What is a councillor in local government

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what is a councillor in local government

Being a Councillor what you need to know

INTRODUCTION 1 INTRODUCTIONThis assignment gives a clear description and explains the role of a councillor in Local Government. Local government is a political subdivision of a nation constituted by law with substantial control of local affairs, including taxing powers with its governing entity elected or otherwise locally selected. Generally, local government council members, who include the mayor or president and councillors, do not have any authority to act or make decisions as individuals. They are members of an elected body that makes decisions on behalf of a local government through a formal meeting process.

By: Eric Baxter. Aldermenor councilors, generally act as the legislative branch of the city government, as well as its policy-making body. The council also looks to the city's goals, major projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community growth to land use to finances and strategic planning. The city charter is the driving document behind what the aldermen can and can't do. This document outlines the scope of what the government does as a whole, including its rules and responsibilities to the citizens, and what powers and checks guide what is a councillor in local government define the council.

These duties and responsibilities can be summed up as "Do the very best to represent your constituents only after you've seen to the needs of the city as a whole. Manchester deputy city clerk Kathie Gardner says seeing the city as a whole is never locxl from an alderman's mind. This is local government and local politics and there isn't a lot of space to forget that," she said.

Consider, for instance, if one part of the city suffers a flood and another part stays high and dry. When money comes in from state and wnat authorities, the aldermen have a say in where it goes. The governmejt of the ward with the most flooding will push for as much relief as possible. The other aldermen may see councillor plight and agree or try to get some of the money themselves.

If aldermen what are the signs of becoming an alcoholic a slide of the pie without considering long-term needs, the city could wind up facing a loss of tax revenue, increased crime and other problems in the flooded area.

These problems could then spill into other wards. So, to run a city successfully, a council has to weigh the needs of a ward with the needs of the whole community.

Yet, those issues are often sticky, especially around budget season, when needs and wants often collide. But the councilors have a failsafe when it comes to numbers -- the mayor. A city mayor generally acts as the head of the council and enforces its decrees. He or she also acts as the budget officer and the city's chief executive officer. He has the power to pass i love nail art pen how to use veto any legislation the councilors put through, though those councilllor powers often come with strings attached.

With all of this in mind, politics within any government can be dicey, even when the councilors have the best interests at heart. Says Manchester deputy city clerk Kathie Gardner, "It's impressive to watch the aldermen work People call them at home, on the weekend, they work here most nights in addition to their regular job. That's a lot of time, and they do it because they want to help the city.

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What it means to be a councillor

Being a councillor is an important role that carries with it significant responsibilities to the community. Councillors owe it to their community to take personal responsibility for their learning and to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their role effectively. Councillors are elected to the local council to represent their local community, so they must either live or work in the area. Becoming a councillor is both a rewarding and privileged form of public service. You will be in a position to make a difference to the quality of other peoples daily lives and prospects. This workshop is a part of our Exploring Roles series, and will provide an opportunity for you to understand the role of a councillor in Local Government; District, County, City or Borough Councils & give you space to consider whether this is a role you would like to stand for in your commun.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. The Role of Councillors in Local Government. Katleho Sejanamane. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Local government is a political subdivision of a nation constituted by law with substantial control of local affairs, including taxing powers with its governing entity elected or otherwise locally selected.

Councillors can be identified as the politicians closest to communities or are the elected members of government departments who represent the public and approve policies and laws. Section 1 of the Constitution, for example, provides that "the local sphere of government consists of municipalities". Therefore, the word "municipal" has the same meaning as "local".

Municipality or municipal area refers to the area refers to the area of jurisdiction of the local or municipal government Auriacombe The municipal institution is an organ of the state within the local sphere of government exercising or practising legislative and executive authority Auricombe Municipality is the area of jurisdiction of the local government.

The concept "local government" is used to refer to what forms or the tier of Government. They were created to provide essential services and goods to all citizens of South Africa. Local government is a decentralized, representative government institution within a specific geographical area area of jurisdiction. Many basic services are delivered by local municipalities.

Local Councillor, the council elects one member of the executive committee as mayor of the municipality. It is disregarded as a distinct sphere and therefore an equal partner in the system of government.

Municipalities refer to the organizational and administrative structures of local government Auriacombe InSouth Africa a municipality is the smallest governance structure on the third tier or level of government Auriacombe As directed by the Constitution, the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, contains criteria for determining when an area must have a metropolitan municipality national and when municipalities fall into local municipalities or districts municipalities provincial.

The Act also determines that metropolitan can only be established in metropolitan areas. Metropolitan governments are therefore a cluster of municipalities amalgamated into one large metropolitangovernment.

An example is the City of Thswane Metropolitan municipality Auriacombe There are three spheres of government in South Africa national, provincial and local. Generally a councillor serves as a leader in the local, provincial and national government spheres.

Councillors who are elected by the people or locally selected need to have very good leadership skills and need to always ensure that the municipality executes the policies to address the needs of citizens. Skilled leaders need to be elected to ensure good service delivery guided and good Governance guided by the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Local Governemnt.

The Local Government: Municipal Structures Act of Act of defines a municipality as an organ of state within the local sphere of government consisting of political structures, office bearers and administration of the municipality; and the community of the municipality. A municipality consists of political and administrative structures municipal institution and the people who live in the local area. These concepts reflect the three constitutient components of the decentralized South African state Auriacombe One sphere is distinguishable from the other in its powers to make laws and execute them or put them into action.

Each sphere has distinctive legislative and executive competencies. There are two interrelated aspects to this dependency. First, the provincial and local spheres have an entitlement to assistance from the national and provincial governments respectively, in order for them to fulfill their constitutional functions.

Second, the flip side of the entitlement is the duty on the national and provincial spheres to supervise the provincial and local spheres respectively to ensure that they fulfill their constitutional functions.

Cooperation and partnership are of the central pillars of the South African constitutional order Auriacombe The work of councilors is guided by the framework set out in the White Paper on local government. Developmental local government chooses and follows the philosophy of sustainable ways to meet the socio-economic needs of residents and improve the quality of life, particularly targeting the most marginalized and poorest members of society.

Councillors are in a position to provide their community with the opportunity to use their strengths to develop their communities. They can help communities deal with, manage and prevent problems that may arise. They can also bring about change in the community www. Related Papers. By Ralph Links. By Laurence Piper. Challenges facing the effective functioning of ward committees as mechanism to promote local democracy in the Tlokwe City Council's area of jurisdiction SI Seitlholo By Zwelibanzi Mpehle.

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