What are you listening to

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what are you listening to

What are you listening to???

May 31,  · The extremely talented singer and song writer Chris Stapleton dropped by the XTU Live Performance Studio to play us his new single "What Are You Listeni. Jul 31,  · The "D" chords can be played as a D/F# for added base tone if playing acoustic What Are You Listening To - Chris Stapleton Capo 3 [Verse] G Am C I put that record on, girl you know what song D G And I let it play again and again Am And your in every line C Take me back in time D G Yeah tonight im wonderin [Chorus] G D What are you listening to.

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Search forums. Listneing a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What are you listening to??? EJB Member. I hope that this post is in the correct place and that some or maybe many of you respond.

I've been a member here for longer than most of us, 18 years. I've met and tou friends with some of you guys and gals and RadioReference is an important site and thus important to my life. I am curious, what yoj everyone scanning these days? I have a bunch of radios and scanners generally running in the background while I watch TV or read.

I live in downtown Hamilton, high up facing the west and south with a bit of exposure towards Burlington Bay. Most of my scanning is based around this. It's hard at times to receive Peel and Toronto. I have a tough time scanning Fonthill. I can get it in my friends apartment across the hall, but not here.

Halton P25 South in scan mode, monitoring the 4 fire services and sometimes the Works talkgroups, very valuable, listening to areas that get snow yesterday while we didn't. When mobile, if I am heading east, I have a bank set for Fonthill and Skylon towers. When I worked in Oakville around Speers and 3rd line it's located in a bit of a ditch.

It's just on the boundary where Brittania and Mowat are dicey and Charlton falls off. Fonthill is often the strongest tower in the area. I don't like to monitor more than 3 or 4 banks at a time so when I'm home I will use my Home Patrol 1. If I'm at home I. When mobile in Hamilton on my bike or when I walk the T is my go to.

It's small and easily put in a pocket. At home, I occasionally monitor the ONQ system. Even less time monitoring the town of Oakville system, Metrolinx. When the weather arf iffy and different from place to place like yesterday I'll monitor the MTO.

Occasionally when the weather is nic, and we are having large inversions I use one of my antennas on my balcony and go searching for comms, be it Motorola or whatever radio systems or stuff in the MHz range. I'd love for this thread to be large and I await responses. Saint Tl Premium Subscriber. Joined Nov 5, Messages 7, Feel free to copy and use if you have compatible scanners.

Have a look at my scan cycle. Don't have a portable currently. Only read the negative reviews so I can make an informed decision. Custom Database. New York. I concentrate on public safety. I don't care about McDonalds, Walmart, the neighbor's baby monitor, listeening.

Don57 Member Premium Subscriber. Ok whaf Steve and Mike: Do you listen to those all at once? Toronto is such a hard city to scan cause its so large.

Hamilton is a good size, the action doesn't overwhelm you. And there is no yku to scan locally. I'm unable to figure out what systems are being used for the 3 different projects at King and Queen but I'd love to hear when the workers talk with the cranes. I've done many searches in the MHz area but haven't heard what I'm looking for.

The is great for FleetNet. I'd like to thank anyone who has responded and hope I hear and see more responses. EJB said:. I'm unable to figure out what systems whwt being used for the 3 different projects at What are you listening to and Queen but I'd love qre hear what the workers talk with the cranes.

Ive done many searches in the mgh area but haven't heard what Im looking for. My Uniden, racing addition is off now and my XTS needs a new battery. The is great for Fleetnet. I'll also monitor OnQ, and FleetConnect, as well download what women want movie free the local malls to see what's going on.

Enjoi19 Member Premium Subscriber. Joined Mar 17, Messages I'm sort of limited on what I can listen fo at home due to a living situation and not optimal antenna placement. However, I do get some stuff pretty clearly. I let my HP bring in Metrolinx, mostly. Most of my listening is on the road - so I have system set up on my P2 to roam between the few towers around the GTA for fleetnet.

Works great for just hitting one key and enjoying the drive. But listrning too many sites, keeps it snappy enough. Mostly monitor Toronto Fire on my ho, so I have a few easy what are the main organs of the cardiovascular system set up and associated number tags.

I've tried listening to Halton and Peel fire when I head out that direction, but it's very hit and miss with what seems like simulcast distortion. Really would like to get an Unication for fire - even parts of downtown Toronto really suffers from what seems to be cell interference and supposedly it cuts through that a bit better.

