What is a cloud ibox

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what is a cloud ibox

Cloud iBox - All Models

Cloud iBox Receivers. Discuss everything related to Cloud iBox here, includes support, tutorials & downloads for Cloud iBox 2, 3 & 4. Cheap Set-top Boxes, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Cloud iBox 2 plus HD Cloud ibox 2 Satellite TV Receiver Enigma 2 Support IPTV YouTube WIFI Cloud ibox ii plus Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

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Cloud Ibox. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Cloud Ibox 2 Plus Flash Procedure. Thread starter simonb Start date Mar 15, Download the software, unzip it untill you see the expeedlx folder 2.

Copy the expeedlx folder to one USB 3. Power on 5. The receiver will read the USB folder expeedlx and update 6. Wait untill you see the front panel DONE. Power off, take off the USB 8. Hi mate, trying to flash my box with openVic but not having much luck : Iv'e put the expeedlx file onto my 32gb usb stick and plugged into both usb ports at the back of the box and powered on but i get a red light for a few seconds then the blue light comes on and loads openpli which is on it at the moment.

Ive tried to completely power the box off and turn on at the mains and still the same thing : Any ideas?? USB can't be upgraded. I want your help. Click to expand Could be your usb stick found they dont like them above 4 gig for loading new image and not all work transcend 4gig was fine.

Just as a reference, here's my recipe for flashing. I started with OpenVix on an iBox 2 Plus. This is how I flashed this box, and this box only. Download an image. The one I found was called OpenPLi You need all the 4 files within the directory After dragging, the USB stick should contain 1 directory called xpeedlx. That should contain 4 files.

After powering the box back on, there was a very brief don't blink or you'll miss it message on the front 4-digit display that said FLAS. That rapidly changed to another message that said U-Cr and a few seconds later, that changed to one saying U-rF That message stayed on the display for a couple of minutes.

When it was powered back on, the display said boot and the TV screen still showed an OpenViX mesage but that quickly changed to the more familiar OpenPLi background. The TV screen went blue no signal a few times as the firmware configured itself. During this time the 7 segment display on the front of the box displayed LC-c.

I let the reconfiguration run its course, which took a few minutes and then the fun starts: setting up the customisations you want. Last edited: Apr 10, Hi, I used my 4GB usb memory stick but i cant see any things on lcd of my cloud ibox ii plus just blue light any idea how to reflash it again.

Last edited: May 26, Del Boy 01 Registered. I have no folder called xpeedxl its called cloudixwhat should i do? You have new flash folder. The only way to flash this is to go to download the new bootloader 29th may 14 warning! You will have no way to download plugins etc. I tried changing name of folder to xpeedlx and installing last week but remote wouldnt work after so I went back.

Last edited: Jun 9, The only way to flash this is to go to download the new bootloader 29th march 14 warning! I have not tried this yet. I am going to try today. But for now I would find a preApollo image to use. If you be adventurous and fancy taking a chance let me know how you get on or if you want to wait until 12am I will be running the new bootloader nervously lol For now id recommend staying old school with an image from here from last week Cloud Ibox - Downloads - TechKings.

You CAN now. But ive read about transistors or chips needing replaced if bootloader goes wrong. Like I said, decide if you can risk ur box. Probably nothing different that ud notice in new images anyway. I've also added bootloader from airsat in case anyone wants to risk it before I do tonight. Oh yeh its no problem.

If u used my download the plugins are already set up and I just use vix night skin. Be careful changing skins etc as not all are compatible. And always be aware these are clones and Vix doesnt even make images for these really. So the more messing you do the closer to problems u get.

Do not update software on box EVER. But updating plugins is ok. That is something I started last night. And couldnt finish. Ive been running my nline in CCcam.

But cactikid says its wrong works tho. What makes an effective executive harvard business review couldnt get the newcamd.

Everytime I tried to start mgcamd 1. But I have the newcamd. So im afraid I cant help on this. But if you find how to please post here.

I must have a go again later after the bootloader and setting up appollo. I just cut from ccc file and pasted, leaving lan server at end.

