What is idoc in sap fico

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what is idoc in sap fico

IDOC types required for SAP FI

In other words, an IDOC is like a data file with a specified format which is exchanged between 2 systems which know how to interpret that data. IDOC stands for " Intermediate Document" When we execute an outbound ALE or EDI Process, an IDOC is created. In the SAP System, I DOCs are stored in database. Every IDOC has a unique number(within a client). Oct 22,  · The data structure is the IDoc. It is the exchange format that unites the communicating systems. Using IDocs you can define an exception handling within the SAP System using SAP Business Workflow, without the need for the data to already be an SAP application document. There are basically two types of SAP IDOC.

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Apr 22,  · IDOC stands for " Intermediate Document" When we execute an outbound ALE or EDI Process, an IDOC is created. In the SAP System, IDOCs are stored in vitoriayvitorianos.com IDOC has an unique number (within a client). Dec 31,  · IDoc is an acronym for Intermediate Document. The purpose of an IDoc is to transfer data or information from SAP to other systems and vice versa. The transfer from SAP to non-SAP system is done via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) subsystems whereas for transfer between two SAP systems, ALE is used. Hi All, How to find the various IDOC types/messages types available for total SAP FI vitoriayvitorianos.com client wants to generate interfaces to get the data from legacy into SAP and from SAP to legacy.I think Client provides only description of the interface like Vendor Account posting and Customer payment so I want all the IDOC types/Message types that are related to SAP FI.

Though lot of documentation is available on IDocs it is difficult for a functional consultant to understand such documents due to their technical nature.

IDoc is an SAP object that carries data of a business transaction from one system to another in the form of electronic message. IDoc is an acronym for I ntermediate Doc ument. ANSI X12 describes business document as transactions and each transaction is represented by three digit number e. Each basic type describes standard IDoc segments, format of data fields and their size. Basic Type also defines number of segments and fields in an IDoc.

All the fields that are necessary for transmission of message for a particular business transaction are mapped in different segments. It also defines the structure and relationship of IDoc segments along with mandatory and optional segments. Basic type contains all the standard fields that are necessary for carrying out a business transaction.

However, if any additional values are to be sent to the partner then we can make use of the IDoc Extension feature. IDoc extension is extension of basic type and contains additional custom IDoc segments and fields that are not available in standard basic type. IDoc segments contain the actual data that is sent to or received from a partner.

These segments contain the actual values that are sent as part of IDoc transmission. IDoc segment is termed as Parent segment if it contains its own segments. The dependent segments are called as child segments.

IDocs sent outside the system are termed as Outbound IDocs and the ones that are received into the system, are called as Inbound IDocs. This signifies the direction is which information is sent and is similar to terminology used in mails. If information is sent outside the system then the direction is outbox when it is received into the system then direction is inbox. Partner is the Business Partner with which the exchange of information is to take place using IDoc.

It can be a vendor or customer or any other system. IDoc processing involves transmission or receipt of document in the form of a message, each of which represents a document in SAP. Message type is associated with Basic IDoc Type Basic Type and defines the kind of data or document that is exchanged with the partner.

The process code contains the details of the Function Module that are used for IDoc processing. Message Type can be linked to the Process code. IDoc Port contains the information about the way data is sent between the source or target system. The type of port defines the information contained within the port. Partner profile must be maintained for all the business partners to whom we want to send or receive the IDocs. Double clicking on the Partner will show the following screen:. Partner profile contains parameters for Inbound and Outbound processing of IDocs.

Basic Type and extension. This contains application for which IDoc will be created e. Standard function modules are provided by SAP for this conversion however these can also be customized as per business needs. Change Message Indicator indicates whether the IDoc is sentas a notification of change. Separate message type should be triggered in the purchase order for PO change.

Additional line with change message type must be added in the Message control tab with change message indicator on. For inbound options process code is maintained in the Inbound screen only. IDoc processing can be triggered by background program and triggered immediately. In the post processing option we can maintain the workflow details of the users or positions to which an error notification will be sent if an IDoc processing fails.

We can also maintain the contact details in the telephony option. These records are stored in the transparent tables in SAP. It contains the details of the IDoc segments. IDoc segment has fields that contain the data necessary for posting the documents. IDoc Status defines the processing status of the IDoc. IDoc statuses are used to track the IDoc and its various processing states. Status Numbers represents IDoc status.

Current status of the IDoc is present in Control record. Initial Status numbers are 64 for inbound and 03 for outbound. Successful status is 53 for inbound and 16 for outbound IDocs. Outbound IDocs can be triggered from the output message types of Purchase Orders, deliveries, Material Documents, invoices, etc.

The relationship between the IDoc and the application document can be found in two ways:. Relationship tab of Application Document, e. The initial status of this IDoc will be 30, which after successful processing will convert into status A successful outbound IDoc will pass through all the above statuses in reverse order Each status represents an IDoc validation step. If an IDoc passes all the validations it would reach status These different validation steps for outbound IDocs are explained below:.

IDoc can possibly fail at any of the above steps during validation. The initial status of an inbound IDoc is 64 and successful status is Different validation steps for inbound IDocs are explained below:. The document number can be found by expanding the status node An inbound IDoc goes through all the above statuses in reverse order In this case, IDoc are processed immediately as they generated or added in the system.

These checks are generally used when the real time information exchange is necessary between two systems. IDoc processing by background is the most preferred way of processing the IDocs. Following Programs are used from processing the IDocs using background job:.

On the basis of IDoc statuses different programs can be used for reprocessing of failed IDocs. These are given below:. Partner number can be found in the Output Messages of the documents. This is useful if you are searching for a particular information in similar kind of IDoc within IDoc segments.

For example, if you want to search a particular Purchase Order number e. Then the search can be executed in the following manner. Though, the IDoc failure may not be related to any of the above mentioned reasons, the best way to find the IDoc error is to compare the existing IDoc with the good example. Good example IDoc can be easily searched with any of the IDoc search methods as described above.

It also provides information such as mandatory and optional segments, minimum and maximum number of segments, etc. The following list gives the Basic Type and Message Type combination for common idocs. As IDocs grow older they are archived and deleted from the database.

Following are the few programs that are used for archiving and deletion of IDocs from database. My client is asking me to post SO based on the existing data in the Purchase order.

Please let me know your opinion and if you have any explanation regarding my client requirement, Thank you so much, Moha.

Yes, it is true that ALE can be used in this scenario. I am assuming you are trying to post SO in one system that triggers PO in another system. Please check with your basis consultant on the usage of ALE in this scenario. Excellent Article Thanks a lot for your efforts and time. I found this information really useful. Well explained. Appreciate the work you have put into this. Hi Niranjan Nagle. Hi Niranjan Nagle , thank you so much for this great document with very useful information.

Thank you for sharing! Awesome Blog. Had I read this blog before I could have got through my interview :. Great work and very useful for functional guys like me. This is more than basic information and everything at one place. It really helped me in getting a clear picture of IDOCs. This should be a one stop document which everyone should refer before getting into IDOCs.

And not only for Functional even for Technical am a Technical resource as well this document is very helpful. Thanks a lot for a wonderful effort. Even though as a Functional Consultant I can wash off my hand to the technical consultant stating failure of idoc, after going through I can provide more inputs to the technical guy based on your document for quickly resolving the issue of why idocs failed.