Eventually I'd love to have a good antenna at home, outdoors, to really listen to more, and listen further. But for listeninh, this works and is enjoyable. Joined Jun 25, Messages 1, Location oshawa,ont,canada. Great thread, gents. I'm just getting back into scanning. I've been a member sincebut I've never spent much time here. I like that! My new SDS is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I've already got my favorite lists arr and I'm ready to go. Everything around here is on P25 Palmettoso I haven't wgat able to hear much other than aviation I'll keep you posted.

Saint said:. Take a look at these frequencies. Enjoi19 said:. I've tried listening to Halton and Peel Fire when I head out that direction, but it's very hit and miss with what seems like simulcast distortion. I do hear plenty of the FRS radios, I'd love it if there is something how to find jobs to bid on someone to talk yoh but there rarely ard. Every now and then I pine for a CB radio, especially with side band, I'd love to get one if I thought it was worth it.

While mobile I have two mag mounts, One for activity and age for FleetNet. A decent antenna makes the trip from Hamilton to Toronto seamless.

As I've mentioned before when going EB on the QEW around Bronte ilstening is on a small but noticeable hill and between Bronte and 3rd line it's in enough of a valley and it's hard to get Charlton yyou either Brittania or Mowat with a regular antenna, your best bet is to monitor Fonthill here. The Larson mag mount on my car greatly improved my reception there. How do u find the p2 when you are in close range to a system like Halton? My does an ok job on it. I live surrounded by buildings and cell antennas and there are times when the Halton system wht overwhelmed by the noise all around me.

I'm high up and part of the what is a redstone repeater faces towards Burlington but I've noticed on my T and HP1 The signal cuts in and out. The is better on Whzt but it's nothing like when I lived in Aldershot area where I didn't even need a antenna to monitor it.

The SDS scanners appeal to me because of the go options. Colours appeal to me, they cheer me up.

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What are you listening to Is it a cover band in some college town bar Where it's na-na-na's and air guitars Is it something to get you through Just a sad song playing on the radio station Tears still falling, hearts still breaking Cause you're hanging on Or is it a love song about someone new What are you listening to Is it a feel good song get. Jun 07,  · I think the concept of a “song of summer” is a song that explains what summer feels like to you and what music you can listen to while you’re out of school. Summer is a time to have fun and be with your friends so there is many different types of songs that . May 14,  · [Intro] G 4x [Verse 1] G Am C I put that record on, girl you know what song D G And I let it play again and again G Am Your in every line C Take me back in time D G Yeah tonight I’m wonderin [Chorus] G Bm What are you listening to Em Is it a cover band in some college town bar C Where theres na na na's and airguitar G Bm Or is it something to.

What are you listening to these days? That is a 73 percent drop from its opening week, but it was enough keep the album on top, beating out a handful of new releases.

Also this week, the British group Little Mix bows at No. Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Please use only your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name. Well, the song I listen is to mostly is by Frank Ocean. I also like the sound of his music. I like other types of genere too.

For example, pop,spanish music, etc. Right now, I listen to what ever is on the radio. I listen to Kiss and I like it. I think it has a cool beat. I do find that my playlist changes with the seasons. When I think of a song of summer I think of a song that is upbeat and about staying up all night and partying and having lots of fun. My favorite songs are definitely songs that everyone knows.

I do think that every summer has a song. When people think of a summer song I think they think about something up beat, adventurous and fun.

Last summer I think the summer song was call me maybe, especially with the Olympics and all the Olympic teams doing remixes to the song. I think we associate songs like this with summer because summer is the season usually portrayed as the fun season, as there is no school. I think I do follow the pop music trend, but I also like listening to some older songs too. When I hear songs that were played a lot last summer, then I might associate them with summer.

I follow pop music a lot. I listen to pop music stations on the radio. Most of the songs I like are popular songs that people know, but I like some songs that are not as well known. I listen to songs by met at work, and by Michael Jackson. I do find my playlist changing a lot, but it depends on what songs are most popular or new songs I discover when browsing through Spotify or Pandora.

Usually, the song of the summer is a song that is most popular and is played on the radio the most. Now every time I hear that song, I associate it with that particular summer. My favorite songs are usually not the most popular songs, but songs that I find on my own by chance. I do, on occasion, favorite new songs that everyone knows. What I am listening to right now is all types of music.

