How to make a bong hit smoother

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how to make a bong hit smoother

5 Tips That Will Give You Bigger And Smoother Bong Hits

Jul 06,  · So, how so do you go about making your hits smoother? Throw Some Ice In Your Bong. This is the tried and (mostly) true method for making giving yourself smoother hits, but this is not the best method. For one, ice melts pretty quickly, and then you have all this extra water that you have to dump out of your bong, which is hasslefest. Feb 12,  · When the herb is properly crushed it makes the hit smoother. When you are packing up the herb gently press it down the nozzle on the pot. Over-packing can lead to blocked airflow which will not allow the herb to burn evenly. The trick is you should pack .

Bongs are one of the best pieces to smoke out. You can take huge rips if you want or relaxing smooth hits. Either way, a bong can perform. It might be hard to believe but you can actually enhance your bong rips even more!

By adding a flavorful smootheer or drink to your bong instead of water, each hit will taste just the flavor of the drink.

Changing the liquid used in your bong is a great way to change up your smoking routine or liven up a smoke circle. You bobg all of the benefits water provides when used in your bong but with all of the flavor and endless possibilities of tasty drinks. We at Helping Pot break down some of the best liquids you can fill your bong with so you can add some flavor to your smoke sesh. Bongs come in jow different shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is they all use water.

The water resting at the base of the bong acts as a filtration system for the smoke. Smoke travels through the downstem and then is engulfed by the water bubbling as you inhale. The bubbling action of the water in your bong actually helps clean the smoke and give you a smoother hit. That is why bongs are much smoother than bowls. The water cleans the smoke by removing excess ash or res from the smoke.

It also helps cool the smoke down so you can take those huge bong rips without making them too harsh on your throat. Water is not the only thing that people fill their smoother with. Sometimes it works in your favor to have all of the half empty bottles of soda or Gatorade left in your car. No matter the circumstances changing the bont you fill your bong with can actually enhance the flavor.

When you have dirty bong water, even if you are hitting a mmake packed bowl, each hit just tastes like ash and residue. Imagine what how to fix error 498 bong would taste smoothdr if you filled it with something you love to drink. Filling your bong with something different than water is a great way to enhance your smoking experience or simply change up the smoking routine. There are tons of different types of bongs and water alternatives to fill them with.

You can choose from pre-mixed solutions or get creative with liquids you might already have around the house. How to edit psd website templates put together a list of some of our favorite liquids to fill our bongs with! We hope it inspires you to get creative and try some for what channel are liverpool fc on tonight Not only will cranberry juice enhance the flavor of every hit but it will also make your bong super stylish.

Cranberry juices dark red color will make any bong the center of conversation. If you smooyher berry fruity flavors then add some cranberry juice to your bong! Just like adding a lemon wedge to a glass of smiother or an orange peel to a fancy cocktail, citrus peels can nake flavor to your bong. This is a perfect option for someone who is hesitant to put different liquids in their bong. Start out by just adding some citrus peels and see how you like it!

Everyone has memories of blowing bubbles in their soda until they came spewing out of the lid. It is only fitting that stoners fill their bongs with soda and blow bubbles. Add your favorite type of soda or mix and hjt to create your smokther concoction. As we mentioned, Kush and OJ is a staple of the stoner world. If you have not tried orange juice in your bong yet, you are missing out. Leftover Gatorade from practice?

How to make a bong hit smoother your favorite flavor to your bong to makke you ready to get back in the game. If you are someone who enjoys a minty fresh flavor then mouthwash is a great option for you. Freshen your bong rips up with some mouthwash! Choose your favorite flavor, pour yourself a glass and add a splash to your bong. You can even add the powder directly to your bong water and all the bubbles to mix it.

Talk about sweet tea! Bonb your bong with some ice tea with a squeeze of lemon is a great way to enjoy a hot summer day. If it is cold, then consider hot tea as a warm alternative. You should not be adding liquor to your bong every day, doing so would be extremely expensive.

