What is wrong with my brain

30.06.2021 By Akinozilkree

what is wrong with my brain

What is wrong with my brain?

Aug 02, The brain is getting conflicting messages from the fundamental senses, and in evolutionary terms theres only one thing that can cause that, which is a vitoriayvitorianos.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. The top five things you can do for your brain are as follows: Get outside in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. Make sure to exercise for at least 20 minutes 4x per week to pump fresh oxygen to the brain. Lower your stress levels by relaxing, doing yoga, meditation, spending time with friends.

In his new book, Idiot Brain, Burnett aims to take our most prized organ down a withh or two. It could have something to do with how to whitewash a wooden table ancestors sleeping in trees.

We caught up with Burnett, who is also a science blogger for The Guardian and a stand-up comic, to ask him some of our everyday questions and frustrations with neuroscience. The body and the muscles are saying we are still. Your eyes are saying the environment is still. The balance sense in the ears are detecting movement. Throw up. The brain has a dedicated region for faces.

And the brain is very visual. That is by far the most dominant sense. Anything visual has got a much better chance of being lodged in the brain and staying there.

A lot more work is required by the conscious part of the brain to take in and remember a name. Why is that? The research into this area is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Can you tell me what inspired it? The two scientists who named the phenomenon were inspired to look into it by a report in America of a criminal who was arrested when he tried witu rob a bank with no disguise.

The fact that he was so confident in his deduction that he actually went and committed a felony in broad daylight in front of security cameras led to an interesting area of science. It turns out the people who are better at doing the tests, who can solve them faster and more efficiently, were showing less activity how to change computer passwords the intelligence part of the brain.

The main theory now is that it means this area is bbrain efficient. You write that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in painkillers like Tylenol, can even be effective for the heartache one experiences after a breakup. How can that be? But in terms of the brain, it does use the same region to process the discomfort and unpleasant sensations of a relationship breakup as it does mmy physical pain.

So a medication like acetaminophen which works on those areas of the brain would technically have the same effect on both physical pain perception and emotional pain. I mean, it is amazing, it is fantastic. And it is. Continue or Give a Gift.

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The brain is indeed a complex part of the body, and there can be many symptoms, including some serious ones, when a disease process affects the brain. However, if you are not experiencing any symptoms but are still very concerned that there is something wrong with you, this could indicate that you are suffering from a panic or anxiety disorder. An underlying clue relates to how challenging it can become to maintain stable positive self-worth xxxviii xxxix when ones brain functions so inconsistently, and the speed and efficiency of processing external information and internal thoughts is so variable and unreliable. While our brains may function in certain respects like a computer, a machine lacks a vitoriayvitorianos.comted Reading Time: 9 mins. May 22, Hence, the reason you seem to be getting worse - stress increases when we get older and try to take on more responsibility and since your brain is not processing the incoming stimuli properly it essentially shuts down (memory problems, anxiety, speech, writing difficulties/organizing thoughts, brain fog, drowsness).

By rwalters21 , April 13, in Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience. Im a 21 year old male who is having serious problems with his brain. My symptoms are as follows: memory retention problems have an extremely hard time learning and retaining new information,confusion,drowsiness,personality changes,my brain feels foggy and feels kinda like there is pressure,my senses arent acute, and have problem solving troubles and speech difficulties.. I've started feeling alot of these hardcore about 6 months ago.

I want to join the airforce but I cant pass the asvab because I forget almost everything i learn and when I learn something and then am asked a question that is the same kind of question but a different variation such as a math problem its like there is no thoughts and no activity in the brain and its the same during interviews and i'm unable to secure employment by normal means only through temp services because of my speech troubles.

I read,read and read about science,the human body, the brain,dna and genetics, so I should be a genious by now but I forget it all and feels like I didnt read anything. I've been to a couple docs and they keep telling me im too young too have atumor or its highly unlikely that I have one. I tried different meds for social anxiety and add but they dont help because all my problems stem from the memory,speech, and confusion symptoms. Im taking a math and science class at my local adult learning center because college is too expensive and im doing it to join the airforce and I started today and the science its life science and I couldnt remember anything I had to right it all down and I never had to do this before and never experienced these problems I was always bright.

I feel like I lost my old self and I want him back. What could be wrong? I don't feel like the Internet is qualified to answer these questions, but that instead you should pursue things further with the doctors. It sounds like there's something radically wrong, and you don't want to trust your mental health to the Internet.

Do this for ten minutes every day and see if it helps. Couldn't hurt. I also thought of depression, and I found this: Adolescent Depression. At this point, the most important symptom here is that you recognize it's wrong, you don't like it, and you want to fix it. I'm not expert in the diet and stuff. I understand how it feels. I remember during my army recruit time.

