How to connect vga to rgb on tv

08.02.2021 By Malakasa

how to connect vga to rgb on tv

How should I connect a TV to RGB 9-pin output?

Dec 26,  · We going to connect a laptop to the LCD TV (Monitor) by VGA cable, after the plugging the VGA cable to VGA input of the LCD TV and output VGA socket on the l. May 07,  · Use the VGA cable to do the latter - plug one end of the cable into a compatible port on the TV, and the other end into a compatible port on the PC. 2 Connect the mm audio cable to the headphone jack of the PC. Connect the other end of the 3. .

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Thread starter geeeeoffff Comnect date Jan 8, Status Not open for further replies. My grandpa has macular degeneration and needs a viewer to read his newspaper. It's basically a Camera and a light that magnifies things so it's much easier to read. He has been renting one lately but I plan to how to connect vga to rgb on tv him with a replacement so he doesn't have to spend money every month tto what I consider to be a pretty basic machine.

It looks like a VGA port but has 9 holes instead of I've tried a 9 pin to 15 pin adapter but it looks like this isn't going to work, but I think Pn can connect this to a small LCD tv. I'm not sure what the best way to do this would be. What would be the ideal connection here? I plan to buy a tv for him. I haven't seen any tvs with the rgb 9 pin vga style input.

Does this exist on older tvs? Is this the same signal as composite connections? Those are colored rgb. NorthGuy Well-Known Member. The connector you're describing is called DB-9, usually used for serial communications. According to thisit can be used for VGA. A composite signal as you might how to adopt foster child from the name has all three color signals combined into one. S-video has one black-and-white signal and one combined color info signal which are mixed together in the tto to obtain the complete color picture.

Just for confusion there's also a consumer Component Video Signal which has one brightness Y signal, and two color difference signals Pb,P r which was commonly used for analog HD signals until the digital HDMI connection became the standard.

See this for more info. Most Helpful Member. The 9 pin video was use on the older monitors Cga Ega types Geoff, From your description, my guess is that what you have is a camera which scans the picture and presents the information to a viewing device. You dont say if the dgb is a colour camera or not. For your particular gva with macular degeneration, colour may not be important. Whether the apparatus you have is colour or black and white may be important.

The normal video colour video signal for broadcast, is a composite signal and this contains the black and white components and the colour components and the means of separating them at the receiver.

Because your apparatus is not for broadcast, it is likely that your video signal is simply a video signal. S-video, composite video dgb are not likely to be relevant for you. The VGA signal is a 3 colour signal which also has synchronising information. There is a 9 pin and a 15 pin connector gga for this standard. You say you have tried a 9 pin to 15 pin adapter but this doesnt seem to ohw. If you google 9 pin VGA, you will find the pin assignments. But if your gear has only black and white, then there may be some variation to this assignment.

Hope this helps a bit but if not come back with information about the makers name and type numbers. I got a blank screen on my VGA monitor. How long to smoke pork belly I can't tell for sure until I have a monitor to plug it into. I have little experience soldering rgbb together like this, but if there is a guide you can point me to I think I can do it.

I'm a little worried about the varying configurations that there might be based on rumpfy's comment. Like I said earlier There is a 9 pin Dsub video now Composite video. These are the three I connecr. This webite has a manual for the clearview plus. The manual was very good in helping me to understand the Optelec range, and you should read it too and you might what is the best wireless headset for xbox one to either open it up to see what is in it, or see what serial no.

There is a non-profit "Vision Australia" organisation here in OZ, and they refer to optelec and suppliers of this equipment. There may be a similar organisation in your country. Tv's usually yv a composite video input, or composite sync what is virgin media mobile coverage like rgb, and the system varies depending what country you are in.

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May 19,  · The only option I have to connect to the tv is via a vga cable but the tv does have a vga in I had a look in the tv manual and it said that, to connect the tv with the pc I need a vga to RGB-HV cable, so I had a look on the internet for that cable and all I can find is vga to RGB (no HV). Jul 15,  · I have a VGA port on both my desktop PC and my TV (I believe 15 pin). I am thinking about getting a long (10 ft)VGA cord and connecting my PC to the TV so I can watch movies on full screen on the tv. Has anyone ever done this? If so what kind of problems can I expect. I believe I will have to set the TV to RGB in order to have the TV act as my. Jan 15,  · Anyway, the machine I bought only has what I believe is a RGB 9-pin video out port. It looks like a VGA port but has 9 holes instead of I've tried a 9 pin to 15 pin adapter but it looks like this isn't going to work, but I think I can connect this to a small LCD tv. .

VideoHelp Forum. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Hello, I've been reading that in order to connect the VGA from a computer to the component inputs on a TV, you would have to use a "vga to component converter box" the other route would be to use a cable, and use it straight from the computer to the TV, a vga to component cable.

I'm doing this because I only want an analog signal, without any lag. I think there's the DVI to Component route, but that's partially digital. Thank You. You can be 99 percent certain your computer can't do it. Please consult with your VGA cards user manual for more information. Originally Posted by i am a hobo. Simple circuits like that require that the RGB signal conform to component timing standards p They can, for example, convert x 72 Hz VGA to x Not just a few op amps.

Originally Posted by jagabo. I'm still looking for a video card that allows for a direct component connection. I can't remember seeing any that had RCA component ports on the backplane instead of a breakout cable or dongle. Donatello - The Shredder? Michelangelo - Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw?

Originally Posted by pandy. A converter like this: [Attachment - Click to enlarge] Will there be any lag?

If conversion from RGB to YPbPr is performed without rescaling then any converter should provide latency lag free conversion. We have already covered this. Commercially available VGA to component converters scale, among other things. As usual your advice in this thread is impractical for the vast majority of Video Help members.

Nobody without an electronics background is going to build their own converter. If the OP is asking the kinds of questions he has, he doesn't have the right background to build one. If he has to hire somebody else do the work for him, then a new video card will be considerably less expensive. Reason: clarity.

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