, sluggish skin with a ginseng-infused primer or CC base to amp up your blood circulation.

In the same way green can be used to counteract redness, lavender tones work a treat at giving sallow skin a pick-me-up.

Night owls can inject a bit of life back into their cheeks in the most subtle way possible with a tinted moisturiser. The healthy colour boost is instant. Plus, most offer bonus sun protection for when you see daylight hours, too. Eyebrows can make the biggest difference to your face, just ask Liam Gallagher. Use a clear brow gel sparingly to tidy up unruly hairs and look instantly more together.

Just remember to lose any monobrow fluff with a quick tweeze. With no real skin concerns, you should be able to find a base product that does everything in one convenient hit. Look for a primer with a built-in SPF that mattifies, or hydrates — whatever your skin needs most.

Forget the messy liquid formulas, choose a handy stick or pen that does the application for you. Just clamp the tool as close to your lash line as possible for a few seconds. Dry, chapped lips are never a good look. Back To Top. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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