How to get a high score on bejeweled 2

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how to get a high score on bejeweled 2

Ice Storm (game mode)

Jan 02,  · The easiest way of getting high scores is to get a chain of 4 gems which will also clear any gems near by, or a 5 gem chain gives you a glowing sphere which if . Oct 18,  · Step 1, Get a fast computer or device. Bejeweled Blitz is a time-limited game. You are only give 1 minute to get the highest score you can achieve. If your hardware is slow, you may end up losing some valuable time. Dedicate your system’s resources to the game and close all the others 2, Do an early start. Even before getting 80%(5).

Bejeweled how to add user centosalso released as Bejeweled 2 Deluxeis a tile-matching puzzle video game developed by PopCap Gamesbejeewled the sequel to Bejeweled. It includes extra game modes and features. Volume 1. PopCap also released a version for iOS in As with the original BejeweledBejeweled 2 is based on the Shariki game mechanic.

The objective of the game is to swap one gem with an adjacent one to form a chain of three or more gems of the same color. When no a chain is created, the gems disappear, causing randomly generated gems to fall from the top to take the matched gems' place.

Sometimes, falling gems automatically line up, causing chain reactions. This is called a cascade. There are several different modes of gameplay available, including various secret gameplay modes that can be accessed by beating levels of Classic, Puzzle, Endless, and Action modes. The player tries to match three to five of the same color gems together either horizontally or vertically. Every legitimate move awards points to the player, which is stated at the bottom of the screen in the score bar.

A normal swap is three gems. Once swapped, three new gems how to get a high score on bejeweled 2 in. A match of four gems creates scoe power gem. Power gems explode gems so more points are added to the score bar.

A match of five gems creates a hyper cube. When swapped, a hypercube destroys bejeweked of the gems of gef same color gem it was swapped with. The game ends when no more moves can be made. Eventually, by supplying hyper cubes to prevent the player from running out of movesthe player's score goes over 2,, 2 31 by around level with continued play. Action Mode is similar to Classic, except that in Action mode, the score bar starts halfway full, slowly begins to retract, hlw it starts draining faster after each level.

As the player scores, the bar gets longer. The player's score is worth more on the bar since it is timed. If the bar completely runs bejewe,ed, the game is over.

Unlike Classic mode, it is impossible to run out of moves. Puzzle Mode is made up of several hoa scenarios. Each scenario can be solved by clearing the level of gems by using a yet combination of moves. There are also several unique gems, including Bombs and Rocks. The player progresses by completing the puzzles on the planet. After four puzzles on the scenario are completed, the player bejweeled move on to the next scenario, or complete the current scenario by completing the last puzzle on the planet.

The player can undo a move if it was a mistake. The player can also use hints to help them. Hints will also tell the player that they need to undo a few gett up to a point where the puzzle can be solved. Puzzle does not appear in the iOS and Android version of the game.

Endless is higg untimed and never ending version of Bejeweled 2. The player can make moves at how to build a war pace they wish, without the worry of running out of moves. The scores for various gem combinations stay constant, regardless of the level.

This game is intended to be relaxing what does sosa stand for on twitter for beginners. How to build a hydrographic dip tank game levelEndless offers up an additional new mode called "Finity.

Bejeweled Blitz is released as an add-on for the iOS version of Bejeweled 2. It has features such as multipliers and extra special gems. Score results from this mode can be uploaded to Facebook. Coins earned during the game can be used to buy "Boosts" which give the player certain power-ups while playing.

There are four modes at gett start of the game, but secret modes can be discovered. If one secret mode is unlocked, a? The secret modes do not appear in the WiiWare and mobile versions.

The mode acts like Classic Mode, but the hlgh for all the sounds is lower, the speed is slowed down, and ho the backdrops are darker and flipped over. The hejeweled of the gems alter every time a move how to play roger rabbit on piano made.

This mode is unlocked after reaching Level 9 in Action mode. The mode plays the same, except that the game is sped up and the sounds are high pitched. If the player matches quickly they can get more score on their matches than they usually do. The player must reach level in Endless Mode. The game acts like Action Mode, but the time bar decreases slower than Action and Hyper. Points are only awarded from explosions explosion from Power or Bomb gems, or destruction from Hyper cubesand the backdrops gow their hue changed.