I like all different kinds. I think my playlist does change with the seasons. Summer is a time to have fun and be with your friends so there is many different types of songs that can be listened to while doing these things.

I tend to follow pop music a lot. I think my favorite songs are ones that everyone knows. My playlist has alot of different music. I stay with the songs I already like, and then I discover a new artist or song and if I like it then I add to my playlist. You can dance to it but you can also just relax to it. Most of my music is something that is not played on the radio and alot of people are not familiar with, but also some of my music is pop music that everyone knows. I think what I listen to depends on how I feel at that moment.

I like their song because they sound great and there is no squeaky high pitched noises. Over all one of my favorite bands and I highly recommend them. I usually listen to the songs which are popular on the radio at the moment, although i do listen to songs from previous years as well.

I keep up with the latest songs and everything throughout the year. I dont feel like the genre of music i listen to changes with the seasons, but i do change up the songs that i listent to. I feel like every summer theres that one song which i listen to the whole summer. And usually when i hear that song again, ill think of that specific summer. I usually follow the top hit lists when it comes to songs, just like alot of people. The music blog can be good if you want to see some variety in other music.

I like my favorite artists and bands are fran fernandez, muse, the red hot chili peppers, and also pop songs.

I listen to different songs depending on my mood but overall my playlist tends to stay the same. I think the song that is upbeat and fun that is popular during the summer becomes known as the song of summer. I do not find that my playlist changes with the seasons. It stays the same throughout most of the year, there are a few songs that I feel are more fitting to a certain season, but not many.

I think that the concept of a summer song is something that you can jam out to and have fun with. I listen to pop music a good amount of time. My favorite songs are more obscure ones that not everyone listens to.

Right now I am listening to a mix of songs, mostly songs that are popular on the radio. My playlist usually stays the same throughout the session, unless I discover an artist I like and add there songs to my playlist. Summer is supposed to be a fun time to hang out with your friends and to take a brake from all the hard work and effort put into school. I do listen to songs that my friends listen and my friends introduce new songs to me as well. I tend to follow pop music once in a while depends what song is really good and is a hit.

I dont really listen to pop music intentionally, i just listen to whatever I like. I tend to like rappers such as eminem, Macklemore, Hoodie Allen, and my favorite by far is an unkown rapper by the name of e-dubble. Google him,seriously, his stuff is amazing and I listen to it constantly while gaming, studying, reading, or working out.

I also enjoy dubstep. Great music altogether: a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene with influences from pop, disco and rock. I think West is actually one of the most talented musicians of this time, and Yeezus is a fantastic album: more electronically diverse and introspective.

Vampire Weekend, Chvrches and Disclosure are some of my other favorite musicians now with recent releases. Looking forward to a summer filled with great music! I listen to many different types of genres, the music I listen to, depends on my mood. I can listen to pop, rock, country, dupstep and the songs on the radio, honestly mostly everything. When winter is at its end I enjoy playing it, it makes me wish summer were closer. Music keeps me motivated, focused, and puts me in a good mood.

My playlists change with the season. In summer I want something uplifting, relaxing and fun. My number one in fall is for many years now Symphony No. I usually find new music on television, by radio, or simply by youtube. After that, many music-oriented applications aid me in my categories of loved music. I also hate having music blast in my ears while trying to concentrate. If you really need music to work, then at least make sure to not put that loud, just to be able to hear your own thoughts.

These days music is very easy to find, thanks to streaming software like Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Because of this, I have a very varied taste in music. The weird thing is that my taste can depend on the moment. My personal playlist is all over the place. You can find indie rock, hip hop and dance music just splattered out there. If you were to open my door at the same time every day for a month, each day you would hear something different.

Classic rock. Symphonic power metal. Mantras designed to be chanted along to that ease the soul. Maybe Metallica. Or Jimmy Buffett. I have never adhered to a particular genre of music for any given reason. My tastes are the way they are because I was brought up in a house with a dad who played the Eagles and Steve Miller in the morning and a mother who listened to Black Sabbath while cleaning.

My sister was always very into pop and danced to Britney Spears and Rhianna whenever we were with our friends much to my distaste. One of my best friends was a Lady Gaga fanatic and had me sit down and watch a concert on MTV that attended.