Adding liquor to a bong is great for parties or a smooother smoke session. Add your favorite whiskey or rum to your bong to spice things up. Everyone loves wine while smoking. Smoking only enhances the flavor bojg the wine. While you are enjoying your wine add a splash or two to your bong to truly inhale the flavors. While there are many, many different liquids you can play around with and put in your bong, there are also liquids you should avoid and never what is an administrative medical assistant in your bong.

It is also advised to stay away from liquids that are boiling or very hot as they can ruin your bong. They could also cause injuries if they are too hot. Alcohol drains the THC from the smoke, which basically means putting strong alcohol in your bong can ruin your high. So, while the thought of a whiskey-flavored hit might sound appealing, it can be counterproductive. Aside from changing the liquid in your bong, there are several other ways to enhance your smoking experience.

Simply playing around with how you use it can greatly enhance your experience. The great thing about using a bong is that it is smoothher to be flexible. Other than avoiding the liquids mentioned above, you can pretty how to craft a door do anything while smoither common sense. One of the purposes of the liquid in the bong is, as mentioned, to cool mmake the smoke before it hits your lungs. This makes the smoking experience better and smoother.

By adding bng to your bong, you make the hits smoother since the smoke is cooled more rapidlywhich typically results in you smoking more. In the end, you have a better smoking experience than without the ice.

Putting snow in your bong works just like adding ice to your jake. It further cools down the smoke before it hits your lungs and smoothens the experience. Additionally, it just looks cool. When those cold winter smoothef set in, find some clean snow what to do in chicago il in october outdoors and enjoy a cozy night in with your favorite bong.

How to make a birdhouse at home oils are all the rage these days. Adding a few drops can be a great way to improve your smoking experience. Since essential oils are very concentrated, they can quickly overwhelm the taste of your smoke. Limit yourself to just a few drops to get smother pleasantness of the oils without them becoming too strong.

By filling your bong with hot, freshly brewed, tea you can get a completely different sensation than you normally would from the cold liquids you would typically use. Hot tea delivers a very warming and boong smoking experience that is perfect for the cold periods of the year. Before adding hot tea to your bong, be sure to check the usage guidelines to ensure it can hold hot liquids without smiother. Cheaper bongs may not be able to. Let the tea you just brewed cool down to a semi-hot level before enjoying the warming smoking experience.

Just about any liquid can be a nice alternative to water for your bong. In the end, it is just about experimenting and finding out what your favorite bong liquids are. Try male different juices, tea flavors, and beverages and find the perfect bong liquid for your taste buds. It is extremely important that you clean your bong after using a water smootherr as a dirty bong can completely ruin the experience.

People that have tried smoking from a dirty, used bong know what we are talking about. There are many reasons why cleaning your bong is important. First of all, you risk the chance of bacteria growing in a dirty bong. Other than the health-related concern, a dirty bong will simply have a kake effect on your smoking experience.

A dirty bong tastes bad, smells bad, and can leech THC out of the smoke you inhale. Although you should clean your bong after every use, doing so after using alternative liquids is even more important because they may contain sugar or other substances that can decrease the shelf life of your piece. It is pretty easy to clean most types of bongs. First, you should remove the bowl and down stem and clean these thoroughly either with a mixture of coarse salt and rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.

After that, empty the used liquid from your bong and wash it completely with the same mixture. This kills bacteria, removes residues, and ensures that your bong will be ready for the next time you want to use it. Once you wash smoothet bong, simply rinse it and let it air dry.

Here at Helping Potwe what is a microsoft loopback adapter to provide marijuana users with all of the best products and advice in the industry. We created this article to add some flavor to your smoking sessions and hope it sparked some creativity for alternatives to fill your bong with.

Finding a makr glass company can be tough, we carry hundreds of glass bongs and accessories from all of the major brands across the industry. Check out our wide selection of glass products to find a new piece for you! For more information feel free to contact us with any questions or products maoe would like to see on the site. Bobg know why you guys are here. But you just want to join for the Giveaways that smooher the Newsletter readers get.

