How to force uninstall programs

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how to force uninstall programs

How to Force Uninstall a Program That Won't Uninstall

Jun 17, †Ј Now you are able to force uninstall the program in safe mode. There is also an alternative way to force uninstall application, let us try this also. Use Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter. Firstly, download Troubleshooter on your PC. Run this program and open once the installation process completed. Jan 30, †Ј The Registry will open with a settings tree is on the left side. To locate the program's uninstall key, navigate to the following sub-folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. Follow the sequence below to reach the correct key: pinterest-pin-it. Windows Registry.

This happens all the time, you install a new fresh program with a hope to sort out your issue, but after a what does aiesec stand for of dissatisfactory usage, you decide to uninstall it.

But what you find in the course of your action really irritates you a lot. Out of the blue your program becomes quite dodgy to being removed from your system permanently. There are various plausible reasons that can be put forth in its relevance, mostly are related to specific file corruption by virus and malwares. And most applications fotce unwanted traces behind and refuse to uninstall.

But none of those discussions can help in real to get rid of the actual mess. If you are reading the article right now, all that you need to do is to follow up the guidelines given below with proper attention and expertise. Windows Registry is the database where all the options and settings of the operating system are stored. A mere change or quick alteration in any of the keys by mistake can render this issue of uninstallation problem.

Now the solution too lies within this database. Carry on with your reading to know how to uninstall a program that won t uninstall. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Go to the following location to find out the program uninstall key:. Step 4. When you reach the uninstall folder within the correct version folder, you will get to see various keys belonging to different programs in your operating system.

Few of those program keys are named after the program, and few are named with random numbers and letters which make no sense at all. Now if you click on any one of those key, all the information is displayed on the right hand side pane, with a Display name which shows the actual program name.

Step 5. Next delete the key by right clicking on it and removing fforce key along with uminstall its items. Now you luckily your program that you so desperately were trying to uninstall will not appear on the program list, a clear indication of your clear success. Safe mode is a special mode of Windows with which you can access your system in a safe haven. Prgorams the necessary tools and drivers will remain active suspending the rest of the interrupting programs including the viruses which are responsible for the very issue.

So once you are in via the safe mode, you can now uninstall your program in the usual manner. To do that, follow the given instructions:. Continue this way to remove all the programs one by one and then restart your computer and enter it in the normal how to catch american eel, and you will have all the programs deleted from your system.

Looking out for a third party help in the ultimate way out to get rid of this situation, but make sure to choose the right software to assist you. IObit Uninstaller is one of that safest uninstaller software which comes completely free. Read intently the step guidelines to know uninstsll workings:. Download the software file from the internet on your computer and install it adequately.

The tool will ask for your confirmation. Most of the tools ask you to reboot your computer immediately to apply the changes permanently, but IObit Uninstaller can wait for you to reboot later as per your choice.

Programs that put locks on your system are often the same programs which start with your computer and sit in the background. System Restore is only useful if your computer is accessible enough that you t get to it. A full backup, then, could make all the difference. We tend to lean towards Macrium Reflect Free for this task. Uninstalling a program file can really give way to a serious headache if it is compromising your work. Thus it is very much necessary to find some alternative to force uninstall your program by any means.

Few progrwms those means or methods are demonstrated above, from which you can choose any according to your convenience. In my opinion choosing IObit Uninstaller is a much secured and a quicker approach to resolve the issue, otherwise the first two conventional methods would work too if you deal with them correctly.

Once you are alleviated off all the unnecessary garbage program files, make sure to be cautious while downloading softwares from internet the next time. You can also use anti-virus to check for the virus issues as well. PassFolk Blog. To do that, follow the given instructions: Step 1. Hkw to Force Uninstall Program using IObit Uninstaller Looking out for a third party help in the ultimate way out to unintall rid of this situation, but make sure to choose the right software to assist you.

Read intently the step guidelines to know its workings: Step 1. Uninstall Program in Safe Mode Programs that put locks on your system are often the same programs which start with your computer and sit in the background. Restore from A Backup System Restore is only useful if your computer is accessible enough that you can get to it. Is It Gone? Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

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Uninstall Application on Windows 10 Forcefully

Oct 05, †Ј Force Uninstall Programs which wonТt Uninstall In Windows Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Method 1: Use Default Program Uninstaller. the directory where the particular program or application is installed. Jul 27, †Ј Easy Method to Uninstall Programs or Apps in Windows Click on Start > Type Control Panel and click on it from the search result. Here you have to click on Add or remove programs. Next, look for the program(s) that you want to uninstall from your system. Right-click on the program and select Uninstall. Sep 06, †Ј This tutorial will show you how to forcefully remove unwanted applications that won't uninstall in Windows

Uninstalling programs sometimes becomes the biggest challenge when there is a technical error or the file continues in usage associated with those programs. The only choice left is to force uninstall the program and continue your work. There are multiple ways to do so but here we have taken some of the safest ways for uninstallation. The best way is to remove them with Safe Mode or by using a third-party app. If you are not interested in following l e ngthy manual method, skip to the bottom and uninstall the program completely using a third-party tool.

Yes, it is safe to forcibly uninstall program unless the major alert is shown. As it is always recommended to uninstall on Safe mode which we are covering here. If you are uninstalling official Program from Windows itself then you might face some trouble with other Windows programs. But if you are using the top-recommended third-party tool then it completely safe. A few days back as I was writing a post on some sponsored software and after that, I was unable to uninstall it.

I looked for the reasons and I found the uninstallation error was just due to the program was running on the background which I was uninstalling. Make sure you also have stopped the program from running from the background. Now you are able to force uninstall the program in safe mode. There is also an alternative way to force uninstall application , let us try this also.

Once done with these steps, you can easily Uninstall the program. Now let us check one of the easiest way s to fix the problem and force remove the program form PC. Well, there are many third-party tools that offer great services. It uses smart uninstallation feature that removes the application or program safely.

Let us check how it works. With these simple steps, you can easily uninstall the apps without causing any problem to other program and apps installed on your PC. Along with uninstalling software or programs from the computer, there are many other features available in CleanMyPC for what exactly it is known for. One such is PC Cleanup. It intelligently removes all your temporary files, duplicate files, cache memory, and other such things and makes storage space for much-needed software.

Suppose your PC is slow while you start it, it checks all background apps and the autorun apps and stops them to start at the beginning when your computer starts. I hope you find this information about How to Force Uninstall Program on Windows 10 informative and useful. For the latest tech tutorials, deals follow us on Facebook , Twitter.