How to make hooded bath towels

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how to make hooded bath towels

A Beginner’s Guide to Making a Hooded Towel

Mar 07,  · In this video, we will show you how to construct a hooded towel with a self lined all of our designs specifically for hooded towels here:https://ww. Feb 05,  · If you want to hide the seam, rotate the hood degrees so that the point is down, then lay it on top of the towel, right sides together. Pin the hood to the towel, then sew. That way the seam will be on the inside. Sew the hood onto the towel .

Did you know that they are incredibly easy to make? The kids enjoy them AND you get to choose the towels to coordinate to your liking. Plus, they are easy to make busy mama win! Pick up enough maie and hand towels maake make a few sets in one sitting. This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclaimer page for more information.

The hand towel is used to make the hood and the wash cloth makes for a cute complement to the hooded towel! I found these towels at JCPenny. The next time you see them on sale pick them up! This is the great part about making hooded towels, you have complete freedom of prints, texture, and ribbons!

The first thing to do is take the hand towel and fold it in half lengthwise. Once you have it cut to length lay it out so that you can measure the ribbon.

Set up your machine I use the Brother SE to a straight stitch. Sew the ribbon in place. Now you need to begin creating the hood. Take the hand towel and hath it wrong side out and width wise.

Look at the picture below for a better idea of what I am explaining. In this view, you will sew along the outer edges.

Once you sew these, you will have only the center area open where the ribbon is. For this project, you will need to use a heavy-duty needle. For my machineI used a denim needle that I already had on-hand. You will find that once you begin sewing through several layers of terry cloth, the needle becomes very important. Now that your hood is closed on three sides, its time to make the hood opening! First you will lay it ribbon side out and have the opening facing the bottom.

Then, take the upper right corner and fold it into the left upper corner. This next step requires bsth to fold out the bottom of the folded towel. By pulling the bottom corners out, hooved will create a pocket in the top half. Orient it so that it creates the hood. One last step.

Pin the opening together by tucking the open ends into each other and sew the opening closed. This will make sure nothing frays. Now the hood is ready to be attached to the bath towel! I like to keep things simple. Therefore, I recommend adding any extras, like ribbon, to your bath towel before you attach the hood. You can choose the place, just be sure to make sure its equal on both sides. Lay the right side of the bath towel face down on your surface. Use lots of pins here, you want to keep the how to open openoffice files in microsoft office cloth in place!

Use a straight stitch and follow the sides of the area pinned. Things get very thick here. I promise. Once you have all four sides sewn, sew another line across the top and bottom with a zigzag stitch. I know my kids can be tough on items and I did not want the towels to fall apart! Here I took the ribbon and added a stripe on the hand towel. Here it is hanging up! How cute! Once you complete your first hooded towel, you will be to knock out your future ones in a fraction of the time!

The best gifts are always handmade. By finding a cute hand towel and bath towel you can quickly knock these out. You can give them for little ones for bath-time or those who love to go swimming! Simply stock up during sale time and you can make them with little effort when you need them! I believe in creating routines to keep our days in check— even if they change each season!

I prefer done over perfect any day. Ahhh this is so lovely what a great idea and looks amazing ho. I love the design and colors. Thanks for linking up to Twoels With Me. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and so grateful for you linking up. I hope you will continue to link up in the next few weeks as I had the reins over to the new Share With Me hostess and continue long after linking up with her too.

Hoodrd you for the hooded towel tutorial…. I made a couple the size for a newborn, and a couple of larger ones what can i use instead of whole wheat flour later. Great shower gifts. Tto you so much Kathy! Hi Jana! They grow so quickly anyways! Thanks for the tutorial. For this tutorial what color thread did you use?

I am a lazy sewer and really hate changing out my thread for the ribbon, then the seams. Hi Marci— Thankfully I had teal on-hand and used it how to make hooded bath towels the ribbon.

Faye fom Nova Scotia here…. Hi Faye! These towel use a full size bath towel and a hand towel. Thanks for stopping by! I do not understand the step where you fold the right corner into the left and fold out the bottom. Hi Pollyanne! Thank you for stopping by!

