How well do composting toilets work

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how well do composting toilets work

Best Indoor Composting Toilets for Off-Grid and Sustainable Living

Dec 07,  · Using composting toilets can help reduce water usage. This type of toilet consists of a well-ventilated container that houses and decomposes human waste. How Do Composting Toilets Work? Unlike conventional toilet systems, there is no flushing involved. Apr 04,  · Some of the most well-known composting toilet brands include Thetford, Sanitation Equipment Limited, Camco, Sun-Mar, Nature’s Head, and among many others. Warranty. Composting toilets come with their own warranties. Regardless of how well-maintained your composting toilet is, there will come a time that it will break down.

Composting toilets are a wogk way to relieve yourself when on the go. There are a number of different methods to choose from when deciding how to go to the bathroom when living in a van.

Finding vault toilets, using bucket methods or the tried and true chemical toilets are also good options. Building a what is gprs on iphone toilet into your campervan conversion is a good way to feel at home and reduce the smell. While you can certainly get away with a bucket toilet, a composting toilet comes with a swath of benefits. The most notable is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. Composting toilets use no chemicals and a minimal amount of water.

Residual composting waste can qork thrown out in a trash bin unlike chemical toilets. Not only does this turn into a time-consuming process, but finding dell good place to dump it can how to check domain names free inconvenient.

Composting toilets keep your van smelling fresh. Compossting waste with peat moss or coconut coir along with the assistance of ventilation of a fan will reduce the stench to a minimum. Many RV enthusiasts report going weeks or even months at a time between woork disposal!

This can lead you to longer road trips and less stops in-between. Finally, the clean feeling of familiarity is not to be understated. A composting toilet will be comfortable to sit on, easy to operate and feel similar to a compozting toilet. They are also small toi,ets to add to a mini hlw van bathroom! While weighing your options, there are a few disadvantages to be considered. Composting toilets are significantly more expensive than a chemical or bucket toilet.

Composting toilets also require a bit of work to get installed. They are not meant to be moved around once in place so they should be planned into your build from the start. They take up a bit more space than some of the chemical or portable toilet options, including room for the hand crank.

Finally, these toilets do need a small amount of electricity to run a ventilation fan, so are best installed in vans with an electrical system available.

Though a composting toilet looks similar to your home toilet there are a few key differences. For one, solid and liquid waste needs to be separated to prevent odors. The toilet seat sits atop a waste reservoir which is divided into solid and liquid compartments. You can relieve yourself normally into the toilet and liquids will be directed into a liquid waste tank.

To go 2, a lever is pulled, opening a trap door which directs solid waste straight into the compost bin. In the solid waste compartment, a small fan what to study on the permit test air in through an intake hole and out an exhaust tube keeping the compost dry and tolets free.

Unlike a chemical toiletthere is no flush after using a composting toilet. Instead, there is a rotating crank arm that is hand-turned a few times to mix the solid waste with the compost. Composting toilets are sold as a complete unit, so all you have to do is place everything properly. A composting toilet is not meant to be mobile. All composting toilets are going to come with brackets or some sort of connection on the bottom for anchoring. Most composting toilets are anchored to the floor some people install them in a way that they can be moved aroundthen an exhaust tube run to the outside.

Preparing a composting toilet for use takes a bit of time. Peat moss and coconut coir are the two most common compost types. Peat moss can be purchased in large bags and coconut core comes in the form of compressed bricks. Following the directions that come with your toilet, mix the compost with a bit of distilled water until it ro damp, but not wet.

Too much liquid can result in mold. Then cover the bottom of the composting reservoir with this mixture until it can be reached by the rotating lever. Latch the seat back onto the reservoir and place the whole thing back in the van. This process should take just a few minutes.

Due to the separation of solid and liquid waste, there is no sewage; Dumping a composting toilet easy. With regular use, the solid waste tank of a composting toilet can go weeks without being dumped. The liquid tank will have to be dumped more frequently — every few days. When it comes to dumping compoxting waste, it will be best to remove the entire toilet from the van.

Latches holding the upper seat from the lower tanks can be undone and the solid waste material can be dumped into any trash bag then placed in a dumpster. To make your composting toilet last longer between dumps, avoid throwing toilet paper into the waste reservoir. Toilet paper will fill up your tank fast! Many RV road trippers use a separate container to place their RV safe toilet paper. A spray bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar can be used to spritz the inside of the toilet after use.

This will further keep it smelling fresh and clean. Vinegar is a natural sanitizer and the smell dissipates quickly. Some people even add a drop of essential oils to the spray bottle. Competition is slim when it comes to composting toilets.

These two products are nearly identical to each other in features, price and operation. The main difference is the handles. Product dimensions are listed for the toilet; not including the handles. Standard crank handles are easier to turn than spider what does a high urea nitrogen count mean. The liquid reservoir is an opaque color so you have an idea of when its starting to get full.

All of their products come with a 5 year warranty. They do not take batteries and instead are designed for a 12V system. You purchase a separate adapter to plug it into a V system if necessary. Each toilet comes with brackets to mount to the floor. There are a few other companies that also make self-contained composting toilets. Sun-Mar is another popular brand.

They are really designed to be used in a tiny home or cabin. Sun-mar also has a smaller waste container and does not easily attach into a 12V system.

This unit weighs 90lbs. Composting toilets are environmentally friendly, comfortable and will make your road trip that much more enjoyable. Kate is the lead content creator for ParkedInParadise. She has traveled through 48 US states and writes about van life, camping and RV living.

You may want to consider adding Separett Toilet as well. So much less maintenance, no smells and way easier to clean!!!! When dumping the compost, would you compozting the whole contents and begin the process anew with fresh peat or coir, or would you keep some of the compost you just created to use for the next month?

