How to install linux server

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how to install linux server

How to Install a Desktop Environment (GUI) on an Ubuntu 20.04 Server

Have access to either a DVD or a USB flash drive containing the version of Ubuntu Server you want to install. If you’re going to install Ubuntu Server alongside data you wish to keep, ensure you have a recent backup. See the server guide pages for more specific details on hardware requirements. ?·?Install Code Server on Ubuntu First of all, access via SSH to your server. When doing so, make sure Ubuntu is fully up to date. sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade. The whole installation is made quite easy to do thanks to an installation script that will download and install the package for your distribution. In addition to this, it will.

Although there are many hosting manager software, because of its easy-to-use interface and features, it is one of the best control panels for Web hosting services. As a cPanel license, they offer a trial version, hence we can try it for 15 days without paying anything. Whereas, the personal license is available at 15 dollars per month.

Note : Once instqll you cannot uninstall this sever panel from your server. To remove it you have to reinstall AlmaLinux. Now, we run the following line to download the script to our main directory that will automate the installation process. After downloading, we start the execution process of the downloaded script by using the given command:. Replace your-host. For example — in our case, we have used cpanel. As we can see, this indicates that the connection to the site is not secure.

This will add the appropriate exception in the how to set up windstream email on windows 8 window to allow the connection with cPanel. Insatll following window is displayed in which you have to enter your AlmaLinux root user and password to access data for cPanel. After serber a 15 days free trial license hwo be issued. Enter the email address and your hosting service naming Server details.

Finally, you have installed WHM on Alamlinux 8, now create a cPanel account on it to start hosing a website. Here are few directories for cPanel installed items, in case any of you want to access it manually on AlmaLinux 8 using the command line.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser srrver the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What is cPanel? Its key features: Reselling of hosting services Manage web hosting accounts User-friendly interface It allows us to create email accounts, redirects, and automatic replies.

Install Perl and Curl 3. Download WHM cPanel installation script 4. Run Cpanel installation script on AlmaLinux 8 5. Login to WHM 6. Related Posts.

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Installing VNC Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

?·?Open the Settings app from the Application Menu of Ubuntu LTS. Navigate to Sharing section and click on the toggle button as marked in the screenshot below to enable Sharing. Once Sharin g is enabled, click on Screen Sharing as marked in the screenshot below. To install XFCE, which is just the desktop environment for XFCE and a few other packages, run: sudo apt install xfce4. To install Xubuntu Desktop, which includes all the packages in XFCE4 and additional packages provided by the Xubuntu distro, run: sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop. This is what XFCE looks like: Install LXQt Desktop Environment. 1 day ago?·?Before moving forward and install anything let’s update our system’s existing packages to the latest version. yum update yum upgrade. 2. Install Perl and Curl. Since the cPanel is written in Perl, let’s first install it on our AlmaLinux 8 and along with curl that we will use to download the cPanel installation script. yum install perl.

Setting up a server can be a daunting task, especially when installing languages like PHP. Got no idea where to start to get PHP on your server? Depending on your unique setup, there are many ways to do it. PHP is an open source scripting language primarily used for web development and server-side backend scripting. In simple terms:. Many websites and tools use PHP and its many extensions. WordPress is built primarily on PHP, and most of its plugins and themes also run on it.

PHP also powers most WordPress functions, hooks, themes, and plugins. You can see all the other WordPress system requirements here:. Besides that, PHP is a great launching point for beginner devs. PHP is also quite popular. So, you can find plenty of extensions and resources online. Setting up a test server is a great way to experiment. Luckily, the requirements are fairly basic, and a lot of the software is likely already installed on your computer. The exact specifics vary depending on your operating system, but you should know how to work with the command line and be ready to install new software.

Now the PHP requirements for Windows :. Which PHP version is the right one? It is sometimes possible to download beta versions of PHP, which are even newer, but these are often buggy and only released to help the developers gather feedback. Most of the time, you should stick with the stable releases. What about older versions? Every PHP version comes with new features, but that means new incompatibilities with older features. It technically supports PHP versions starting at 5.

Versions 7. PHP version 8 is also compatible, but currently, this is very new, and not all plugins work properly. Before starting, you should be familiar with the Terminal and how to operate Unix-like OSes in general.

This will install the latest version of PHP along with several extensions. You can use this code to see which version you have. This is a safe way to install older supported versions of PHP. Run these three commands one at a time:. Now your system recognizes the archive, and you can install PHP 7. Type in the following command:. That covers the basics, but if you need extra help with configuration, the PHP installation documentation for Unix can help.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions, so most Linux guides are practically made for that system. One alternative option available to you is downloading a LAMP stack. While you can manually download each of these tools separately, you could get Taskel, a bundle that will install all these at once. Just run these two commands in succession in the Terminal:.

This operating system is a little different from other Linux distributions. On CentOS, the apt and apt-get commands are not the ideal ways to install the software. To update your packages, run this command instead:. As for other commands, you can usually replace apt-get with yum. To install PHP, use this command. Need a blazing-fast, secure, and developer-friendly hosting? Kinsta is built with PHP developers in mind and provides plenty of powerful tools and an intuitive dashboard.

Check out our plans! Last for Unix-like operating systems is Debian. This time there are just a few minor concerns, but most of the commands listed above should work fine.

For Debian, you can use either apt-get or aptitude in your Terminal commands. The aptitude command is a little more comprehensive and provides a menu interface. Debian can be finicky.

Besides a few small things, instructions for Debian are practically identical to those for other Linux distributions.

After launching WebPI, you can find it under the Products tab. Click Add on the version you want, then click Install. Windows may need a little extra configuration to get PHP working properly, so make sure to check the recommended Windows configuration documentation. You just have to make a few small ini tweaks. All you need to do is uncomment a few lines of code in the Apache configuration file httpd.

Uncomment these two lines by removing the hashtag symbol:. If you do need to download PHP manually, then you should install Homebrew and use this simple command:.

These compiled libraries add all sorts of extra, helpful functionality. Think of them as plugins that add on to what PHP already offers. PHP already comes with dozens of built-in extensions, some of which you must enable manually, and others you can start using right away. The PHP manual offers extension documentation for many of these as well, so you can get the hang of using them.

Whenever you install an extension, you need to uncomment it. Just open up php. Make sure you download PHP either through the command line or from its official site. It comes with PHP preinstalled.

It also lets you hot-swap between different PHP versions so that you can test your site in different server environments. Our Google Cloud powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the Kinsta difference! Check out our plans. By submitting this form: You agree to the processing of the submitted personal data in accordance with Kinsta's Privacy Policy , including the transfer of data to the United States.

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