What is the favorite color of taylor swift

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what is the favorite color of taylor swift

12 Things You Never Knew About Taylor Swift, Straight from the Star Herself

Taylor Swift's favorite colour is vitoriayvitorianos.com next favorite colours are purple and pink. Taylor swift’s favorite color is Purple and Taylor also likes sparkling colors.

On the day that the Federal Communication Commission ruled in favor of net neutrality, classifying high-speed Internet as a public utility, the Internet celebrated by being the most Internet it has ever been. First, the world watched, rapt, as a pair of escaped llamas darted in and out of traffic in Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday afternoon. Then, the Internet lost its collective mind over a dress.

Inarguably blue and black, according to the girl who purchased itthe dress appears white and gold to many. Others like this writer saw one pair of colors before their brain suddenly decided the dress was a separate pair of colors and are now considering obtaining the services of a skilled neurosurgeon. In this brave, terrifying new world, some of our favorite celebrities have weighed in, clarifying the issue not at all.

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She knows.

May 09,  · Taylor Swift has revealed a lot about herself through her music over the last eight years. Favorite color? Red, duh. Best year or her life? 22 of course. Lucky number? Naturally it's Author: Naomi Nevitt. Dec 31,  · Taylor Swift Favorite Color, Movie, Animal and other Things: Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, Writing, Waterskiing, Partying, Traveling. Favorite Color: Red. Favorite Food: Japanese, Chinese, Fast Food. Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games. Oct 27,  · Back in , Taylor's favorite red lipstick was a matte, bright, cherry red — a shade that complemented her poppy, innocent persona. photo: Getty Images If I had to guess, I'd put money on .

Old Taylor's lipstick can't come to the phone right now I don't know if you've heard, because there's been absolutely no coverage of it lately, but Taylor Swift has a new album coming out soon. The themes of " Reputation " appear to be "revenge" and " pettiness ," though if that's a surprise I'm not sure what to tell you.

But more importantly than all that, Taylor Swift has a new favorite red lipstick. Did you hear that, Swifties? But Alle , I hear you wailing and gnashing your teeth.

What's Taylor's favorite red lipstick now, in the year of our lord ? As always, I have all the Swift answers. It's not a glow-up, nor a glow-down I still don't know what this exact color she's wearing is, though if you throw a rock at any makeup brand, you can find one similar. Whatever lil T was wearing here certainly worked — rumor has it she met future internet punching bag Tom Hiddleston at this party.

Taylor is wearing Vermillion Venom from Pat McGrath Labs LUST release — in some scenes she's just wearing the dark matte lipstick, and in others it's topped with the holographic deep red glitter.

I have Endangered Red, and while it can be sheered out to create more of a stain, it does wear with this same dark intensity. If Taylor really wants edge, she should call me. A complete history of Taylor Swift's favorite red lipsticks Old Taylor's lipstick can't come to the phone right now Alle Connell helloalle. Oct 27, PM BeautyNews. Back in , Taylor's favorite red lipstick was a matte, bright, cherry red — a shade that complemented her poppy, innocent persona. In — the "Red" era, for those of you playing along at home — Taylor made straightened hair and blue-red glossy lipstick her signature.

Please don't ask me how I remember that when I regularly forget my own address, but here we are. In , as "" embedded itself in our collective consciences, Taylor took her "red-lipped, classic thing" that we like to new levels. But then! Swift stayed with the dark red motif and added glitter in the video for "I don't wanna live forever. And now, in , Taylor is back to the dark side with a signature red lipstick that's between brick and wine.

Which red lipstick will T. Swift wear next? How will she continue to victimize her public persona in the future? Truly, the options are endless. Get the latest from Revelist.