What is the main airport in sao paulo brazil

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what is the main airport in sao paulo brazil

Sao Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport

39 rows GRU Airport. Sao Paulo Airport is also known by the name GRU Airport, or simply GRU, . Sao Paulo Viracopos airport (83km) Sao Jose Dos Campos airport (85km) Araraquara airport (km) Varginha airport (km).

The airport was rebranded as GRU Airport in The wuat was the busiest in Brazil in terms of transported passengers, aircraft operations, and cargo handled inplacing it as air;ort second busiest airport in Latin America by passenger traffic 36, in [6] after Mexico City International Airport.

On June 6,in response to the growth of the air traffic in Brazil, the Brazilian military government initiated studies concerning the renovation of the airport infrastructure in Brazil. However, whaf first phase of the construction comprising two maiin and two terminals started only on August 11, The airport was officially inaugurated on January 20, In the runways were extended and the terminals renovated, enlarged, and had their capacity increased from 7.

The whole complex covered Construction of Oaulo 3, capable of handling 12 million passengers per year, had been planned since but due to a myriad of political and economic problems, the actual construction didn't begin until Inthe airport served more than In order to relieve the acute overcrowding at Terminals 1 and 2, Infraero announced on May 17, what is the difference between carcinoma and sarcoma the former cargo terminals of defunct airlines VASP and Transbrasillater used by Federal Agencies, would undergo renovations and maib for use as domestic passenger terminals with remote boarding.

This new terminal was initially called Terminal 4 T4. Contrary to what had been announced before, the new terminal will be permanent. Webjet was the first airline to use the new facility. In total, Guarulhos would then be able wao handle On December 2,the airport's terminals were renumbered. Former Terminal 4 was renumbered Terminal 1; former terminals 1 and 2, which were wings of a single building, became the new Terminal 2. Terminal 3 kept its numbering.

The new numbering reflects the order by which terminals are reached when one arrives at the airport by the access road, and is expected to be less confusing in the long term.

Check-in counters and gates were also renumbered, with the first digit being now the new terminal number. GRU has two parallel runways. As ofthere pau,o an average of takeoff and landing operations per day at the airport. The airport has three passenger terminals, numbered 1, 2, and 3, according to their order along the airpodt access road when arriving from the city.

Terminals 2 and 3 are directly linked by a walkway. The airport also has a large air cargo terminal with a built area of 97, square metres 1, sq ft and capable of handling any type of cargo, including refrigerated and hazardous shipments. There are two navigational aids that GRU traffic uses. The investment was supposed to be used as follows: [30]. Central to this investment plan was Terminal 3, which is projected to airort 12 million passenger capacity to the 17 million of the existing two terminals.

Plans for a third runway were decided to be thw impracticable" and were cancelled in January However, the former concessionary, Infraero, experienced many legal and bureaucratic difficulties, which prevented most if any of these improvements from being completed on schedule.

As of Aprilthe new concessionary unveiled a new expansion project, which included the new Terminal 3 with a different design than the one proposed by Infraerothe widening of the main runway in order to enable operations by the large Airbus A and Boeingoperated by Emirates and Lufthansa respectively, and several bdazil improvements in hrazil existing terminals and parking pahlo.

The terminal 3 is open sso all Star Alliance airlines are in, brazkl well as many other overseas carriers. A train service development and construction has also been planned, however never concluded and cancelled. It could also be used by other companies as storage for parts. Residents of Guarulhos can access the road via Monteiro Airrport Avenue.

Taxi stands are located outside each of the two terminals on the Arrivals level; inside there are car rental agency representatives. The ride takes about one hour, depending on traffic. At the airport, the stop for both buses is at the Arrivals level road connecting the wings of Terminal 2. This line started its operations experimentally on March 31, Service will be expanded in Paullo to seven days a week, but still only from 10 a.

