What is unlocked phone international version

14.06.2021 By Teramar

what is unlocked phone international version

Benefits and Questions Before Getting an Unlocked Phone

An international unlocked phone means thous phones are unlocked, but they have no warranty. At the same time, US factory unlocked phones also mean that phones are unlocked, but they have a warranty, which country that they offer, such as the US or other countries. Paul Mitchel. Jan 19,  · International unlocked phones. If you travel internationally, you will want to have an unlocked phone. Just buy a SIM card and a service plan at your location when you arrive and you will be able to use your phone as normal. International versions of mobile devices are available, but not necessary, for phones to work internationally.

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Forums Consumer Electronics Mobile Devices. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Jul 27, 3, 23 I am looking to upgrade a couple of phones for the T-Mobile network in the next few days. I haven't bought a phone in over 4 years and I've always bought them what did ladislo biro invent the carrier's store but the prices elsewhere are so much better that I'd rather bring my own device.

After a bit of research I discovered that some of them will have different radios i. What about warranty and things like that? Does being unlocked keep you from accessing certain features on a network? For those that would say "Just get a Nexus 4" I already have one on the way and it will be here tomorrow, we just don't want 2 or 3 identical phones in the house cuz what fun is that?

Also, how to melt plastic beads with iron us, it would create confusion. Back when I was heavy into photography there was a lot of noise about international, grey market lenses and cameras that were the same build and less expensive but came with limited warranty coverage and I wondered if this was a similar situation.

Any tips or instructions would be awesome. Last edited: Sep 10, Uppsala Diamond Member. Nov 2, 5, 17 Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get some different cases for the N4's than to buy an international phone? Wife and I both went from GN's to N4's. I don't use a case and she does. Have never gotten them confused especially when unlocking since we have different home screens.

Nov 20, 14, I already have one on the way and it will be here tomorrow, we just don't want 2 or 3 identical phones in the house cuz what phone is that and knowing us, it would create confusion. Uppsala said:. Still, Unlocked, International Version. In layman's terms, what does that mean? Apr 5, 11, So the carrier bands are the only things I really have to worry about, then.

DLeRium Lifer. Feb 19, 20, 20 Sep 14, 3, 71 Who provides updates, assuming you don't load custom roms? If you use it on att or T-Mobile, to use it you may only have to update the apn, but will they then push newer versions? I assume no. So whose updates would be recognized? Nov 7, 9, 24 Sep 20, 19, 20 LostPassword Member. Dec 2, 1 LostPassword said:. Trombe Senior member.

Jun 30, 2 GSM 3G only uses, If a phone has all five, it's considered a "pentaband" phone. TMo primarily uses on both 3G and LTE, 3G is something they've been actively converting but right now it's nowhere near as widespread as FYI for 3G is pretty much only used in the Americas Canada and South America included ; it's not common at all on any other continents, hence why it's frequently excluded from international phones. As for that Z10, they're just posting the 2G frequencies which is not really helpful.

Sorry for being dense. I don't know what pentaband is. From what I read on the specs of the phone I posted, it supports octoband? I'm not worried about LTE since it is not available in my area and probably won't be for a few years. I heard that same story about regular 3G when I first signed up with T-Mobile in "just a couple more months". We finally got 3G in This Z10 seems to how to make half wave rectifier circuit on breadboard the description of Quad Band vs.

Is that a correct observation? Trombe said:. That makes sense. This is great info and definitely moving me away from the Unlocked, International phones. I really appreciate your response to this thread. Jun 15, 0 My GS2 international version I updated to 4. Took me a great deal of aggravation to get it back unlocked.

These aren't so 'unlocked' as they are claimed. WelshBloke Lifer. Jan 12, 27, 4, You must log in or register to reply here. Mobile Devices 0 Sep 26, Similar threads Any unlocked phones made today that still take a standard mini SIM card? Post thread. CPUs and Overclocking. Graphics Cards. AnandTech is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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What is an unlocked cell phone?

Unlocked phones offer great flexibility to international students, tourists and business travelers. Since international roaming rates with your current phone and U.S. network can be high, buying an unlocked phone for overseas travel can save you money. With an unlocked phone, you'll pay the same lower rate as the locals do for calls in that country. Sep 11,  · to me it means a phone model not sold in the us thats sold somewhere or everywhere else, for example the galaxy s2 gt-i w/ the exynos proc or the galaxy s4 i w/ exynos. . Unlocked phones are often considered a good option for international travelers. They may also benefit anyone who likes to frequently upgrade phones — you’re free to buy a new model at any time. Forgoing carrier discounts means you pay full price for an unlocked phone, but you can also sell an older unlocked device to help offset the cost of.

Open search. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. US vs International version Galaxy? Active Level 2. International version is more expensive than the US one but I don't know what the difference is than that.

Any ideas? Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. Expert Level 5. Reply Loading Active Level 4. You would want to register the watch on that corresponding Samsung site as well. For instance, US version have Samsung pay enabled but Canadian version dont have it but you can manually do it. I read some Canadian people claiming to have it work, at least for TD card, as both countries have this bank.

Its tempting for me. May be by the end of day I'll convince myself to get one. Expert Level 3. Just a fyi The warranty is only good for the country the device was originally intended for sale in Thank you very much guys for the information that really helped!! Hey members, thanks for your comments!