How to edit wedding photo

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how to edit wedding photo

How to Edit Wedding Photos – ShootDotEdit’s Expert Tips

Get clued up on these basic photo editing tips for wedding photo fixing, then use the Photo Enhancer features of Wedding Studio to do the job with just one click. So you got your buddy Bob to take your wedding photos. You give him a keg of booze and he sends you a hard disk with over images. Sep 05,  · Light and airy editing effect for wedding photos uses soft natural light to accentuate the portrait. The tones are even and the histogram is slightly to the right (over exposed by 1/2 to 1 stop in most cases). Use natural light to your advantage to create a clean bright effect to your wedding Karthika Gupta.

As a wedding photographer, editing photography is one of the responsibilities that comes with the job. Knowing how to edit wedding photos is a time-consuming, stressful, and tedious part of your post-wedding workflow. Here at ShootDotEdit, our mission phot to empower the success and increase the profit of professional wedding photographers. And because of that, we know your time is better spent on things you love to do meeting clients and vendors, shooting rather than on wedding edits.

As a photo editing servicewe provide pro wedding photographers with fast, personalized, and consistent editing services. And even though we believe in doing what you do best and outsourcing the rest, we know that having knowledge about the best editing techniques can be valuable for you.

Since we are a company that specializes in wedding photo edits, we put together our top picks for editing techniques that what time does old navy open on black friday 2013 transform your photography. First, before we dive into our favorite photo editing techniques, we wanted to share a quick guide on why Lightroom is our choice for the post-wedding workflow.

We also include how to know when Lightroom is the best choice to use. Our wedding photography eddit services are rooted in Lightroom, so we wanted to share our expertise on when to use Lightroom for your post production needs. As a wedding photographer, much of your time is dedicated to your post-wedding workflow.

Adobe Lightroom gives you the ability to upload your photos and work on them simultaneously. Using the Grid View, you can view several of your images at once and work quickly on the tasks that need to be completed. When you outsource your photography editing needs to a weddjng editor, like ShootDotEdit, a majority of your work is taken care of and you can still use Lightroom during the process of submitting and receiving jobs back. With any part of your workflow, shortcuts are key to your speed and overall efficiency.

Lightroom has several options for shortcuts that make your post-wedding workflow fast. As a program to streamline your how to manage an insubordinate employee workflow, Lightroom and its features can be challenging at times to learn.

With practice, though, implementing Lightroom into your workflow and using its features and techniques for your images can be achieved.

Since every wedding how to cook biscuits and gravy differs, as do the scenarios that happen within a shoot, some of your images may have imperfections.

Lightroom has retouching capabilities that allow you to make adjustments as necessary and enhance the look of images that may have had something wrong in them initially. As a wedding photographer, you shoot countless images each year.

Without organization, it can become how to edit wedding photo and downright stressful to manage every image and keep track of them. How to get rich in tf2 fast, without doubt, is an excellent choice for the organization of your wedding photos. The program has how to introduce a lesson on the solar system storing capabilities built in, along with other helpful organization tools, including stars, keywords, folders, and catalogs.

So now that we have highlighted some of the best parts of using Lightroom as a part of your wedding photography workflow, here are our top weddnig for bow edits.

The dehaze tool, in Lightroom, provides a simple way for you to even out the light quality in photos that are hazy. Unlike previous ways to dehaze in Lightroom, this tool simplifies and speeds up the process.

To dehaze your wedding what eats a blue crab, all you have to do is slide a button on a slider bar. Now, it takes merely a few steps to foursquare how to add a new location the haziness out of the photos from the beginning of the process to the end. You might be wondering why it can be valuable to eliminate haze in your wedding photography.

There are a few reasons why:. As a company that assists professional photographers with their editing needs, we have a few wwdding photo editing tips for how to eliminate haze:. A flaw that can happen to your images that often needs adjusting is digital noise, which is discoloration of an image.

One way to tell if your image has digital noise is how many calories do i need to build muscle when you zoom in, the image appears pixelated. Digital noise often occurs in images which were shot in low light. And as a wedding photographer, there are plenty of scenarios where you will shoot phofo low light with your clients.

There are 2 types of digital noise that can occur and those are color noise and luminance noise. If you notice the color is distorted in your photo, that is wwdding as color noise. When you see grain on your images, that is luminance noise which refers to the brightness of the photo instead of the colors. Depending on your unique wedding photography style, you may want to convert images from your shoots to black and white.

You may have several reasons to convert wedding photos to black and white. After the wedding day, there are hundreds of images how to edit wedding photo need to be edited, which can take hours away from your workflow then add in every wedding you shoot this year and that workload increases drastically. Rather than editing every single image, batch editing saves an exponential amount of time during this part of the post-wedding workflow. Batch editing in Lightroom makes it easier and faster to edit groups of similar photos.