Full service from 4 a. Additionally, since December there's the Airport Express service, from Luz station to Aeroporto-Guarulhosdeparting from each termini station every hour. Aeroporto-Guarulhos station is opposite to Terminal 1, which is Guarulhos Airport's smallest and least busy, and sal linked to the other terminals except by a shuttle bus. The GRU Airport company reportedly vetoed a station closer to what is the main airport in sao paulo brazil busier Terminals 2 and 3 because it intended to build a shopping mall at the proposed location.

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Flight Status Sao Paulo Airport

93 rows Sao Paulo Airport, Guarulhos International Airport or GRU Airport / Sao Paulo IATA: GRU. 6 rows Sao PauloCongonhas Airport (CGH) Sao PauloCongonhas Airport is located approximately Apr 25, The Guarulhos International Airport, the main international airport serving Sao Paulo.

Register or log in to a Premium account now to access this data. Ryan May 1, at am. Ron Stephen White May 16, at am. Has to be one of the worst rundown airports in the world.

The food service is terrible. McDonalds is overloaded and the table cleaners are snails while dozens of customers are standing holding their trays of hot food getting COLD. The manager says that he has 4 busers which are enough while the clients are in his ear saying so why are standing here with our thumbs up.

The check-in girls and boys are no good either. The only airlines that provide good service are Qatar and Emirates. Walter Rebello May 5, at am. Guarulhos airport is the best example as Lula and his party have done NO infra-structure development in the 8 years he was the president. He promised to have it all done to the World Cup, he left the government and nothing was done and basically because he never won in Sao Paulo. The current terminals finished 20 years ago were done for 15 million people.

Today GRU is close to 30 million and they still did not start the 3rd terminal, now they say there will be no 3rd runway because they did not reserve the area to built it and it would cost PT votes to move the people around. So a 3rd airport will be the only solution and on the way the Labor Party PT develops the the infrastructure in the State of Sao Paulo it will be done for the World Cup in Brazil but not for .

Shame on Lula Shame on PT. Shame on Dilma who was against privatizing it before she became the president. Adrian De Rochambault March 17, at pm. One brilliant example of a third world airport. Non-existent customer services, baggage disappeared, nobody ever works and a coffee is 5 US dollars! Everybody on this airport has only one primary concern:- doing nothing and revoking a chaos. Manuel Verge August 22, at pm. Never mind that it took an hour and a half to get to GRU from The Renaissance hotel in the city centre.

Plan ahead or you will miss your flight! The airport is run-down and not modern in any capacity. Most of the time they are talking to one another. Shopping selection is rather poor and expensive since all prices are in USD which they convert and charge in local currency.

The Smiles airport lounge for premium travelers is also pretty tired and basic. Horrible food, service is non-existent. Alex Martin July 11, at pm. It is not an ideal airport for the importance of Sao Paulo city. The local government should build a new state of art airport soon.

The Brazilian Government spend a lot of money on government personnel. This is ridiculous, the amount of tax paid by the people and industries should be less and reversed to real and important infrastructure to the country in general. Walter Rebello April 15, at am. Airport works well during the day but it is a total chaos in the morning am when 80 per cent of the international flights arrive in Sao Paulo and terrible after 7pm when most of the international flights leave Sao Paulo.

Terminal 3 should have been built 10 years ago. The authorities should be worried about Terminal 3 and 4. Now I hear that the third runaway will never be added. They are killing an established airport, the busiest in the country. It will be a Gatwick one day! Juan Pablo October 27, at pm. The airport is OK, but everything takes a lot of time. Look for a very good handling agent with local contacts to save time. Image Upload Policy: Images must be less than 2 Megabytes in size.

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Contact Details. Operators and Destinations. FAA Code. Longitude Facebook Facebook Page. Runway Data. Frequency Data. Gallery and Facts. And They Love Lula! Walter Rebello May 5, at am Guarulhos airport is the best example as Lula and his party have done NO infra-structure development in the 8 years he was the president. Comments Over GRU Walter Rebello April 15, at am Airport works well during the day but it is a total chaos in the morning am when 80 per cent of the international flights arrive in Sao Paulo and terrible after 7pm when most of the international flights leave Sao Paulo.

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