It was a tough time. Didn't have enough sleep. After a few days, I had problems remembering the steps of the rifle drills. You have an ambition, and it isn't right for me to comment on it. Me I wish others don't dampen my dream too.

I took anxiety drugs, and was off for 6 months now. I requested for very low dose. One of the effect is my little bro is affected, and that makes me worried. At another doctor, a different drugs caused the face to feel stiff, or rubbery, like a second skin on the face. Before that , I went to docs complaining about pains on the body here and there and they can't find anything wrong. These are unfortunately fairly generic symptoms.

For example, lack of sleep would account for all of them. Have you asked them if it might be something other than a tumor? Do the doctors think there is anything wrong with you? I was always bright.

And it's probably not rational to jump into worrying about worst case scenarious without further examinations and considerations of the more natural causes, like stress, depression etc.

As we know the state of the brain and mind, can actually give symptoms on the physical body as well by feedback mechanisms of the brain controlling body functions, even if it's subconscios.

Although anything can happen to all us us, it's probably no rational to worry about this based on weak generic symptoms. But some people are somewhat hypocondric, and then it's easy to overinterpret generic harmless symptoms. That said, if you are seriously worried about a specific disease, infection or tumour, I think the doctor should take is serious and make a test. To doubt something since it's statistically unlikely, is a rational first response bit if no other cause is found, I'd expect that you can demand to get a test, to at least release yourself for the pain of worrying, incease you've been increasinly worried, that itself may increase the symptoms.

Unfortunately, rwalters21 forgot that he posted here. Been there done that. At your age I had many of the same symptoms and it just got worse as I got older. I bet the harder you try the worse your symptoms get This explains the social anxiety, memory problems, and your speech problems. The prefrontal cortex PFC is instrumental in all of these processes. In my experience there are a few things you can do. First, you can try stimulant meds like adderall, or secondly, you can seek out neurofeedback help expensive.

To help better understand your problem I'll just tell you that your PFC is underpowered and you probably feel overwhelmed by your life because of this. This is a clear case of a learning disorder. Serotonin will just slow down your PFC even more and likely make things worse. Read Dr. There is a good section in this book on the PFC and it's function and how it affects processes in the brain. You appear to have all the classic symptoms.

I'll check back to see your reply. This must be treated or you'll just get worse and it will ruin your life. The good news is that it is a fairly simple "fix" once you know what the problem is and how to best treat it.

Some people do not have a memory problem but have a retention problems. Meaning information must come slow so your brain can process it. If the information is coming fast you will not get it. When reading books read slow and stop and think about it so your brain can process it. A lot more information is needed before we can speculate meaningfully. He's already been to a few doctors resulting in nothing so you have to go for the most common cause for such symptoms which is also the most undiagnosed.

If this guy abuses alcohol regularly and has a poor diet the it will most probably cause Wernicke's encephalopathy which is due to vitamin B being used to break down the alcohol. Poor diet doesn't replenish it and as a result the patient develops lesions on the brain and has all the symptoms this patient is describing. The onset is so gradual the most diagnosis's happen in autopsy. It's so under-diagnosed that the ER where I work with give people who are drunk an IV dose of B vitamins no matter their demographics.

Of course this is mere speculation. He hasn't told us if he is abusing alcohol. If he is he needs a blood test measuring B vitamin levels, needs an MRI head and needs to start taking vitamin B supplements and improve his diet. What's your diet like? And what's it been like in the past? That includes anything that's passed your lips or been consumed in any other way. On a slightly different tack, the other day my local surgery invited me for a health check think they were conducting some sort of survey , and when the nurse asked me what I had for breakfast that morning and I replied porridge, she was ecstatic!

Indeed, a similar response for my report of other meals. The impression I got was that such was unusual. Moreover, what did I see the other day? Someone sitting in a coffee shop very early in the morning obviously having breakfast, which consisted of a substantial piece of chocolate cake and a coffee.

There was a post before Physica's that did the digging, but after getting responses, the poster erased what they had written. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

Sign in here. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Whats wrong with my brain? Recommended Posts. Posted April 13, Link to post Share on other sites.

Cap'n Refsmmat Posted April 13, Have you seen a doctor about this? Sorry, it was a bit hard to read. Icefire 17 Posted April 13, I also thought of depression, and I found this: Adolescent Depression - Depression can sometimes occur because life doesn't progress as we plan.

However, more specifically focused on your situation, memory loss seems like a key symptom. Sometimes, if you sleep well, the memory may improve.

I thought that I read it before somewhere.