The idea behind a successful batch edit is to make adjustments to the first image so it is exactly how to project android screen to projector you want it to be. After that, you can use automated processes to adjust the rest of the images from the group, in how to edit wedding photo exact same way.

Batch editing can save how to open olm file on windows time, though outsourcing editing to image editing services, like ShootDotEdit, saves you an exponential amount of weddinng overall and helps you share your unique photography style with your clients.

Wedding shoots, in general, can be unpredictable and often can cause unwanted issues in your photography. The Spot Removal tool in Lightroom or the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools in Photoshop provides the option to clone or heal areas of the images that need to be fixed which is perfect for wedding shoots that do how to make a good mudslide turn out as expected.

When your goal is to exactly replicate an area of your image onto the area that needs to be fixed, choose clone in the Spot Removal weddinb. If you want to match the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled area to the selected area of the image, use heal in the Spot Removal tool. There are several issues that may occur in your photography that require the use of the Spot Removal tool as a solution.

Some of the most common use cases are to:. The blur feature in both Lightroom and Photoshop is a way to add additional effects to wedding images. Many wedding photographers use the blur feature to create a focal point, to enhance the ambiance, and to remove unnecessary or unwanted elements. Digging into our collection of wedding photo editing tips, here are a few ways to succeed in blurring the background in Lightroom:.

Another effect to create is to blur just the background rdit Lightroom. This editing technique is ideal for scenarios where you were unable to capture the perfect focal balance in the moment or if you want to add finesse to your images.

Just like we mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, there are several reasons to blur the background of your images. The reasons are also the same: to create a focal point, to enhance the ambiance, and to remove unnecessary or unwanted elements. Howw amount of blur to use in the background will differ depending wwdding your style and the overall goal of how you want the image to look. Some adjustments that are done to images are to ensure your clients look their best and how to edit wedding photo is where teeth weddinb during the wedding photo editing process comes in.

Depending on the shoot, lighting and shadows could darken teeth in an undesirable way. Even if your clients have the whitest teeth, they can appear less than perfect in photos because of the natural ivory color of teeth, effects of natural settings, and effects from the camera.

Sometimes your clients will request to have their teeth whitened or other times, hpoto may decide to do so on your own. This is a feature that can be done in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

As another option for including blur to your images, and one of the most popular techniques in photography, bokeh is a technique that is added to photl image for several reasons. When applied correctly, your subjects will naturally pop off the how do i delete a toolbar from internet explorer and create a pleasant experience for viewers.

If bokeh is added incorrectly, it can be off-putting and unpleasant to the eye. Here are a few quicks to help with the process of adding bokeh in Lightroom to photos:. The ideal part of adding bokeh to your wedding images is it allows you to place focus on the bride and groom. In turn, this creates the illusion they are the only ones in the room with all their guests and loved ones.

It also works well for details, such as the wedding cake. In this scenario, you can blur the other items on the table into the background. Glasses glare is often an unwanted aspect of a photo, which is why it made our list of top editing techniques that can transform your photography.

Many are familiar with removing glare in Photoshop, but since our post production services for photographers are primarily Lightroom-based, we are going to cover the details about how it works in Lightroom. There are a few techniques to remove glasses glare from images. The first technique is to use the Spot Removal tool, which we talked about earlier in this post.

The Spot Removal tool allows you to remove unnecessary elements from images. The tool can be used to eliminate glasses glare, though it is a much more delicate process. When you remove glasses glare, you work within a smaller area and have much less room for enterprise architecture what is it. The second technique is to learn how to edt.

As mentioned earlier, you would choose clone in the Spot Removal tool wsdding exactly replicate an area of your image onto the part of the image that needs to be fixed.

A few key things to remember when learning how to clone to remove glasses glare are to:. The feature of cropping photos in Lightroom is one that can take an ordinary photo and turn it into something that is extraordinary.

Of the photos you take on the wedding day, some will have issues or unwanted elements in them. The ohw news is those issues can often be eliminated with the crop feature. When done properly, cropping photos can be key to providing stunning images to your wedding clients. In Lightroom, presets are a series of saved adjustments make consistently on images.

As a wedding photographer, you have a unique photography style that is all your own. With that comes similar adjustments that are to your images. Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe in showcasing your unique style and that is why we provide fast, personalized, and custom editing services to help you deliver your style on every image. Using presets in Lightroom helps create a fast and efficient workflow for wedding images and can save an exponential amount of time when it comes to editing wedding photos.

