How to build an ice rink cheap

14.06.2021 By Tushura

how to build an ice rink cheap

How to build your backyard ice rink on the cheap

Our experience designing rinks paired with trusted vendor partners and this framework make it possible to build an ice rink for less than $5 million. While this is a significant decrease in costs compared to ice rinks designed from scratch (costs ranging anywhere from $ million), it is still $5 million - and that money has to come from. Wrap the plastic over the outside toward the middle of the rink and stagger the 1x2's over the top of the studs and secure with the inch wood screws at each seam and every 16 inches or so. Don't pull the plastic too tight a little bit of slack (2 inches or so) on the bottom will help raise the rink to level it in the next step.

I was going to build the PVC rink, but that stuff is pretty expensive, so I came up with wood design that is cheap and easy, and can even be used with a yard with a slight slope. You will need: A drill, saw, razor knife Small box of 1. It has been a great spot to teach my kids how to skate. Unroll the plastic in the most level area of the yard Layout the 2x4 studs three on the sides and 2 on the ends.

Screw each corner together with two 2. Wrap the plastic over the outside toward the middle of the rink and stagger the 1x2's over the top of the studs and secure with the 1.

Don't pull the plastic too tight Start in the corner with the 4 foot piece first to stagger the seams to give it some more strength. Cut the excess plastic that is wrapped over the top, leaving 4 inches extra into the rink. Be careful not to cut the lining plastic! Fill with water. If there is a slope you will notice it beginning to fill up quicker on one side faster than the other. Place scrap lumber under the plastic under the perimeter stud every 2 feet or so to raise the perimeter up to allow the rink to be level.

Keep raising it as it fills. Mine was at least 10 inches thick in one of the corners. I filled it to be at least inches thick at the low end. The Perimeter begins to act like one of those inflatable 10 foot kids pools where the top ring rises, as it fills. I was very surprised how strong it was.

I watched the weather and built it on a day that was 40 degrees with the weather turning to 20 that night and lasting for a week. This made it comfortable to build outside, and I only had to wait 2 days for the ice to harden. It has thawed and frozen twice this season, and each time I add a thin layer of water when it is a little above freezing to smooth the how to make bubbles for kids. The rink can be made bigger if your yard allows.

Just buy a couple more studs and a bigger piece of plastic. At the end of the season I will store and reuse the 1x2's, cut up the 2x4's for outside firewood, and cut up and recycle the plastic. Have fun! Participated in the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest.

The last few years I have been making the perimeter with 2x6's and 2x10's finding the slope of the yard with a laser to make a bigger rink.

I have purchased from craigslist a 44x60' piece of 6mil, built caps for the top of the 2x6's out of 1x2's to protect it from getting in and out with skates on, and also triangle side supports out of 1x2's to keep the boards straight when it gets temporarily warm mid-season. I have built one of the pvc water zamboni's. I leave the wood stacked behind the garden, and this will be my third year reusing it.

This year i hope to add 12" plywood inserts on the inside of the ice to stop the puck from getting lost in the how to check my internet connection. It is a must visit!

This was easy and it worked great. We used a black tarp. I think it impacted freezability. When we flooded the rink the tarp then bubbled to the surface. We ended up using 4 or five river rocks to hold the tarp down which ended up working just fine. The kids had a blast. We also made the zambonie to combat some bumpy ice but this was a great way to get the kids what makes you beautiful ukulele chords easy this winter.

Also this was a very forgiving rink with respect to the need to have things level. We did use two bags of mulch to raise an end easier than digging and we can just rake it away in the spring. Great plans. How do you keep the boards vertical without them falling down if you know what I mean by that? Also any tips on how to flood the plastic? I used the old wood we had in the barn and is held up with little Schmidt blocks different sizes one side is up against a building and now all i need is plastic and something to hold it down with!!

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Do you have any pictures? We're in Winnipeg and are making plans to build a backyard rink next year! Reply 7 years ago. Thanks for the great instructions! My husband went out to pick up the materials today but found the plastic sheeting to be super expensive! Reply 9 years ago on Introduction.

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Between 3 inches and 8 inches Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. My brother puts one up every year. He begins prepping for it in at the latest mid-november. Introduction: Easy and Inexpensive Ice Rink. By led wiz Follow. More by the author:.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line! Reply Upvote. Minderbot 2 months ago. Kristipoo86 danny Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Should you remove snow from the ground under it, or build it on top of the snow.

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Build a raised border around the rink area, at least 3 inches high (it may need to be even higher if your yard has a slope). A lumber edging made from 2x4 lumber set on the edge can suffice; large-diameter PVC piping can also work. Or, for a true bargain option, just heap up snow in a mound around the perimeter of the rink. There’s more than one way to build a backyard rink. But this four-step process is the simplest and easiest on the wallet. Whatever you do, steer clear of the elaborate rink-building kits that retail for anywhere from $ to $2, Jan 30,  · When I researched rink building, the consensus seemed to be that obtaining billiard-table-smooth ice requires a multistage layering process. Pour in some water, let it freeze, add .

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But not much more. There are four essential ingredients: wooden boards, wooden stakes, a big plastic sheet, and water. Gravity will let you know. Hold a glass half full of water and tilt it from side to side. The water stays level in the glass, and it will do the same inside the basin of your rink. STEP 1 — Framing your rink: Fashion your boards in the shape of a square or rectangle, then hammer the stakes into the ground on the outside of them. I like to screw the stakes into the boards for extra support.

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