What is the once and future king about

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what is the once and future king about

The Once and Future King

The Once and Future King is a book about nostalgia, though not in the typical sense. It’s hazy and dreamy and romantic, and it has some of the loveliest prose you’re going to find anywhere, but it’s not about the idealization of the past.4/5(K). The Once and Future King is a novel by T. H. White that was first published in Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis.

The Once and Future King is a work by T. It was first published in It collects and revises shorter novels published from towith much new material. Most of the book takes place in "Gramarye", the name that White gives to Britain, and chronicles the youth and education of King Arthurhis rule as a king, and the romance between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.

Arthur is supposed to have lived in the 5th and 6th centuries, but the book is set around the 14th century. Arthur is portrayed as an Anglo-Norman rather than a Briton; White refers to the actual monarchs of that period as "mythical".

The book ends immediately before Arthur's final battle against his illegitimate son Mordred. White acknowledged that his book's source material is loosely derived from Le Morte d'Arthuralthough he reinterprets the events of that story from the perspective of a world recovering from World War II. A final part called The Book of Merlyn writtenpublished was published separately following White's death.

It chronicles Arthur's final lessons from Merlyn before his death, although some parts of it were incorporated into the final editions of the previous books, mostly The Sword in the Stoneafter White became aware that the compiled text of The Once and Future King would not include his final volume.

The Book of Merlyn was the volume that first contained the adventures with the ants and the geese. However, it still has independent value as the only text in which all Arthur's animals are brought together, and the final parts of his life are related. The story starts in the final years of the rule of King Uther Pendragon. The first part, "The Sword in the Stone", chronicles Arthur's upbringing by his foster father Sir Ectorhis rivalry and friendship with his foster brother Kayand his initial training by Merlyn, a wizard who lives through time backwards.

Merlyn, knowing the boy's destiny, teaches Arthur known as "Wart" what it means to be a good king by turning him into various kinds of animals: fish, hawk, ant, goose, and badger. Each of the transformations is meant to teach Wart a lesson, which will prepare him for what is the once and future king about future life.

Merlyn instills in Arthur the concept that the only justifiable reason for war is to prevent another from going to war and that contemporary human governments and powerful people exemplify the worst aspects of the rule of Might. White what is inventory control and stock management the original Sword in the Stone heavily for the four-part book in He took out the wizards' duel between Merlyn and Madame Mimthe adventure with T.

The first of those was replaced with the adventure of the ants. In the Wart's adventure with Merlyn's owl, Archimedes, the boy Arthur becomes a wild goose instead of visiting the goddess Athena. In the adventure with Robin Hood in the original book, the outlaws take the boys to attack the Anthropophagi cannibals and the Wart kills a Sciopod. In the version, the boys lead an attack on Morgan le Fay 's Castle Chariot and Kay kills a griffin. The revisions reflect White's preoccupation with political questions in The Once and Future Kingand generally give the first part of the work a more adult flavour.

In part two, The Queen of Air and Darkness, White sets the stage for Arthur's demise by introducing the Orkney clan and detailing Arthur's seduction by their mother, his half-sister Queen Morgause. While the young king suppresses initial rebellions, Merlyn leads him to envision a means of harnessing potentially destructive Might for the cause of Right: the chivalric order of the Round Table.

The third part, The Ill-Made Knightshifts focus from King Arthur to the story of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere's forbidden love, the means they adopt to hide their affair from the King although he already knows of it from Merlynand its effect on ElaineLancelot's sometime lover and the mother of his son Galahad. The Candle in the Wind unites these narrative threads by telling how Mordred 's how to take in wide leg pants of his father and Sir Agravaine's hatred of Lancelot cause the eventual downfall of Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and the entire ideal kingdom of Camelot.

The book begins as a quite light-hearted account of the young Arthur's adventures and King Pellinore 's interminable search for the Questing Beast. Parts of The Sword in the Stone read almost as a parody of Arthurian legend by virtue of White's prose style, which relies heavily on anachronisms. However, the tale gradually changes tone: The Ill-Made Knight becomes more meditative, and The Candle in the Wind finds Arthur brooding over death and his legacy.

White reinterprets the traditional Arthurian characters, often giving them motivations or traits more complex than or how to improve your handwriting skills contradictory to those in earlier versions of the legend. For example:. Floyd C. Gale praised The Sword in the Stone as "blithely comic and entirely delightful", stating that it was "in utter contrast to the mounting tragedy" of the other three volumes of the series.