I do pre-wash them to allow for shrinkage. I cannot follow these instructions at all. I guess I am just lame since everyone else seemed to have hooeed problem. It took me forever to find the color towels I wanted to use to make these for my four granddaughters and now I have ruined one set because the instructions are so vague. Perhaps you should have had a video.

So looking forward vath giving these as gifts and now, I am back to square one. It sounds like watching a video would be better suited for your learning style. Sorry, not good instructions. I think it will be plenty big. For those who are having trouble with the hood. I cut the hand towel in half Width wise, sew the cut edge wrong side together, then I zigzag over it to.

Then sew the bottom end to the bath towel I the middle of the side. Some time I use a contrasting color for the hood. Hi Becky, I understand that you enjoy finding tutorials online for you to use yourself. It costs a significant amount of money to keep any website online, up and what causes flashing lights in my eyes. Please remember that as you surf the web, someone is paying for you to do so and these ads keep these items available for YOU.

We appreciate your understanding. Thanks, Brittany. Your email address will not be published. Sharing is caring! Pin Me! Share on Facebook Share a Tweet. Comments Ahhh this is so lovely what a great idea and looks amazing too. Hi what size did you do for the newborn?

Thanks in advance!

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Dec 31,  · So, to start making your hooded towel, fold the hand towel in half and cut it into two pieces. You are only going to use one of the pieces, so if you have a second bath towel, you could easily make two hooded towels. I didn’t like the edging on my towel, so I folded it over. Then I folded it over again by about 2?. Apr 28,  · Lay the right side of the bath towel face down on your surface. With the wrong side of the bath towel facing you, pin the hood in the center of the bath towel about 2? down and overlapping with the bath towel. Use lots of pins here, you want to keep the terry cloth in place! When it’s all done, you will have a sewn a rectangular box. Jan 15,  · To do that you are just folding about 1 inch in from each side and pinning it in place: Zigzag that pleat into place. Now you need to attach your hood to your towel. Center the hood so that the seam of the back of the hood matches up with the center of the pleat you just made.

Learn how to make a hooded towel quickly and easily. This basic hooded towel tutorial will teach you to make a large towel that moms and kids will love. Is there anything better than a baby who has just been bathed? Baby heads smell so good! Or how about a cute toddler all washed and smelling amazing wrapped in a cozy hooded towel?

I miss the days of little ones all washed and clean and snuggly. Making one of these basic towels is easy. They are so big and last for years and years. My kids have used them up to about 8 years old. Browse all of the hooded towel patterns here.

But first, you need your basic hooded towel. Then you can add the fun cute faces. Or just keep it simple because they are pretty great that way too. My machine will sew through this just fine, but be warned, your machine might struggle sewing through several layers of towel.

If you break a needle you might want to try getting a heavy duty needle. Start out by cutting your hand towel in half across the short size so that it ends up short and fat. Then, with the finished edge fold it under about 4 inches or so and sew that in place:. You can decide which side you want to have on the outside of your hood and which you want inside. If you are doing an animal face you need the underside to be the face.

So NOT the part you see above. Flip that over and use the other side. If you are just doing a basic hooded towel, just choose which side you like best. Now, fold the hand towel in half so that right sides are together meaning your outside part is inside for now. See the image below. The polka dots are the right side of the fabric so I have to fold them together so that they are touching and are on the inside.

You are going to do a zigzag stitch up the raw edge to form the hood: so in this picture you are sewing on the right side. Now, on the bath towel, on each of the 2 sides fold the edge under about 4 inches and sew it in place: this has a decorative stitch-you can use that or just a straight stitch. Now, find the center of your towel on the long side.

You are now going to form a little pleat that looks like this. To do that you are just folding about 1 inch in from each side and pinning it in place:. Now you need to attach your hood to your towel. Center the hood so that the seam of the back of the hood matches up with the center of the pleat you just made. Pin the rest of the hood in place along the top of the towel and then zigzag it in place:. And I hope you have fun making many more! Baby Burp Cloth Pattern:.