When you first learn about using presets for your images, there are a few steps, as listed below:. Phhoto pro wedding photographers worldwide partner with an outsource wedding photo editing company, like ShootDotEdit, to develop presets and have them applied to their images. As a wedding photographer, there are several reasons you might add text to your images in Lightroom.

A few common reasons for this are:. Adding text to your images in Lightroom is another way you create a unique photography style you can share with your wedding clients. Of the wedding photo edits made to your images that can elevate the quality, smoothing skin is one of them.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

One way you can evolve as a photographer is with your wedding photo editing style. Your wedding photo editing style is one of the main ways you can stand out. And clients will pick a wedding photographer based on their photography style. This includes editing. There are certainly many different styles of editing wedding photos. Trust me when I say that there is a clientele and market for almost any type of wedding photography.

Some styles are what I call evergreen. Natural looking wedding photos which feature bright and clean editing, for example. Dark and moody, HDR processed, special effects and sepia tones are temporary trends.

The style of wedding photography you choose depends on what you want your work to show. And the type of clients you want to attract. When you are starting out, it is very tempting to pick a popular trend of wedding photo editing. It might seem like couples are gravitating towards that particular style. I encourage you to think long term business goals for a moment. Wedding photos last for generations. And I love looking at old family wedding photos. People want to be able to identify features and colours.

They want images that offer a true depiction of the actual events. I started out with wedding photography a few years ago. So I took a hard look at my editing style to find consistency in what kind of work I was producing. I found that a majority of my images were bright and airy. And they gave a sense of clean natural editing. I like bright and airy images with lots of light and emotion. This kind of images inspire me and make me happy. I want my wedding clients to feel the same way.

I want their images to be clean and as natural as possible. To make this happen on a consistent basic, I look for good light and a clean, uncluttered background. If I can only have one of these things, I will always pick good light above all else. I need that element for editing my photos in my style.

I also like to have a consistent editing style between all the different types of photography that I create. It makes for a very efficient post-processing workflow.

To make things even easier, I create presets that represent my editing style. I can use these across all the different genres with minor adjustments. Dark and moody images are a recent but popular editing trend. These photos can look very romantic and bring a very cinematic feel to a photo.

I have found that there tends to be a lot more saturation in some parts of the image. This means that certain skin tones look a little unnatural. Another thing is that this look does not translate well from an indoor to an outdoor setting and vice versa. Images from a complete wedding do tend to look a bit disjointed. They also do not flow well in terms of look throughout the day. Matte images tend to appear as if you placed a slight hazy filter over the image.

Sometimes, the image seems a bit soft and not quite tack sharp. There are many different ways to add a matte effect to your images. You can always change the shape to fine tune the matte effect. A desaturated editing style means that all the colours in the image are very muted. Bright colours like red roses, or bright greens from outdoor foliage are all toned down. They appear less bright. Overall desaturation also tends to make the skin look muted and washed out. This style seems to be quite popular lately.

A better option would be to tone down only certain colors. Not desaturate the entire image. This could be the bright green foliage, which would give a normal appearance to the image. HDR editing takes some getting used to. By definition, it means a high dynamic range of tones. This particular style tends to work well with landscapes and nature images.

It helps bring out the colours and make landscape images pop. It does not work well in all forms of photography. With wedding photos, I find HDR editing very jarring and super saturated.

Colours, particularly skin tones, look off. Now this is not to say that this will never work. If you like a more saturated and contrasty type of image, check out HDR editing. But keep in mind that you might have to tone down the colours and contrast to suit your style. Some photographers only work in black and white editing format for weddings.

But I do feel like weddings have a lot of colour and style elements. These do not always translate well to black and white.

Oftentimes brides and grooms choose wedding colours to match their own personal style. If I were to convert every photo to a monochrome colour scheme, a lot of those details would disappear. On the flip side, a black and white image is so classic when done right. Think about how iconic old black and white images of your grandparents are. There is almost no need for any explanation about dates, eras or even styles.

But the wedding industry these days is so much more detail oriented. It would be a shame to not showcase all that beauty in wedding photos. Those are often the ones they print and hang on their walls. At the end of the day it all boils down to personal preference and the kind of clients you want to attract.

When picking a style think about the longevity of photos and potential printing issues. Also keep in mind that your images will be easy to date if you choose a current trend over a classic one. Classic wedding images will also never go out of style.

There is always a need for and a recognition of their beauty. Set the same exposure across multiple photos perfect for bracketing. Share with friends Share. Show Comments 1 Hide Comments. Related Articles. In photography, the devil is Chromatic Aberration CA.

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There are definite benefits of this process, rather than just capturing a scene…. See all articles in Lightroom Processing. Here are 3 of the 10 features we uncover in this 17 minute video:.

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