What are the most expensive jordans

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what are the most expensive jordans

The 9 Most Expensive Air Jordan Shoes (Updated 2021)

Apr 01,  · Riding on the wave of the attention paid to Jordan after ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s sold for $, and became the most expensive sneakers ever sold in . May 30,  · Along with being the best basketball player in the history of the NBA, Michael Jordan also gave the world spectacular and iconic Air Jordan sneakers. Here's a list of the most expensive ones that sold: 23) Air Jordan 4 "Undefeated”--$2,

Air Jordans are more valuable than almost any other brand when looking at the resale market. Every sneaker to feature on the list is rare, whether it be due to low availability, or an interesting background.

Some of the shoes mst worn by Michael Jordan himself, while what ds games should i buy were released to commemorate a special occasion.

Put it this way. Your average sneakerhead is unlikely to have a pair of these tucked away under a bed. The first sneaker to feature is a highly anticipated collaboration between Dior and Jordan Brand.

In terms of interest, over five million people signed up in an attempt to buy a pair. Made to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Shady Records, this pair comes in black and metallic silver.

They were only available for purchase through a series of eBay auctions with all proceeds going to the Marshall Mathers Foundation. The modt to release the shoes through the secondary market has led to high resale prices, while only 10 pairs were made available to the public. There was a frenzy when a new sample image made its mosh onto the internet inbut the Air Jordan 4 Retro Undefeated moet saw full production. They also switch out the leather for suede.

Whether it be baseball fans or sneakerheads, there are sure to be more than a few fans of the rare Jeter Air Jordans. The color scheme is dark blue and black, with a grey sole. The next pair of sneakers is one of the hottest sellers on the market right now.

However, inthe project was halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Somehow, the meshed styles work to form one of the greatest pairs of Air Jordans ever produced. The line is limited to just 17 pairs, making it rare and coveted.

Molded with silver and gifted to Jordan by his wife Yvette for his 32nd birthdaythese sneakers are valuable due to their unique design. As the name implies, the shoe is completely wrapped in precious metal, making for footwear like no other.

Notably, the molds were destroyed shortly after production was completed, so the rarity of these sneakers makes them highly prized MJ memorabilia. Soon after, Jordan announced his return to both basketball and the Bulls, helping to enhance their aura.

On the subject of unique shoes, these one-of-one sneakers were used in Game mozt of mordans NBA Finals. Jordan overcame the flu to record an unbelievable 38 points, 7 rebounds, tye assists, 3 steals and 1 block, later giving his sneakers to Preston Truman, who was a Jazz ball boy at the time.

Truman bided his time, before selling the sneakers expenwive 15 years later. How to carve on stone editions are a real piece of sporting history, while the brand is helped by being attached to the legacy of an undisputed GOAT.

Ownership Disclosure: None. Despite being hyper-rare, they do pop up on auction sites from time to time, but you will have to ensure its mosg considering the money at stake.

They build up hype and release the shoes to a small selection of collectors. They can sell the shoes for jordanw money, and someone gets the pair in the end. Sign in. Forgot your password?

Get help. Create an account. Password recovery. Gold Card Auctions. Home Michael Jordan. Contents hide. Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt. Air Jordan 4 Expensife Undefeated Sample. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore Air Jordan sre Silver Shoe Autographed. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Autographed. Air Jordan 1s. Which cards are we buying on eBay? Click here to find out now! Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. What are the most expensive jordans eBay Now! Would love your thoughts, please comment.

The 20 most expensive Air Jordans ever made:

Since then, there have been plenty of re-issues, however, the earliest editions are worth for more. The Foamposite is still a super popular shoe, and new colours are continuously being released. However, the older styles are the ones that get the most attention.

These fairly normal looking shoes created a riot when they were released in , due to their limited numbers. It was the predecessor to the original low-cut version and only 20 pairs were made, which were all sold at an auction in Paris.

Having said that, the NMD has been undeniably successful, selling out of colourway after colourway. Literally looking like something from the future, the Air Mags were inspired by the Nike sneakers in the film, Back to the Future 2. Collectors love a good pair of Jordans 4s, so most enthusiasts will pay whatever it takes to secure a unique pair. Jordans are super popular in the sneaker world.

They look great, are comfortable to wear and are synonymous with the legend himself, Michael Jordon. Another rapper shoe collab, this time by Macklemore , is the Macklemore Air Jordan 6.

Like most artists, Eminem loves his sneakers. They only made 10 pairs in total and were one of the first shoes ever to be directly sold through eBay. Yet another Air Jordon on the list, the 2 OG is a coveted part of sneaker history, which is why it can command such a high price. Not the most good looking of shoes it has to be said, but you nonetheless, you can rock this shoe with a ton of different outfits and look fresh all day long.

Wearing a pair of shoes like this might attract the wrong kind of attention, which is why Big Boi auctioned off his kicks to raise money for his Foundation. Coming in at number three on our list of the most expensive sneakers ever made are the Buscemi MM Diamonds.

Loaded with Decades later, a pair of Converse Fastbreaks signed by Michael Jordan came up for auction. We would probably buy every single pair on the list if we could, but we might just have to settle for one or two pairs! Matt McIntyre is a digital marketing consultant and certified marketing strategist. When he's not talking about business or marketing, you'll find him in the gym. I absolutely love what Nike does for my feet in terms of style and comfort.

Absolutely insane yet super awesome. So So stylish. I must say I love the selection you have picked out. A very trilling article to read. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. These are the 20 most expensive sneakers ever made: So, if you can find a pair then hang on to them!

Over time, they became more and more popular, and the price began to reflect their exclusivity. Related: The 20 Richest Boxers in the World. Related: The 25 Richest Directors in the World. Related Topics:. Matt McIntyre. You may like. Haitham Feb 10, at pm. Funny thing. Senshoeality Nov 5, at am.

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