How to root my htc g1

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how to root my htc g1

Hack: Howto get root on your G1

Sep 23,  · Plug in your phone via USB cable and mount the sd card so we can transfer files to it. 3. Copy the Universal file to the root of . Root your G1 the easy way! Unlock your mobile phone's hidden potential by running custom ROMs, overclocking it, and even turning it into a wireless hotspot with WiFI tethering. For all of the details, and to get started rooting your own G1 cell phone, take a .

Copy the Universal Androot. Open Linda and look on the sd card for the Universal Androot. Follow the prompts to install it. You must have a data plan to login to a G1. Says its rooted but no Superuser Permissions, even after rebooting. Thanks for reporting, that is exactly what I had and worked fine. Try this and let me know if anything works:.

Just follow the procedure. Do the unroot then do the androot and then the flash a how to dye nylon fabric black and then load a rom. Whenever I try to open the. I have a G1 with v1. Any ideas? Am I supposed to have done root factory reset before trying this?

Your computer how to treat a friction blister making a. Simply change the. I figured out my problem… something with my anti-virus software was interfering with the download of the.

Tk I turned off the software and tried it it worked on the first time. What is the Superuser actually supposed to do though? That has nothing to do with the root and more so to do with the Wifi Tethering app if it gets past the opening of the app without saying root access not found then you have root. Please try again. Open it, hold menu for the keyboard to come up, then type su and hit enter. It should ask for permissions, say Allow. Then you should see a rooot, if you do, you have root!

I cant get AndroidSDK to work on the command prompt …it cant find the path…. Ive got recovery flasher too. They are not the same thing internally at all the old mytouch without the 3. What does it all mean? Your computer is making it a. How to root my htc g1 a week ago, I successfully rooted one of my G1 phones and it has been working fine for the past week on 3G until today. So what could the problem be? All I did was use he rooted phone normally.

How come, all of a sudden out mt nowhere, my rooted phone is stuck on EDGE? Are there any fixes for this? Please help. Also what firmware and radio version is it on you would of had to change these things manually by the way. All else fails factory reset then reroot. That is not the issue. My Radio version is: 2. My Firmware is 1. I would much rather find a simple fix to get 3G back before I go through the process of doing a factory reset and re-rooting the phone again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since it has nothing to do with rooting the phone, only advice I can give is to reset the phone and try again. Otherwise call T-Mobile, Google it, or search forums to see if anyone else has the same issue. Hello there, I have a T-mobile G1, Firmware v. I am attempting to root my G1 using Androot. There is no additional application in the Application drawer except for the Universal Androot ap. I have rebooted several times, I have used the Androot Ap to Unroot and then Root again but nothing changes.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Also try download an app from the market that requires root access. The program installs but it does not overclock what are minions based on CPU even though it temporarily lets me set it as though it does.

I had your same exact setup v1. I would like to be able to run apps strait from the SD card, as the phone memory is not sufficient and also I would like to use my phone with any SIM card, as at the moment it is locked to T-Mobile. Is running of AndRoot t1 right way to solve my 2 problems or there is something else I need to do? Can you plz tell me what must be done so that I can install my apps to SDcard this rooting method worked great I dont wana Flash any new roms so is it posible to do it on a rooted G1 with no custom Rom on it?

Same exact problem as Steven. Rebooted several times, factory reset twice, unrooted, hfc. Superuser will not run. I even tried an earlier version of UA, but no difference. I am having the same problem as addressed by mike and surgioarmani on Sept 24, steven hare on Sept 30 and codezior hw Oct.

I have a G1 v1. I get a woot but no eoot installed. I tried rebooting, unrooting, re-rooting with no change. Anyone at Theunlockr contact the Androot developer for feedback? It appears that this is a common problem. Same for me!! I tried using Androot. No use. This worked great! Thank you. What are flamin hot cheetos made of, I have the same problem, I rebooted the phone in some occasions and there is still no superuser permission.

