How to make crepe paper leis

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how to make crepe paper leis

How do you make a homemade lei?

Jun 23, †Ј First measure your thread and cut it to size. Thread your needle and make the thread doubled so it is stronger than just one strand, and tie a knot at the end. Start hand sewing through the center of your crepe paper. You want to do about 1/4 inch stitches and pull your thread all the way through to the end as you go. Mar 29, †Ј How to make a Hawaiian Lei using crepe

Another really fun and easy party idea! I have been wanting to throw a Luau for several years now. But each year there is a reason we don't moving, babies, deployments and I bow to sadly resist buying all the cute luau items that are in just about EVERY store.

But not this year! You don't have to put a whole lot of thought into Luau's Hoa as I was cleaning the house leie I found how to make crepe paper leis brainstorming what else could I do to add some fun? A trip to the craft closet and wa-la I knew what I could make. Leis and grass skirts for the kids. Which would also solve our not every kid having a skirt problem!

And once again. I found all these things are the house, my favorite kind of craft. I plan on laying out everything and letting the kids make them this weekend. And here's the info on how to make them for your next luau or maybe just a fun summer craft before school psper. For the Lei's your going to need heavy thread, a large needle or tape, paper flowers, scissors, and some straws. More flower info below.

For the flowers I used my cricket paper doll cart to cut out the flowers. If your using your cricket cut them at 1. You will need about 24 of each. If you don't have a cricket there are several other options. Or if your really patient you can simply print out the flower below and use it how to print shipping labels on ebay a template to trace and cut on colored paper.

NOTE: center hole can not be bigger then the straw so if you making your own use a small screwdriver to poke a hole. Step 1. Cut up all the straws in 1in pieces. I threw out the bendy part. Step 2: Cut your thread to 36in. Step 3: Either thread you needle OR wrap the end in tape. This is the best kid friendly way to make a necklace of any kind!

Tie a few knots on the end or try using a paper clip to keep everything from sliding off. Step 4: Begin threading a piece of straw and then flower in whatever color pattern you would like! Step 5: Tie it off and your done!

Seriously so cute. And now on to the grass skirts. You will need: scissors, more paper flowers, crepe paper, and packing tape, and a ruler. I just happened to have left over green crepe paper but any bright color will how to make crepe paper leis Step 1: Wrap the crepe paper around your childs waist and cut add about an inch for overlap and cute. Measure the paper length, my daughters was Step 2: Cut strips for skirt. I cut 15in length. You will need the same number as your tk waist is.

So I needed Step 3: Lay out a piece of packing tape in the same waist length. Then lay the waist length paper how can i clean my credit history it. This will give you a strong piece for the waist so it doesn't just rip or break right away.

Trim excess tape off edges if what is a circadian rhythm definition. Step 4: Lay out the waist piece and begin taping on the pieces letting them over lap about half an inch.

If your letting the kids fo this part then just simply cut the tape for them psper they probably wont worry about overlapping. Step 5: Glue or tape on the flowers. I hot glued them and it worked great. However if your using this as a kid activity they can tape them on. All done! When your ready to wear tape it on with a big piece of packing tape in the back.

Cadence was thrilled to be the model! She couldn't wait to get them on and shake her hips lol. These were fun, cute, easy, and cheap!

She played around t hers for awhile and it held up really well : Great for parties! I glued a few extra flowers to a hair clip to finish of the look! Newer Post Older Post Home.

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DIY Crepe Paper Lei great for Parties and CostumesLearn how to make this chick crepe paper lei great for any occasions (like graduation lei, home coming lei. Jun 25, †Ј How-To: Crepe Paper Lei. Paper Crafts. By Becky Stern. Becky Stern. Becky Stern is a Content Creator at Autodesk/Instructables, and part time faculty at New YorkТs School of Visual Arts Products of Design grad program. Making and sharing are her two biggest passions, and she's created hundreds of free online DIY tutorials and videos, mostly. Sep 8, - How to Make Crepe Paper Leis: Instructions on how to make leis out of crepe paper. Originally posted on my blog Easy and great for Hawaiian themed parties.

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A flower lei is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Hawaii's aloha spirit! Wonderfully colorful and memorably fragrant, lei can represent love, friendship, good luck, and other positive sentiments. You'll often see them used at graduations, weddings, birthdays, and many other occasions. This wikiHow article shows you how to make your own traditional Hawaiian flower lei from fresh blossoms, along with additional methods for making crepe paper and money lei.

Next, cut a inch long piece of string or fishing line and thread it through a needle halfway. Then, tie a knot in the string and leave about 5 inches below the knot for later.

