What is the use of air filter

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what is the use of air filter

Air Filter Guide: What MERV Rating Should You Use?

Also, the plasma waves air filter helps in reducing the growth rate of mold. Also, the plasma wave air filter helps eliminate the virus or bacteria present in the environment far more effectively and efficiently than other air purifiers. Oct 28,  · An electrostatic air filter is a washable filter, which traps dust and other particulate matter to keep the air clean. They’re made up of either a metal mesh or synthetic stuff like polyurethane and polypropylene and are available in all kinds of sizes. These filters work by using oppositely charged ions to trap air particles.

We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Air filters have become so popular these days that one can hardly deny their importance now.

Simply by having air purifiers and air filters in your room, you can be certain that you will breed in a healthy environment. Different air purification Technologies try their best to create safe and effective air filters to reduce or remove pollution from the environment. The filter we are going to talk about is the product of amazing Technologies. Plasma wave air filter is one such Technology.

Plasma waves air filter uses electrical discharge to what is the use of air filter dual polarity ions, which removes the pollutants from the environment. You might also like our recent blog posts on the What is UL Certification? At the beginning of the process, the plasma air filter releases dual polarity ions released because of the short electrical discharge.

These ions, which are hydrogen and oxygen ions, are then dispersed into the environment. Furthermore, these attach themselves to the surface of air pollutants. This, in turn, gives rise to hydroxyls constructed as a result of removing the hydrogen from the pollutants. After the destruction of these pollutants, the hydroxyl radicals then arrange themselves or their chemical structures to hte the molecules like water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, or oxygen which are harmless.

Hence in this way, the plasma wave air filter provides you with cleaner and fresher air. The plasma wave air filter is used for almost the same purpose as other filters, but its efficiency is far higher than the other air purifiers.

These air filters have been tested so often, and in all these times, they have proved their effectiveness and efficiency. This air filter reduces the smell of the environment. For example! The smell of smoke or cooking or even the bodily odor can be obliterated from the environment once you install these air purifiers. Also, the plasma waves air filter helps in reducing the growth rate of mold.

Also, the plasma wave air filter helps eliminate the virus or bacteria present in the aor far more effectively and efficiently than other air purifiers. Plasma wave Technology is the latest one in the air filtration system, which Winix introduced. They have made sure that the plasma wave filter is safe to use for humans.

Having these air filters mean that you are safe from any activity in the air purifier that can be harmful to your body parts or for you in general. The best thing about this is that there is no Ozone emission included. People who have asthma or any other respiratory disorders will not be irritated by the plasma wave air filters because nothing can be harmful.

The plasma wave air purifiers are certified by the California air resources board to be safe to use. That is why you do not have to worry about its harmful effects on humans. They are harmless, but they are also beneficial, and this combo makes them the best of air filters. Every air purifiers come with certain pros and cons.

It is a man-made technology that is why it cannot be flawless. There is always room for some imperfections. Fortunately, the plasma wave air filter comes with more pros than cons. The process that it uses for Air purification is quite natural and does not cause any harm to people suffering what are the causes of low hemoglobin count various respiratory disorders.

Besides no emission of ozone is included which makes it the best of all. Also unlike other air purification filters, there is no need for uae filter replacement when it comes to plasma filters. As the plasma wave filter uses electronic discharge that is why the electromagnetic interference from various electronics can result in the product malfunction.

Also, this filter is not cheap and that is why cannot be afforded by everybody. Also, it consumes a lot of power and this can be a drawback for certain clients. All the plasma waves air filter re hard and consumes a lot of electricity yet it is the most efficient filter than the rest of the air purification filters.

It can help you get rid of all types of ise contaminants. It is the latest technology that is used to create pressure ajr from the polluted one. A top-rated smart thermostat can connect with other smart home solutions learn from your routine and set a schedule automatically also can detect occupancy, can sense when you are not home on the basis of motion activation and Geo-fencing to turn off the device as well as can optimize the devices for low power consumption to save on energy bills.

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They have been tested many times and every time they have proved their effectiveness. Cons As the plasma wave filter uses electronic discharge that is why the od interference from how to repair ho train engines electronics can result in the product malfunction.

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5 rows · Jan 01,  · Changing your air filter is necessary to maintain the health and efficiency of your home’s HVAC. Filtering removes the oil bacteria feed on and the bacteria themselves. As long as the bacteria stay in the filter, and as long as the air supply at the point-of-use is dry, the bacteria are inactive spores. However, under certain conditions, bacteria can re-activate. Dec 18,  · The promise of an air purifier is an enticing one: An appliance designed to cleanse the air in your home, getting rid of all the impurities including odors, Occupation: Chief Technologist & Director of Engineering.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. For instance, the last time I went to the hardware store there was an entire aisle that was dedicated to just air filters! Since a high MERV rating means that more particulates will be removed from the air, you may first think to only use air filters with the highest MERV rating. However, a high MERV rating on an air filter usually means that the filter is thicker, and your HVAC system will have to work harder to circulate air throughout your home.

When your HVAC system has to work harder, it uses more energy. If you are susceptible to allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, then you may want to use a filter with a MERV rating of about 10 to These types of filters are sufficient to trap particles as small as 1 micron such as automobile exhaust, pollen, and mold spores. There are two main types of air filters: pleated and non-pleated.

Generally, pleated filters have a higher MERV rating, while non-pleated filters have a lower one. With a MERV 8 rating and mesh-reinforced construction, these filters block most household particles.

Since they come in almost any size, these are our favorite pleated air filters to use. Sometimes particles such as pollen, pet dander, and fine dust are able to sneak by your filter unless you get one with a higher MERV rating. Some of the best air filters for allergies have extra features such as a carbon layer to remove odors. These are suited for people that have pets or other sources of smells in their homes.

