How to haunt your home

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how to haunt your home

Best of How to Haunt Your House, Vol 1 & 2. The Mitchell family is back in a big way this summer! We have partnered with the book publisher, Schiffer to produce two hardback volume collections, Best of How to Haunt Your House. Each book is packed with new and classic projects, inspiration, and the history of home haunting with the Mitchell's. A creepy home should not be light like it is christmas with strung lights to brightly illuminate the way. Florescent colored lights also add a glow to glow in the dark decorations and fluorescent paints especially blue and black lights.

This 3 Car garage haunt is a maze themed as a Haunted manor through the dungeon and carriage house. The haunt how to bring out natural highlights spooky, scary but contain no Gore and is appropriate for all ages. Dim lighting, small amount of fog haze and props that jump and may terrify small children. For those 12 and older admission of a Halloween candy is suggested.

Under 12 are free and can Trick or Treat the House on Halloween night only. Hours and Time: Sunday the 25th may be added if it gets busy Saturday October 24 Dusk to 10PM Friday and Saturday October Dusk to 10PM Groups should limit themselves to 6 not including carried children, Tour social distancing of groups is expected youe controlled at the door.

No more than 2 groups will enter at a time to allow spacing. Time to go through haunted house is about 5 min. It is the music that makes a scary movie! Don't forget some sound effects played through a small CD player you burned yourself or a great Halloween CD to set the mood of the night. We have free halloween sound clips for the do-it-yourselfer.

Cover Your Walls

Oct 29, †Ј Tie some scare-crows onto your treeТs or house. Cobweb your bushes, Уboard upФ your windows, or glue moss onto your fences or tombstones. You can even add more detail by placing lanterns or lit pumpkins in different places. The more in-depth you can be with your haunt, the better. Jul 28, †Ј One of the ways to transform your home into a haunted house that will have the biggest impact is to use a scene setter to cover your walls. To do this right, cover as much of the wall as possible with plastic or paper scenes that will make your house look completed different, especially under low light. It is a bit of a time-consuming task to set up. Jul 01, †Ј Inside, How to Haunt Your House, Book Two, you will find a broad range of home haunt prop step-by-step instructions. From animated props to full sized grave ghosts there is something for the haunt enthusiast in everyone. See how to hack store bought props into something truly ghoul-a-rific/5(24).

Best of luck! Most of all, Have Fun, and have a Happy Halloween! More to come! Thank you to those who contributed to this page:. Thanks for this!! But it pales in comparison to what is spent. What a great website! Did that site go down? I remember it being very useful!

We do ours and use it as a food drive for our local food pantry. Very good blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about here? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. There are tons of people there that are haunters. The forum contains a lot of amazing and awesome ideas, discussions, and more. I highly suggest you sign up and check it out. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address:. Sign me up! Blog at WordPress. The Hauntary Awaken Your Fears. Build Your Own Decorations: Buying pre-built decorations and props are a major time saver, but they will also lighten your wallet.

Building your own decor and props will be worthwhile, as you will be able to customize it to your liking, as well as saving money. Be creative! If you do decide to buy decor Ч which we all do Ч one of the best stores to do so is Spirit Halloween. By signing up to their newsletter, you will receive tons of coupons and benefits that others do not receive.

I would highly suggest signing up. Switch those lights out with red, green, or blue flood lights instead! It will set the scene almost immediately. Personally, I use green and blue lights for cemeteries, graveyards, and the like. I use red with decor or props that I want people to notice. A blue flood light will give off the least amount of light. Red will give out the most. Remember this when you go to buy your lighting. Black lights are very useful when trying to give something a ghostly glow.

Strobe lights create a great effect as well. Last, but not least, flickering lights i. I would suggest building some fake candles, so that you do not chance catching anything on fire. However, you need to use them safely. Black lights should not be placed where guests, or fellow haunters, will have to look at the light for lengthy periods of time. The same effect occurs when looking directly into the sun for a while; you will go blind.

Also, make sure you purchase a good, real fluorescent UV black light. These will produce more light, creating more effect for your haunt. Also note that the long Black light fluorescent tubes will produce more light than the CFL black light. Keep this in consideration when determining what you want to glow and not glow.

Now, you may be wondering what exactly will glow under a black light. A lot of things will, in fact! Use these to your advantage when planning your Haunt! Be creative, and have fun!

What else will capture your guests within your haunt than sound? You can find many audio files for haunts online or in-store, whether you are setting up a creepy carnival, a pirate facade, a cemetery, or whatever you are doing! Make sure you choose the correct sounds for your haunt! Fog Effects: Fog is another great way to add to your haunt. This can be useful when trying to scare your guests.

You can purchase or build a Fog Chiller that will cool the fog down, so it lays closer to the ground instead of floating around in the air. With a timer, you can set it to whatever time you want Every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.

Remember that any wind, no matter how slight, will project your fog in different directions Ч usually not the way you want your fog to travel. Make sure you plan for the possibility of this.

The Small Details: The small details are also very important. Leave the leaves! You can even add more detail by placing lanterns or lit pumpkins in different places. The more in-depth you can be with your haunt, the better. Tell a Story: Some of the best Haunts tell a story about that particular haunt. Setting up a Haunt is great in itself Ч but telling a story with the haunt really pulls your guests in.

Some people introduce this story by explaining it as guests walk in. Others decorate their Haunt as the story itself. While a story is not necessary, it is always a nice addition for those who want a more in-depth haunt. Safety First: Make sure you continue to keep you and those around you safe during the build and execution of your Haunt. Hold a test walk-through of your Haunt prior to guests arriving, to make sure there is nothing someone can get hurt by or from.

The last thing you need is a lawsuit Ч or missing body parts. You can do this by simply telling them over the phone, sending out invitations via mail Ч or internet, and more. If you are very into it, you can always contact your local newspaper. Make sure people know to come over, so they can enjoy all the time and effort you put into scaring them! Haunters should not touch, poke, grab,etc.

This may end up with some grisly results. Many Haunters have leniency when following this rule in regards to family and friends. Otherwise, refrain from touching your guests. Plan for the Weather: Make sure that your decorations and props are weather-resistant. October, and Fall in general, is a very wind, rain, and, in some places, a snow ridden time of the year.

Make sure any props that will fall over due to any wind are secured to the ground, fence, house, etc.

Make sure any props using motors or electricity are covered appropriately for snow, wind, or rain. Chasing your decorations down the road is not a fun thing to do!

Also be aware that any slight wind will most likely make any fog you produce not move how you want it to, so plan accordingly. Live Actors are Great: All the props, lighting, and audio are great, but what else could you add to your Haunt?

Called Scare-actors by some, these are your friends and family who wish to help scare people in your Haunt. Have them dress accordingly for your Haunt, and explain to them what you wish for them to do. There is a sense of unpredictability, and can react to certain people differently. More often than not, they will probably already know what you want them to do.

Make sure you have some complimentary dinner Ч or something Ч for thanking them for their time and effort as well! Charge, Or Not to Charge: That is the question! Otherwise, I would suggest not charging Ч especially if it is a home haunt.

Remember, not only are you setting this haunt up for others, but yourself as well. For a large majority of Haunters, this is not only a hobby, but a passion.

Ruined Fun: Do be aware that there, usually, are other people living around you.