Once you've tied the knot, string your flowers by passing the needle through the center of the bloom and out through the stem. When all of the flowers are on, bring the first and last flower together and tie the ends of the string in a square knot. To find out how to make a lei out of crepe paper or money, keep reading!

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Collect some fresh flowers. A lei can be made from any kind of fresh flowers Ч plumeria, roses, daisies and carnations are all popular choices Ч but you can choose any blooms, leaves or ferns from your garden.

You'll find it easier to make a lei from medium-sized flowers with sturdy stems and durable petals. Flowers with delicate petals that fall off or bruise easily are not a good choice.

To make one, single-strand 40" lei you will need approximately 50 blossoms. Try to pick each flower at the base of its stem to make sure the stamen remains intact. Cut off the stems of each flower. Cut your string. Cut a piece of thread, cotton string or fishing line " in length. Doubled over, this allows for a inch lei with 5 inches Thread the needle.

Take a large needle and thread the length of string through the eye, until it is doubled over. Tie the two ends of the string together to form a knot Ч this will act as a stopper for the threaded flowers.

Make sure to leave 4 or 5 inches Otherwise, any large needle will do. String the first flower. Take your first flower and pass the needle straight through the center of the face of the flower, all the way through to the back. Gently push the flower down along the string. Alternatively, you can pass the needle up through the stem and out through the center of the flower. Which method you choose will depend on the type of flower you're working with.

Be very gentle when pushing the flower down the string Ч if you push too forcefully you could damage the flower or even rip it off. String the remaining flowers. Continue to string the remaining blooms in the same fashion, passing the needle through the face or stem of each flower. You can have all of the flowers facing the same direction, or alternate for added texture. Some lei-makers prefer to slide blossoms to the end in groups of five or so, which accelerates the process but can cause wear and tear on the flowers if you're not careful.

If you're working with different colored flowers, it's a good idea to separate them out into different bundles Ч this will allow you to work more quickly and avoid mixing up the order of the colors. Continue adding flowers until the lei is approximately 40" in length. Hold it up around your neck in front of a mirror to ensure that you're happy with the number and placement of the flowers.

Finish the lei. When you've finished stringing all of the flowers, adjust the placement of the first and last flowers so they're nested together, and then tie the ends of the string in a square knot. Leave the hanging ends of your knot in place until just before you present the lei Ч this way you can hold it by these strings and avoid touching the flowers. Cut off the excess string and, if you like, add some curling ribbon for extra adornment. Now your lei is ready to be presented to its recipient!

A lei can be worn more than once. Store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator between uses to keep it fresh. Mist lightly with water to keep it hydrated. Method 2 of Gather your materials. To make a crepe paper lei, you will need strips of colored crepe paper 20 long and 2 wide Ч the number of strips you need will depend on how long you want your finished lei to be. You will also need a needle and thread and a pair of scissors. Fold the crepe paper. Take one strip of crepe paper and fold it, accordion-style, along the entire length.

Pass the thread through the eye of the needle, double it and tie a knot at the end. You'll need approximately two yards of thread, but again this will depend on how long your want your finished lei to be. Pinch the folded paper between your fingers and pass the needle through the center.

Push the crepe paper to the end of the string. Twist the crepe paper. Use your hands to open the threaded piece of crepe paper slightly, then twist it clockwise to form flower-shaped twirls.

Try to keep the crepe paper twisted as tightly as possible Ч this will produce a fuller-looking lei. Repeat with a second color of crepe paper. Take a second strip of crepe paper, in a different color or the same color, if you prefer and repeat the process of folding, threading and twisting. Keep going with each piece of crepe paper until you have filled the thread. Once you have filled the thread with twisted crepe paper this may take up to an hour, depending on how tightly packed the twists are , pass the needle through the crepe paper at the opposite end and tie a knot to close the lei.

Cut off the excess string. Method 3 of To make a money lei, you will need 50 crisp and new one dollar bills, a collection of colored beads, two 50 inch cm lengths of thread, a glue stick and twenty small binder clips.

Fold the dollar bills. Take a dollar bill and fold it in half, right down the middle. Make sure the two edges are perfectly aligned. Set the folded bill on the table in front of you, then fold back one of the edges, just to the edge of the white margin. Flip the bill over and do the same of the other side. Continue folding each half of the bill, accordion-style, until you reach the center.

Make sure each fold is the same size and that you press it firmly to get a crisp edge. Make the flowers. Once you have finished the accordion folding, the dollar bill should look like a single, rectangular strip.