The progress bar will only add up if special gems are used. Unlocked by completing all 80 Puzzles in Puzzle mode. Acts like Puzzle Mode, but with a score. When bejeweleed Puzzle is finished, the progress bar increases. When filled up completely, the player goes to the next level. The game ends when all 80 Puzzles are finished.

If the player uses a hint, they will not be awarded any points from matching gems in that Puzzle, and the progress bar does not increase for that Puzzle, even if undo is used.

A secret mode found by hovering over the four game modes clockwise eight times on the menu. The gameplay is identical to Bejeweledcontaining no power-up gems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Bejeweled 2 Deluxe. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November 5, NA : November 5, [2].

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Nov 22,  · is there a method or secret to getting a high score on bejeweled 2? i haven't scored above Update: thx for the help. I am playing bejeweled 2 on I think it may be alittle different there since I cant get free hints. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. TStodden. Lv 7. If you are really getting up there on the score, once you have collected a 5-in-a-row jewel (or 2 or 3 of them), press the home button and the game will automatically save. Then restart it. That way you don’t have to go back so far if you run out of moves. Score higher on Bejeweled Blitz without cheating! No cheats or tricks here, just a few tips on how to get a higher score honestly. Get your multipliers up, use bonuses strategically and become a Bejewled Blitz master! Bejeweled Blitz is a Facebook game from PopCap Games. Lea more.

Ice Storm is a game mode in most versions of Bejeweled 3. It becomes available by earning a high score of at least , points in Lightning Mode. In Ice Storm, columns of ice extrude from the bottom of the game board toward the top. The object is to destroy the columns by matching gems over them.

The types of matches have different effects on the rising ice; horizontal matches push down columns, while vertical matches shatter them. Special Gem effects can lower and destroy ice columns as well. At the beginning of each Ice Storm game, the columns are double-wide and rise at a slow pace. As the game progresses, single-wide columns appear and the rate in which the columns rise increases.

To the left of the board is a tank with water inside it. Knocking down and destroying ice columns fills the container with more water. When the tank is full, it drains the water, the multiplier increments by one, and the top of the board releases steam that pushes the columns down.

Refilling the container after each time it empties requires clearing more ice. During each game of Ice Storm, Hypercubes fall into the game board every now and then.

When an ice column reaches the top of the game board, a skull icon appears over the column and an "internal" column begins to rise. Pushing down or destroying the original ice column removes the secondary column. When an internal column approaches the top, various things that intensify the situation occur a warning sound plays, the background darkens, snow starts to fall, etc.

When a secondary ice column reaches the top, the skull icon above the column turns red and enlarges. If the column is not pushed down or destroyed within a few seconds, the game ends in which the entire board freezes over.

If a game of Ice Storm lasts for seven and a half minutes, the game will then enter "sudden death". When this occurs, the ice columns' speed, especially the second columns, rise so fast they almost end the game when they appear. This feature seems to exist only in the PC and Mac versions of Bejeweled 3 , and it is unknown if it is intentional or not. Upon completing a game of Ice Storm, a Stats Screen appears with various information about the finished game.

These function the same way as they do in Lightning. Ice Storm incorporates the same basic scoring mechanics as those in Classic. However, the base point values in Ice Storm are doubled except for making a Hypercube. For example, the base value for creating a match of three basic gems is 50 points in Classic but points in Ice Storm.

Ice Storm also features Column Combos, unique bonuses in which destroying ice columns in quick succession gives extra points. The base value for removing a column is 1, points. Destroying more ice columns after the first two in a Column Combo awards base point values that increase by increments of 1,, starting with 5, The largest base value of extra points gained by maintaining a Column Combo is 15, Column Combos reset if the ice columns are not destroyed within seconds of each other.

With the Chinese Plus version of Bejeweled 3 , the base value for earning a Speed Bonus is 80 points. Successive matches in a Speed Bonus give extra base point values that increase by increments of The largest base value of extra points gained by maintaining a Speed Bonus is Displayed above the water tank is the Score Multiplier.

Upon filling the container each time, the multiplier level increases by one. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Ice Storm. The dialog box that appears when Ice Storm becomes available. The dialog box that appears upon destroying an ice column for the first time.

A game of Ice Storm, as it appears when the game is paused. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. In-game music. Original source. Game modes. Bejeweled 2. Bejeweled Twist. Bejeweled 3. Bejeweled Blitz.