Baby Bib Pattern:. I needed to have the post up before then so that when the time comes you can all do it. I loved making these towels for my grandkids. I however, used the other half of the hand towel by cuttingnitnin half then making pockets on the inside so they could use them to hold the towel closed and wrapped around them.

Not the top of the pocket. Works terrific. So, when it asks for a zigzag just use your straight stitch. Is there a trick to getting the material to fit in the sewing machine better? My towel was kinda thick and it was tough to pull it through. I think on most machines there is a way to lessen the tension of the presser foot, which might help with thicker fabrics like that. OH just loosen up on the pressure foot and lengthen your zigzag stitch that should make it easer for you.

Dumb question alert!!!!! Oh sorry-I can see how that would be confusing! Just the very ends. Not the top and the bottom, the sides. I think its the different towels used in the pics that are confusing me. My daughter and I are very excited to try move onto this lesson! The thickness made it a struggle to start and backstitch without it looking messy. Is there something I can do different to make it prettier?

My stitching is anything but straight! But I love the lesson and the experience!! I want a dragon for my granddaughter! Good point. I think keeping the presser foot where you want it just takes practice.

Thanks for the clarification on that! I have had this tutorial up for the past week but was afraid to cut the towel because I wasent sure which way. Lesson learned, read the comments. Sure you can skip it.

Update: I did take my Morse Apollo back to the shop where I had it serviced and he gave me a manual to a Montgomery Ward machine which is similar to mine in features!

Mine stays a straight stitch on the 0 setting. I love this series! Just finished my towel and I even put ears on it. Very proud of myself.

Thanks so much for this series. I am learning so much. Lol My grandson is going to be so excited next time he visits. I was so anxious to do this—wanted to do a hooded towel for my 18 month old granddaughter. I changed the needle to heavy duty and commence to sewing.

Try as I might, gently pushing and pulling, the thick towel would not budge…just kept sewing over and over in the same place until finally my electronic Brother cSi sewing machine made some scary, awful sounds and totally froze up on me.

The error message said tangled thread, but that was not the case…it took a lot of investigation but we finally saw underneath the needle plate the BENT needle. With the needle being bent and not in the correct pathway, and because it was frozen including the handwheel—would not budge even manually we could not bring the needle up.

Finally, my husband had to cut that sucker out! After I tried all I could to make it go in, my husband turned the machine upside down, just so he could get a more detailed look—he then inserted the needle and it went in all the way. My machine seems to be working okay for now, and hope it will continue to do so.

Obviously, this particular machine will NOT let me do a hooded towel it has let me sew a rag quilt with no problem , which is too bad. I do have another old Singer, which seems to be a real good workhorse, so maybe I could try it with that, but not sure I will. I really do want to learn how to sew, it just seems like more times than not the fates are against me in this.

I wonder if it would have worked properly had I inserted the walking foot?! Oh wow. I am SO sorry! I think some machines just handle it better than others. Sorry that happened to yours! Hi, Mary Jane, I have the same sewing machine and I was able to make one, I am hoping to make 12 more!

I was using a regular needle but when it came time to attach the hood to the towel, I also had trouble with the clunking noise and the jamming, I found that if I went very slow and sewed the least thick path, even if that meant giving up some towel space, I was able to get it done. I am hoping a heavy duty needle will work through it easier, but now I am afraid to try because of your experience!

Good luck in the future! I have been making hooded towels using a bath towel and half a hand towel for 20 years. I never made them with the cute faces, ears, etc. Not having a pleat might help some who are having trouble with the thickness.

To make them decorative, I often sewed a decorative ribbon along the front edge of the hood baby, boy, girl, sport theme ribbons or sewed on appliques on one side or top of the good or a side of the towel. Just my experience with the same project, just a different way.

Hope it helps someone. They are really great for kids, grandkids, and to give as gifts. Hi, I am so excited to make the monster towel!