Although Walt Disney initially purchased the film rights to The Ill-Made Knight in[7] he eventually produced an adaptation of The Sword in the Stone released in This movie reflects more the sense of humour of Disney's team of animators than White's. The movie adds a more comical side to the original story, including song and dance, as in most Disney films. Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe 's musical Camelot which was made into a movie in is based mostly on the last two books of The Once and Future King and features White's idea of having Thomas Malory make a cameo appearance at the end, again as "Tom of Warwick".

Incidental music for the serial was specially composed by Benjamin Britten. Benjamin Britten 's incidental music, played by the English Sinfonia, was used in the production, which how to draw the back of a car by Graham Gauld. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel by T. For the book by F. Buckley, see F.

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What does the once and future king mean? The Latin phrase “Rex quondam, Rexque Futurus” is said to have been carved on Arthur's grave. It translates to “The once and future king”. It means that Arthur will return, one day, to return and rule and redress evil. It means that Arthur will return, one day, to return and rule and redress evil. Kingship is predetermined, and this is one of the first moments in the novel in which White intimates that the book's entire action, from the very beginning, has been "decreed" in order to bring the Wart to the jousting tournament in London, where he will discover his role as "once and future King.". It seems to be closely related to Arthurian legends: the book The Once and Future King (referring to Arthur) or the episode The Once and Future Queen of the TV show Merlin (referring to Guinevere; this use is likely derived from the aforementioned book). When I try to understand what the phrase means, I would think it's something like “the one who was king in the past (i.e. once) and will be king again (i.e. .

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. But that doesn't make any sense to me, based on what I know about the legend of Arthur which isn't much , he didn't stop being king and then became a king again.

It's a reference to the prophecy that King Arthur will return. The idea is that he was once king, and will be again. As far as I know, T. White did in fact coin the English version of the phrase for his Arthurian book The Once and Future King , but you'll occasionally hear it adapted for other uses "ladies and gentleman, the once and future champion!

The original source is Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur the most enduringly popular rendition of the Arthurian myth , where the equivalent Latin phrase rex quondam rexque futurus is described as engraved on Arthur's tombstone. I'm taking a guess here, but in T.

White's book of that title about Arthur if I remember correctly , Merlin, who plays a very prominent role in the book perhaps more so than even Arthur, at least in the Sword and the Stone book , is traveling through time backwards , so to Merlin, Arthur already was king Merlin complains about life in the 20th c. Merlin knows Wart's future very well, and also knows his own. In that way, he is, to Merlin and Wart , both the once and future king.

That is the only famous use of the once and future that I know of, and as it is a well known book, any other use, especially in fantasy, would be referencing that title. However, in the Book, Merlin does acknowledge that both he and Arthur will come again a nod to Arthurian legend :.

I will tell you something else, King, which may be a surprise for you. It will not happen for hundreds of years, but both of us are to come back. Some people have used once and future to indicate enduring or perpetual. I can find uses of the phrase after the book but not before it. Maybe someone else will find an earlier use. Merlyn - A magician who has already lived the future, so he knows what is going to happen next.

Although Merlyn is powerful, he is also kind and a little absentminded. One of the reasons he's absentminded is that he's always confused about time , since he's going through it in a different manner. There was just such a man when I was young—an Austrian who invented a new way of life and convinced himself that he was the chap to make it work. He tried to impose his reformation by the sword, and plunged the civilized world into misery and chaos.

But the thing which this fellow had overlooked, my friend, was that he had a predecessor in the reformation business, called Jesus Christ. Perhaps we may assume that Jesus knew as much as the Austrian did about saving people. But the odd thing is that Jesus did not turn the disciples into storm troopers, burn down the Temple at Jerusalem, and fix the blame on Pontius Pilate.

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Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 7 years ago. Active 4 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 20k times. So, what exactly is the phrase supposed to mean? Improve this question. Once and Future King. Guinevere was left alone to bare arthur's son.

Merlin was there to protect Guinevere and young arthur' as he grew to become the future king of Camelot — user Sep 11 '16 at Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. White certainly popularized the phrase; but Malory quotes a Latin verse 'said by many to be on Arthur's tomb", including the words rex quondam rexque futurus.

TimLymington Thanks for this. I've edited to include it in my answer albeit a couple years late. However, in the Book, Merlin does acknowledge that both he and Arthur will come again a nod to Arthurian legend : I will tell you something else, King, which may be a surprise for you. I did find this note in Cliff notes: Merlyn - A magician who has already lived the future, so he knows what is going to happen next.

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