How to chip my ps3

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how to chip my ps3

How to Chip a PS3

Turn the PS3 back right side up. Slide the outer shell of the PS3 off to the right. Use the Torx screwdriver to remove the exposed screws at the back of the PS3. Pull the outer shell up and off the bottom of the PS3. Sep 22,  · Hit it against the wall. Get a nail, put it on the PS3, and then use a hammer to hit it. It's not that hard to chip a PS3.

Quick links: contentnavigationsearch. It is named so after the widely popular iPhone hacking solutions. After long 3 years of waiting PS3 Jailbreak was the first mod solution that enabled running unlicensed programs on PS3.

And as soon as these 3rd party programs were enabled a backup manager for copying PS3 games to HDD was made. PS3 Backup Manager can be used to backup games and to make PS3 think that the backup from a HDD is actually a BlueRay disc so it appears in the menu just like if a game disc was inserted.

Some are just direct copies of the PSJailbreak and some add new features or come with new tools that have been developed based on the original teams work. Free Shipping Worldwide and the lowest prices! PS3key uses the same backup manager and does the same jailbreaking other USB PS3 Chips do but as a big plus you have the support from the WiiKey team that has been around for a long time and knows what they are doing.

In fact, the possibilities are endless and it all boils down to how well we develop the PS3 homebrew community.

You see, homebrew can really make a big difference. If you recall, the Xbox is still being used today as media centers thanks to the help of how to speed up wound healing time, particularly, XBMC.

Now that PS3 is turning into an open platform with the help of the PS3 Jailbreak, you can expect that numerous talented programmers will take advantage of this and make handy and useful applications for PS3 users. Compatible Jailbreak USBkey is required. PS2 modifications. Best Chip - PS3key new features like stealth mode and an option to disable the mod when going on-line. Update what is ea contact number in the uk and firmware version changer.

The PSJailbreak dongle is an easy-to-use modchip that will only be plugged in the USB port to enable Playstation 3 emulator users to play games and run backups off the hard drive. Unlike other modchips used for the Wii and Xbox emulationThis particular modchip is rather simplified, straightforward to use, and does not require soldering so in a way, it does not void the warranty of your Playstation 3.

PSJailbreak - firstoriginal but is it the best? Microsoft Xbox HDD upgrades and modchips.


If your already on firmware skip to the next step. OK first were going to take the file (just the file) from your Offical Firmware folder and place it in the UPDATE folder you just made on your drive. Next make sure your PS3 is off and you plug your drive into your PS3. Now your going to put your PS3 in . The PS3 Break USB PlayStation 3 JailBreaking Chip is a small USB device shaped as a regular USB thumb drive memory card, but despite its simple appearance it houses inside a complicated USB Hub emulator chip with some clever programming that allows your PS3 go into debug mode and so run 3rd party - Sony unsigned code on your PS3. Apr 30,  · Unscrew the antenna wiring. Behind where the Blu-ray player used to be you will find a chip, which must be unscrewed. This chip has a wire which runs down the center of the assembly and plugs into another chip. Unplug it from this chip and set it aside%(17).

Last Updated: February 10, References. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 60, times. Learn more Many original models of the PlayStation 3 have hardware issues that eventually causes the system to overheat after years of use.

The infamous "Yellow Light of Death" will turn on when this occurs which makes the console no more useful than a paperweight. The warranty on most of these consoles have expired, so the two options you have are to either to pay a decent amount of money for a professional to look at it, or to take the matter into your own hands.

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Remove HD Drive. On the side of the unit you will find a panel with the warranty sticker. Once off you will see it is held in place by a blue screw. Remove this screw. Use the pull tab on the hard drive to remove it out of the unit by sliding it forward and then pulling straight out. At the top of the unit there is a rubber tab covered by another warranty sticker. Yes, you will be removing the warranty sticker and voiding your warranty.

Under this cover should be a screw. Remove this screw and the top will slide off. Remove the screws. Now with the outer shell removed your unit should look like the image above.

Remove the screws from the highlighted areas. Now the top support is free. Be cautious as there is a ribbon cable that connects it to the main unit! Remove this part from back to front and then disconnect the mentioned cable. You can now set this part aside. Disconnect the Blu-ray player. Now you should start to see the inner workings of your PS3.

On the right hand side of the unit is the Blu-ray player with a wire running to the front center as shown. Unplug this wire and gently lift the player.

Underneath the player is a ribbon cable. Gently reach under and disconnect this cable and set the Blu-ray player aside. Unscrew the antenna wiring. Behind where the Blu-ray player used to be you will find a chip, which must be unscrewed. This chip has a wire which runs down the center of the assembly and plugs into another chip.

Unplug it from this chip and set it aside. Release the power supply. Above the chip that you just unplugged the wire from is the power supply. A set of wire plugs is just between these components and must be unplugged. After removing the 4 screws that hold the power supply down, lift the component straight up. Now you can unplug the back cables from the power supply and set it aside. Remove the chip. Unplug the ribbon cable from the chip that was in front of the power supply.

Four screws hold this chip to the rest of the unit. Remove them and set the chip aside. Unplug the tiny ribbon cable. At the front of the unit where the power button normally is found, is a tiny ribbon cable that arches over the metal plate on the motherboard, which we will soon be removing.

Be sure to unplug this cable by flicking the tab closest to the front forward and lifting the cable out. Remove the next set of screws.

On the plate that is connected to the motherboard are arrows pointing to screws. Remove these screws. Remove the motherboard. The motherboard and fan assembly should now freely lift out of what remains of the casing, careful though as these come as 2 separate parts. Remove the top plate. Lift the top plate from the front and it will slip out of the back. Set the top plate aside. Remove the back plate. Unscrew the ground wire from the frame. Now gently pull the back plate away from the main unit and set it aside.

Flip the unit over and you will see a little green battery attached to the bottom plate. Unplug this from the motherboard that is underneath. Opposite the battery is the plug-in for the fan running into the motherboard.

Unplug this as well. You can now see your CPU and GPU the two big squares in the center of the motherboard with the old thermal paste on them. Using a paper towel gently rub the paste off of their surface, being careful not to scratch them. Clean the heat sinks, too. You are looking to melt the solder inside these components so the point is to get them really hot. Doing so will ruin your PlayStation past the capability of this repair.

Reapply thermal paste. Spread the paste evenly on the surface with some sort of scraper, anything will do. Reassemble the PS3. Now all that is left is to do is to follow the assembly steps backwards and test it out. In our trials we were unsuccessful with the first try but the second reflow did the trick. Good luck! For about two minutes, depending on how quickly your heat gun gets hot. If it's older and slower, then about three minutes will do the trick. If it's a better and hotter heat gun, then something more like one minute would be good.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Kaylyn Holmes. Try again, but after the third time, send it to Sony. Heating it too much could damage the chip. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. When reapplying the thermal paste, make sure that you cover the entire surface with an even spread.

Take care not to over apply the paste. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Choose a decent thermal paste, more likely paste better than what comes in the system.