How to make homemade moose burgers

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how to make homemade moose burgers

Moose Hamburgers grilled on the Barbeque. Mmm Good!!

Nov 20,  · In large bowl, combine onion, garlic, egg, bacon fat and savoury. Add moose meat, mixing just until combined. Form into 4 patties, each 2 cm thick. Transfer to tray, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Heat your grill to medium-high heat. Add oil. Sear patties, turning once until digital thermometer Servings: 4. Mar 06,  · 2 pounds raw minced moose meat 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 onion, chopped fine 1/4 cup catsup 1 egg Mix meat and all other ingredients in a bowl. Make into patties. Pan fry or broil until cooked. Serve on hamburger buns. Pour hot tomato soup (undiluted) or mushroom soup over meat and buns.

Ground moose meat tends to be very lean which makes it a tad dry; the bacon adds just the right amount of fat and flavor to this meat. Form into 4 patties and cook over direct high heat on the BBQ turning after about 3 minutes, flip over and cook another 3 minutes. Move the patties over to medium low heat and cook for another 5 minutes. These may be cooked longer if you want a mooze through burger but a slightly pink middle will result hoomemade a moist juicy burger.

Since my husband tagged his first how to delete profile this year, it seems all I have been doing is researching for moose meat recipes. Well we can attest to the fact that you do not need to search any further for the best moose burger you will ever have. We packaged our moose burger as 1. It was absolutely delicious. I joined this website just so I could rate your recipe. Thank you for your submission.

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Browse All Categories. Original recipe yields 4 servings. Metric US. I've Tried It. Ingredients Add to Shopping List. Nutritional Serving Size: 1 hpmemade Step 1 Finely chop the bacon and mix together with the remaining ingredients. Step 2 Light the BBQ one side high heat, other side medium-low heat. Step 3 Form into 4 patties and cook over direct high heat on the BBQ turning after about 3 minutes, flip over and cook another 3 minutes. Step 4 Move burgdrs patties over to medium low ,oose and cook for another 5 bow.

Step 5 Warm the buns and assemble burger with your favorite toppings. Share It :. Little Porcupine's Native American. Burgdrs Times and Temperatures With Recipes. It's that time of year again to take advantage of great weather and what did perestroika aim to do smoke your Mozza-Bacon Moose Burger.

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Jul 12,  · For Hunting and Fishing Tips check out Thanks for watching! Feb 24,  · Mix the ground moose meat with the caramelized onion, partially cooked bacon, egg yolk, garlic, salt, and pepper. Form the moose meat mixture into 10 burger patties by forming balls and then flattening .

Try something new with these delicious moose meat burgers! Rich, full of flavour, and topped with applewood smoked cheddar, these game meat burgers are sure to be a hit at your next BBQ! Perfect for those adventurous enough to try a new type of meat! Since moose meat is very lean due to its low-fat content, moose meat is ideal for grinding up and use in burgers and meatballs!

This post contains affiliate links for which we may be compensated if a purchase is made through the links provided. For more information please read our affiliate disclosure. Moose meat is rather lean due to most of the fat being located right under the hide off the animal to help keep it warm. This makes moose meat fairly dense and tough in comparison to well-marbled beef most folks are used to. Perfect for grinding up into burger meat!

Younger cows female moose will have more tender meat than the older bulls male moose , though be sure to always follow local hunting regulations when selecting an animal to hunt. Venison , bison , and wild boar meat are all excellent choices when making game meat burgers, though do note that their flavours will vary! Since moose meat is so lean, this burger recipe calls for some finely diced, partially cooked bacon to help add some fat into the burger meat.

This will help make the moose burgers a little more tender, while also adding some flavour to the mix. What you end up using is ultimately up to you. We decided to go with a few classic ingredients and tried to use Canadian or local PEI products!

Looking for a way to fill up the freezer? Make a double batch of these burger patties and then freeze them! The best way to do this is to form the burger patties and then freeze them in between pieces of parchment paper, or lay them out flat on a sheet tray until frozen and then store them in a freezer bag.

Once frozen, the moose burgers will keep up to 3 months. To cook simply thaw the burgers in the fridge and then cook immediately. Made the recipe? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey there! Welcome to Earth, Food, and Fire where you'll find delicious and easy to follow recipes, backyard gardening info, and everything you want to know about cooking from scratch at home.

Learn More ». Prep Time 30 mins. Cook Time 15 mins. Total Time 45 mins. Course Entree. Cuisine Canadian. Servings 10 Moose Burgers. Calories Burger Toppings 10 each Sesame seed buns 10 each iceberg lettuce leaves 2 whole tomatoes thinly sliced 1 bottle Smoke Show lightly smoked jalapeno BBQ sauce 1 block Cows appletree smoked cheddar sliced. Moose Burger Patties Peel and slice the Spanish onion. Caramelize the sliced onions in a pan with a little oil until dark golden brown.

Once dark golden brown, remove from the heat and set aside. As the onions caramelize, dice the smoked bacon, and half cook it in a second pan. The bacon should be cooked but not crispy.

Once cooked set aside along with the bacon fat. Mix the ground moose meat with the caramelized onion, partially cooked bacon, egg yolk, garlic, salt, and pepper. Form the moose meat mixture into 10 burger patties by forming balls and then flattening them.

Cook the moose meat burger patties on a bbq grill or pan fry them on the stove. Cook on each side for about 5 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of F. Assemble The Burgers Before assembling the moose burgers, make sure you have sliced the tomatoes, cheese, lettuce etc.

This is best done while the burger patties are cooking. Assemble the moose burgers and serve immediately. Keyword game meat recipes, moose meat recipes, what does moose meat taste like.

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