But ive tried removing the lan server bit too. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar how much does victoza cost at walmart D.

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Jun 09,  · I started with OpenVix on an iBox 2 Plus. This is how I flashed this box, and this box only. Download an image. The one I found was called OpenPLibeta-cloud-iboxplus_vitoriayvitorianos.com Unzip and all the files will be inside a directory (or folder if you prefer) called xpeedlx I then did a quick format on a 4GB Kingston Datatraveller USB. Cloud ibox. 21 likes. cloud ibox/cloud ibox 2 china supplier vitoriayvitorianos.com iBox payments are taken automatically, at the beginning of each month. Payment is taken in advance. So for example, the payment at the beginning of June, covers service during the month of June. Your first month is free. So no payment is taken on the day you join (unless you are buying a set top box also).

If you are not an iBox customer currently, you can click this button to sign-up for our TV service. For the best experience on Android, we suggest you try the official iBox Android App. Watch this video to see the app in action. Yes, if you have a moderately fast broadband connection, our TV picture is the same high quality you expect from satellite or cable TV.

If you use wifi for this connection, your TV must be located in an area of strong wifi signal. If you have a smart TV with a web browser, you may be able to watch iBox directly on the TV, without an app. This depends on the model of TV. Alternatively, you might wish to use an external TV box connected to your TV, and install our app on it.

See details of supported devices below. If you aren't sure how fast your broadband is, why not avail of our free first month offer. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the free month, and it won't cost you anything.

You can re-watch any programme that was broadcast in the past 7-days. Simply scroll back in time on the Programme Guide , and when you find the programme you want to watch, just click on it. This also works great for programmes that were broadcast earlier today. So you don't miss the beginning of that programme you were late for. NB: For phone and tablet users of our website, to playback a programme in the guide, you should tap once to see the programme details, pause and then tap a second time to start watching the programme.

If your broadband connection slows down, iBox will adjust the picture quality to match. When it speeds up again, iBox will re-adjust to the higher quality.

On this web site, use our demo page to watch a free sample of our TV service. Payment is taken in advance. So for example, the payment at the beginning of June, covers service during the month of June. Your first month is free. So no payment is taken on the day you join unless you are buying a set top box also. However, at the beginning of the next month, a partial-month payment is taken. For example, if you join on April 21st, a payment equal to days of service is taken on May 1st.

This covers the period May 21st to May 31st. You do not need to install an app, but we do have apps available if you want to use them. After you have signed up for our service on this web site you can simply use the web site to view TV. On this web site, we provide an easy-to-use web page for selecting the channel you want to watch, and also a TV guide. NB: If you are using an Android device, for best results we recommend you install the free iBox app from the Google Play store.

Also, if you have an Android set-top-box you can side-load our app on it. We can provide you with a set-top-box for use with your home TV, or you can provide your own Android set-top-box and side-load our app on it. Our Android app supports Chromecast for your home TV. We also support Live TV on Kodi media-centre software. See details on our Kodi Page. If you are using an Android set-top-box, or Amazon Fire TV we provide apps you can side-load onto your device.

This is a great way to get iBox onto your home TV. With iBox you can pause the TV stream for up to a minute, and still resume from where you paused. If you pause for longer than that, when you resume, the programme will jump forward to the currently live programme. The speed of mobile networks tends to vary quite a lot, which may force your device to drop back to a lower quality stream from time-to-time, but this typically still provides acceptable quality.

We suggest you try the free sample above, to check if your connection is fast enough for our service. Unfortunately iBox does not support earlier versions of Windows. Login to access your account Email Address: Password: forgot your password? New User If you are not an iBox customer currently, you can click this button to sign-up for our TV service. How does the iBox Android App work?

How does the iBox 7-Day Playback feature work? What if my broadband is slow? Can I check if my broadband is fast enough? How are payments made for iBox service? Do I need to install an app? What devices does iBox support today?

Can I pause live TV with iBox? Can I watch the iBox. We only provide TV service to customers located within the Republic of Ireland. Can I watch the TV service using wireless broadband from a mobile phone network?

Can I use Windows to watch the iBox.