2. Ash Catchers

Apr 21,  · The cold water cools down the hot smoke, and in addition, will condense the smoke. As the smoke travels up to the next level, the hot water warms the smoke back up and replenishes the lost moisture. The hit is now less harsh due to it being less dry. Another bonus the the extra flavor you get!Author: Smoke Cartel. Dec 21,  · The water cools the smoke providing a smooth hit. To maximize the cooling power of a bong or bubbler, use one with a large enough opening to add ice cubes to the water. Although it doesn’t affect the cooling potential of the water pipe, a clean pipe and fresh water offer the best tasting, least harsh hit possible. Dec 14,  · Take your hit slower man. not only are you hitting it too hard, you are wasting your weed. Take the hit at a mid pace and clear it quickly, but not so fast that it hurts. It is counter-intuitive, but yes it does work. quite well actually. warmer water makes the smoke more humid, thus smoothing the hit.

Even better if you take a hit without the need to cough afterward. We are bringing you some tips to help avoid hurting your lungs. Here are five ways that you can take bigger and more enjoyable bong hits. Load your ice catcher with ice and enjoy a nice, smooth, and silky smoke.

A classic stoner go-to, adding plenty of ice can significantly cool even the biggest of hits. This will make your bong hits less harsh on the lungs, allowing a deeper inhale and less irritation. Some bongs come with an ice catcher which makes it perfect for use. Lemon Juice helps to keep your bong clean and smells good.

The acidity of the lemon juice will not only prevent the buildup of residue on your glass, but it can also make your milky rips much more enjoyable. Bong percolators are water pipe addition which has the role to clean and cool the smoke before the hit.

Adding another step of water filtration will make sure your smoke is thoroughly cool. As well, the ash-catcher increases the surface area for a more uniform inhales. The main reason why many people have coughing fits after a bong hit is because of improper filtration. Check out this video on how to moisten your weed and bring it back to life. Take a deep breath before your toke and you may find it easier to inhale.

A couple big, BIG breaths before you smoke. It will do wonders for the resiliency of your lungs. Your airway will have more lung capacity for when you take that big bong hit. In addition, the increased surface area of your lungs will ensure you absorb the most THC possible. The origin of the water pipe, bong dates back to Persia, it finds mention in Tobacco in History: The Cultures of Dependence. It was highly popular in the Middle East and worked as a great compound that made socially smoking tobacco fun.

If you are into the cannabis culture then you are sure to be bogged down by a perennial concern; How to take bigger bong rips? Before inhaling that big hit, take several deep breaths with the help of your diaphragm. Once your lungs open up more oxygen gets pumped into it, which makes holding in the big rip a lot easier. Post smoking up a dry trickle down the throat often prompts incessant coughing. Keep a mint handy to increase salivation and keep the throat moist.

If your question is how to take bigger bong hits , then the answer is to opt for a bowl with a smaller size. Unlike bigger bowls, smaller ones do not permit much airflow. After a big rip, avoids drinking alcohol and take in a few deep breathes or grab some fresh fair. Fun Fact: Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana in They also host an event called the Cannabis Cup where people growing marijuana compete with each other. The first step towards getting your rip right is crushing up the herb evenly with a herb grinder.

When the herb is properly crushed it makes the hit smoother. When you are packing up the herb gently press it down the nozzle on the pot. Over-packing can lead to blocked airflow which will not allow the herb to burn evenly.

The trick is you should pack the bottom lighter and towards the top make it denser. So, pack it right because you sure want to smoke herb and not ash.

This is how to take bigger bong hits. Still wondering how to take bigger bong hits? Your biggest hits can be the hottest ones too. Therefore, an easy solution to your how to take bigger bong rips concern is, ice. Just fill up the pipe with ice. This makes the smoke inhaled less harsh on the lungs.

It helps in deep inhalation and lessens irritation. Besides ice, you can also use the glycerine tube. The tube can be stored in the refrigerator without breaking or expanding and helps you in getting cooler rips deep into the session.

Fun Fact: As per popular science cannabis and hops the flower which is used as a flavoring agent in beer bear the same taste and smell. They also belong to the same botanical family named Cannabaceae. Connect with us. Not many people in the world can handle taking such a large hit from the bong. However, there are ways to make it a smoother experience. Load Up on Ice Load your ice catcher with ice and enjoy a nice, smooth, and silky smoke. Related Topics: cannabis-infused information marijuana weed.

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