These MERV 11 filters will capture particles such as fine dust, pollen, and pet dander. Great for helping prevent seasonal allergies. Some air filters, especially those with higher MERV ratings, may impede airflow due to the enhanced air filtration. However, this may not be such a huge issue for most homeowners unless they have a very large HVAC system. Check out our article on how MERV rating affects airflow for more information. The size of your air filter can be determined by looking at the old air filter in your HVAC system.

Most air filters have their dimensions printed right on them. If you do not have an old filter to figure out the measurements from, then you can measure the dimensions of the filter holder in your HVAC equipment.

A low MERV rating means that the filter does not remove as many particulates from the air. Conversely, a high MERV rating indicates that the filter does a good job of removing particulates from the air. Depending on your air filtration needs, there is likely a MERV filter that meets your requirements. The table below shows the different MERV ratings and their typical uses as well as the typical material and shape that they are made of. Basic filter Blocks carpet fibers and lint, but unable to block out much else.

Washable aluminum. Synthetic mesh. Typical filter Blocks out common dust, pollen, and some mold spores. Typical Commercial. Better filter Blocks out most mold spores, smog, fine dust, and pet dander.

Better Commercial. Microfine fiberglass. Usually 2" thick or more. Superior filter Blocks out bacteria, viruses, smoke, and other microscopic particles. Smoking Lounges. Usually 4" thick or more.

The MERV system is the industry-standard air fitler rating system. The table below shows the minimum threshold that a filter must perform at in order to obtain a specified MERV rating. As the MERV rating goes up, the filtration efficiency requirements get more stringent. Higher-rated MERV filters must not only be able to filter out smaller particles, but more of them as well.

It should also be noted that filters on the lower end of the MERV scale are not even tested for efficiency at capturing E1 and E2 particles. Starting with E1, these are the smallest particles that are tested. E1 particles range in the size from 0. Typical particles in this size range are smoke particles and bacteria. Only filters with a rating of MERV 11 or higher are tested with particles in this size range. E2 particles range in the size from 1. Typical E2 particles include pet dander and E.

Only filters with a rating of MERV 8 or higher are tested with particles in this size range. E3 particles range in the size from 3. Typical E3 particles include common dust, pollen, and mold spores. Most air filters are able to capture E3 particles to some degree.

The MPR rating system is an air filter rating system created by 3M. Most home HVAC systems have disposable filters that can be thrown away when dirty and replaced with a new one. A dirty filter can also cause higher energy bills. When the air filter is dirty, less air is able to travel through your HVAC system , resulting in increased runtimes and reduced efficiency.

Most home central HVAC systems have disposable filters that can be thrown away when dirty and replaced with a new one. It is recommended to check your air filters once every month to see if they are dirty enough to need changing. Most people will need to change their filters at least every 2 months. If you have pets in your house, then you will probably need to change your air filter more frequently. Generally, if you cannot see the filter media underneath the dust trapped on the filter, then the filter needs to be changed.

Some homes do not have central HVAC systems but have split systems installed instead. Split systems have become popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency and low installation costs. These systems typically do not have any ductwork, only refrigerant lines that run from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor fan coil unit. If you have noticed reduced efficiency or airflow from your split AC unit, then the first thing that you should check is its air filter.

Split AC indoor units typically have reusable, washable filters that can be cleaned by rinsing out with warm water. If your filter is really dirty with stubborn gunk and grime, then using coil cleaner can help get the grime off.

Anytime your use your AC or furnace, the air filter will get dirty as dust and particles flow through the system and accumulate on the filter. For most homes, the air filter will need to be changed every months.

However, you should check your air filter every month to see its condition and if it needs to be changed. Activities such as home renovations, leaving doors to the outside open, and kids playing in the house can accelerate the accumulation of dust and particles on your air filter. Even though simple, changing air filters on a regular schedule has far-reaching implications such as improved system efficiency, extended system lifetime, and a cleaner home environment.

Be sure that the HVAC system is shut down, and turn the power disconnect off for additional safety. After the HVAC system is shut down, remove the air filter. Sometimes it helps to use a screwdriver to prop the air filter out of the holder. When removing the old dirty filter, it may be necessary to have a plastic bag handy to put the dirty filter inside.

The trapped particulates inside of the filter can easily become dislodged when handling the filter, so putting the old filter inside of a plastic bag can help prevent the spread of filter dust. When removing the old filter, be sure to pay attention to which way the arrows point on the filter so you know which way the air filter goes in. When replacing an air filter, be sure that the filter fits nicely into its slot.

It may be helpful to use a screw or piece of material to ensure that the filter fits snugly in place. The air filter direction is important for proper HVAC unit operation. Most air filters have arrows marked on them to indicate the direction that the air is supposed to flow through it.

The arrow should point towards the blower, and point away from the return air duct. If your air filter is in the return grille inside your home, then the arrow should point toward the wall or ceiling.

However, if an air filter is installed backward and left to run like that, then the HVAC system will likely run less efficiently, consume more energy, and do a worse job filtering the air. This is because the filter is designed to meet its specifications when air flows one direction through the filter, not both.

Your air filter also runs the risk of collapsing since it is designed for air to flow in only one direction through it. Pleated air filters have a wire mesh that helps to maintain the structure of the filter. The wire mesh should be on the downstream side of the air filter. If your air filter is installed inside the return grille inside your home, then the wire mesh should be on the opposite side of the grille, where it is not visible. Washable air filters can be reused over and over again.

They are usually made of metal or plastic and can be cleaned with water. But the tradeoff is that you need to clean them more often. Depending on your situation, one MERV rating will be more appropriate versus another. What MERV rating should you use? Using an air filter with a MERV rating of about 5 to 8 is appropriate for most residential homes. Check Price. We earn from qualifying purchases.