If you can see the. Because technically its right. Your computer is confused however in thinking that its a virus for your computer and that it is harmful. Hi, my g1 is running on DMD64 riot 1. I have tried the root procedure by installing androot, it says that the phone is tp but the superuser does not seem to appear. I have rebooted my phone turned it off and on agen but it still did not appear.

Do u think I should factory reset my fone and then install it agen to see if it works? I tried following the steps all the way through. When the phone rebooted it got stuck at the boot screen.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do to remedy this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This drove me crazy for roof 45 minutes, too. If you rename it on your compy it will just append the. What you need to do is rename it with the.

I cant find linda in android market………???? Any idea why this would happen? I have the same issue as Patrick. I see a Superuser. Every steps are taken without any problem. How do I fix this problem?

When I download androot it loads as a zip file, and I do not see the. Both say rooted, but deny superuser access verified how to root my htc g1 terminal emulator and superuser app — dnld. It appears the system files are read only and can not be altered. Using various Explorer apps, I can access these files but can not alter. I am surprised the 1st phone has not been figured out yet.

I would think it would be the easiest. I noticed dozens of other users are encountering the same issues. Is there a solution I am missing after trolling what is a catastrophic health care plan hours? Unlocker, thanks for your efforts, hard work, and thorough posts.

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Apr 26,  · Hey unlockr, got a question here and would appreciate if i got an answer. i want to root my HTC G1(stock) and install a custom ROM, but i just managed to activate my g1 without a data plan thanks to ur videos (THAAAANKS A LOT:D). Now, if i root/install a custom ROM will it ask for log-in procedures (with WiFi deactivated) if yes, can i redo. Jun 18,  · How To - Root the HTC G1 ( LEAVE ALL COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE, Oct 02,  · Root, Recovery, ROMs, Radio. Let’s just say this: there are different ways to root and modify Android phones, some of them are based on bugs of Android system, others are instead hidden by the brander. We’ve seen the long procedure for the HTC G1, that for sure after 2 years, should be different/easier and shorter.

So I have been all over the internet gathering info on rooting my G1. I have found several guides and now I use a mix of those guides to root peoples phones. This is the least complicated method I can bring to the table. So I hope this helps a lot of people. So there is a hole in the bluetooth programming in Android 1. That is what they are exploiting.

That is beyond my knowledge. So most phones you come across are going to be on stock Android 1. This is where you run into a problem. Someone came out with a 1 click root app, but it does not work on Android 1.

Thank You! I got stuck here: 4. Open the Recovery Flasher. Select "Backup to flash Cyanogens Recovery 1. You didnt say flash the recovery. Yes, recline, that is exactly what is formats it too. And the right one, Thank you for pointing that out, I know I am way late on my response. Good eye. Thursday, October 29, How to root your G1 the easy way. Downgrading for the G1 is simple. NBH file. You can get this here. Unzip this with Winrar or 7zip or winzip or whatever fits your fancy.

Assuming the previous steps were done correctly you will see a rainbow screen and then it will cut to a blue screen. Press the power button to start the update. Which is actually a downgrade to Android v1. This will take a moment.

This may take you back to the Rainbow screen. Recovery Flasher. You can navigate to this in your download folder from you linda file manager and install it. We are going to be using the Aman Ra recovery image.

Get this here. Now feel free to verify that this flashed correctly. Power off your phone and boot into the recovery screen by holding down "home button" during power up. This should take you to a screen with a black background and green letters. Now go a head an choose the top selection and reboot the phone.

Now reboot your phone into the recovery screen by holding down "home button" during power up. Choose the "apply any zip from sd" option again and choose the cyanogenmod rom and press the "home button" to continue. Once this has finished reboot your phone, if all went well you will be booting into an openbox mode. Posted by HalfSight at PM. Nyssa October 30, at PM. Warya February 18, at PM. Recline March 25, at PM.

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