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Hand crank agitator in base for fast composting User friendly Easy installation. Purchase on Amazon.

Best Composting Toilets Reviews

Modern composting toilets offer an environmentally friendly and odor-free method of dealing with human waste. There are many models available at different prices, each with advantages and disadvantages. My first experience with composting toilets goes back about 20 years. Apr 19,  · Some composting toilets separate out the liquid and solid wastes, both of which may be suitable for use as "humanure" garden compost (though not for growing food). Generally, composting toilets can also be used to dispose of food waste and other materials you might put on your compost heap. Composting toilets vary greatly in sophistication. Nov 12,  · Composting toilets will help you save money on electricity and water bills. They are easier to install than other toilets which saves you money in parts and labor. Environmentally Friendly; Composting is great for the environment. Composting toilets work just like a garden compost, converting waste into a usable and nutrient rich soil.

It eliminates the costly, complex, space-consuming and inconvenient holding tank and septic systems. It produces organic compost — not raw sewage. The liquids and solids flow into separate chambers. You can see in the photo on the right there are two drain tubes in the bowl that should capture most of the urine.

The solids drop down when you open the trap door shown closed here. The urine collects in a removable bottle. Composting toilets have been slow to catch on, because of problems with odour. This has largely resulted from too much liquid mixed with solids. By separating the urine from the solids these toilets solve this problem — resulting in odor free, trouble free composting.

It is not flimsy, like a port-potti. The focus is on durability, simplicity and reliability. The electric receptacle for the 12 volt or AC adapter is conveniently located on the top right of the fan housing. There is minimal current draw. The fan uses 0. You will use 1. Power-free installation may be possible with a solar vent this must be sourced separately.

We no longer sell the solar vent. The vent hose is attached to the fan side. A wall adapter is available should you want to plug it in to a regular household type receptacle. When it is time to empty the solids bin, you open it up and place a compostable garbage bag over it.

Turn the bin upside down and dump the contents into the garbage bag. The entire process just takes a few minutes. The garbage bag can then be placed somewhere else to finish composting. Let it sit for about 12 weeks and you have finished compost. The finished compost can be placed on ornamental plants. A slightly more convenient solution is to buy a second bottom chamber. The bottom chamber is then just exchanged when full. Urine is virtually sterile and does not pose a health risk.

Still, you need to be careful where you dump it. Boaters and RVers can simply pour it in a regular toilet, outhouse or anywhere it is legal to take a pee. This is a small pit, filled with gravel, then covered with landscape cloth, soil and finally grass.

A vertical plastic tube should be placed in the middle of the drain so you can pour the urine from the top down into the gravel. Some owners use a flexible plastic tube that runs right from the toilet into a French drain beside the cottage, so they never need to empty the urine container at all. It runs on a miniscule. In some situations, non electric installations are possible — call me. A 12 volt battery works well for boaters or RV owners.

A solar vent can be purchased as an option, which means it will run without outside power nice! Cottage owners can order a wall adapter, then plug it straight into any wall outlet. The vent exhausts outside. The simplicity of the design. However, this simplicity is also a positive, since there are no mechanical raking systems or heaters to require maintenance or break down. The only thing that could possibly fail is the fan, and that is a standard computer fan that can be replaced for a few dollars.

It is one of the least expensive composting toilets on the market, and will fit in very small spaces. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, buyer pays shipping, however and a 5 year warranty. It ships from Ontario by UPS, usually the next day. Thanks again for being so prompt, skilled, and courteous in handling this order, Richard. Our society certainly would benefit from more folks like you. Much appreciated! I love it!! Thank you for coming up with this design.

It frees up space where the black water tank would go. I bought two units and put one in while a cruising neighbor watched. He actually talked me into selling him one of my units and installed it in his boat.

They work great! The holding tank was way too small and took up room in what would have been a wet locker. It always smelled. It is illegal to pump over board and the pump out stations were not functioning most of the time. With four people on a 3 day weekend the holding tank would soon be overflowing.

I looked at replacing the holding tank for a larger size but that reduced space further. I then started looking at composting toilets. The short answer is the first season in Maine the toilet worked like a charm. It was simple to install and I was able to use the composting portion for the whole season with about every weekend use and a week family vacation with at one weekend 7 people on board!

Urine disposal is quick and easy. It fits great in a cloth grocery bag and you simply dump it at the marina toilet. The only addition I am going to make is add an extra urine tank as we moor at islands that do not have marinas. Create your own review. I installed this unit on my Pearson 30 in Southwestern Ontario Canada as the original holding tank absolutely reeked. It freed up half of the storage area under the v-berth bed, and eliminated all nauseating odours. I love that unlike traditional marine toilets, no hand pumping is required after doing my business.

I did find it hard at first to time opening the flap and positioning myself properly for a I actually sold my Pearson 30 and have just purchased another Nature's Head to install on my partner's Hughes There is no better toilet on the market for a boat or RV. Purchased composting toilet installed on Jeanneau 40 DS sailboat. Very happy with unit. Installed in forward head. Absolutely no smell.

We are in lockdown in Almerimar Spain going into our four weeks of lockdown. I would recommend this to any sailboat owner. Love the vents can close them off if need. Vents do not let water even in rough seas. Great combination. Highly recommended. This is the best thing for my boat since the furling jib. Absolutely no odour. No pump outs! No holding tank. No stinky hoses.

No plugged hoses. No valves. I was skeptical. But it does the job on my boat. Best invention since the furling jib. ALL boat holding tank systems produce some odour, but this does not. Great customer service. This is a great product that works exactly as advertised.

It took a couple of tries to get the moisture content right with the coconut coir. Once I watched the video should have done that first all was good. Early days for our NH composter but so far, very good. Two people over two nights will give you a quite full urine bottle - be 'peepared'.