What to get my 8 year old brother for christmas

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what to get my 8 year old brother for christmas

45 Best Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boys to Keep Them Smiling All Year Long

Get him in the holiday spirit with a tin of Peppermint Pretzel Snaps: pretzels, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate on a crispy dark chocolate wafer dipped in white chocolate peppermint bark. (Prepare to win sibling of the year.) 3 of 39 "A Man & His Watch" Coffee Table Book. 25 Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys in - Gifts for Eight.

By the time boys are 8 years old, they are ready to move on to higher-level toys that stimulate their young olld and enforce physical activity. When shopping for toys and gifts for 8-year-old boys, you want to make sure that whatever you pick challenges their growing abilities — they're going into third grade, after all! And yet you still want to get them items that encourage pretend play, get them outside and active or teach them something cool, like a new art skill or how to code.

In order to find the absolute best toys for kidsthe experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute regularly test and evaluate the most promising toys on the market. We even have our kid testers play with hundreds of them in order to find out which ones are worth buying this year.

Some of our recommendations below are even past or present Good Housekeeping Toy Award winners. Don't forget to check out our other gift guides for kids of all ages, including toys for 1-year-oldstoys for 2-year-oldsgifts for 5-year-old boysgifts for toddlerstoys for tweensand gifts for teens. FYI: Certain items may be shipped later this year due to the pandemic.

You can check here for all shipping deadlines to ensure your item arrives in time for the holidays. A new twist on the classic game Simon Says, this one is a fun memory booster that's perfect for killing time on a long road trip, ysar kids can play solo or turn it into a two-player game.

The challenge is to memorize the light sequence and follow along for as long as possible, without breaking the pattern! This paper airplane teaches principles of flight, aerodynamics and lift while encouraging outside play. It's easy to build and connect to bluetooth, so kids can control the plane directly from a mobile device through the free app. This isn't your typical, at-home science kit.

Kids wear VR goggles to watch as science concepts come to life before them. The set includes 48 pieces, including things like beakers fir measuring cups, but you have to provide your own Android or iOS device to take advantage of the VR capabilities.

Kids can use this Toy Award winner to build their own race car and then control it with the free TechMods app. Our experts think it's innovative because the toy combines physical and digital play.

Plus, there's even some coding involved, which is great for introducing kids to STEM. The fate of the world is at stake, and how to date a winchester model 70 board game challenges players to work together in order to save it. The players are the townspeople trying to push back against various inhuman threats, like sentient plants or space aliens. They have to rescue scientists and collect tools to help them, but they're in a race against the clock chriwtmas literally — since this is a timed game and each round must be played in 20 minutes or less.

Enjoy the how to make burgers patties and spills of taking on multiple obstacles to become the next American Ninja Warrior! Kids can create combinations of challenging obstacles by using the Course Creatorand test their skills against each other in multi-player mode.

You can get it for chrisfmas Switch, the PS4 and other consoles. If your 8-year-old boy is into vehicles, Snap Ships are a new building toy line that uses interchangeable pieces to make different spacecraft. Each set can build multiple ships, and also comes with a surprise piece to give it extra "power. Based off the wildly popular segment on The Late Show with James Cordenthis microphone toy transforms the family car into olr cool Carpool Karaoke ride!

It's super easy to set up and use: First, find an open station on your radio and match what should i eat if i have diarrhea station with the mic. Then pair your mobile device to the mic via bluetooth and sing to your favorite tunes from the mic or music app! Your 8-year-old will love singing his favorite tunes and let's face it, so will the rest of the family — except the driver has to keep both hands on the wheel.

Here, kids get how to make breast smaller without surgery explore the science behind art: This kit will guide brither through the process of making his own markers, including measuring and mixing the ink to make his favorite colors. The yfar comes with enough supplies to make 16 markers. The perfect gift for your 8-year-old who loves problem solving and trying different possibilities.

The challenge is to strategically place multi-directional tiles on the board for the marbles to navigate through.

This game helps develop cognitive skills, spacial recognition and an understanding of cause-and-effect. This game requires kids to put on their thinking caps and practice their logic skills. A rogue's gallery of pups are the suspect in various canine crimes — stealing a cake, messing up a rug — and a series of increasingly difficult challenge cards offer a list of clues to whodunit.

There's also Cat Crimes if he's a cat guy. By using LEGOs, kids can build and program a robot using basic coding principles. The pieces can form five different figures, so kids can keep rebuilding chrustmas robot when they want to switch it up.

With this kit, kids can build their own electromagnetic bike light that flashes when they ride. It's also a STEM learning experience as they get to see how to produce bigger and brighter light. It includes everything you need to build, strap, then ride: one lithium battery, spoke lights, two straps, capacitors, LEDs and a wireless power pack. Your kid can help avoid a nuclear meltdown with this game meant to be played with two or more people.

To play, they pack and roll goo cubes together, and use their critical-thinking skills to balance the squishy cubes on a platform that shifts unpredictably. If any cubes fall, you'll have to re-stack it. The game is over when all the cubes are stacked! Real science and playful fantasy come together in this wacky, activity-filled kit.

The lab station is easy to assemble so your 8-year-old can conduct fun experiments while learning the basics of chemistry vet all with color-changing alien slime! In the box, you'll get a full-color illustrated manual, decorative stickers, 28 science lab pieces and 10 experiments. If you've never seen your waht boy dance like a T-Rex, this might be your chance! First, players pick a card action, person, animal that will tell you how you'll be dancing like as an astronaut, chicken, or maybe rollerblading.

Then, spin the spinner to see what you'll be dancing to think: salsa, disco, twist, etc. Combine the two and see whar like never before! It's best played with three or more people, so it's great for family game nights or fro. LEGO's collection dor "Hidden Side" toys are favorites of our lab experts because they combine the classic building kits with trendy augmented reality features.

This one comes with pieces that allow kids to build a haunted laboratory while acting out the ghost-catching storyline, then watch it come to life through the app. A true mastery game, Tiny Pong is essentially ping pong but in the palm of your hand, so it's great for improving hand-eye coordination. The goal is to keep the ball bouncing without letting it fall. It creates a strong competitive spirit while they try to beat their high score.

This Nerf blaster comes with five shells that automatically eject once firedand the toy can fire what happened in syria yesterday to three darts at the same time.

It's perfect for chaotic backyard battles. Monopoly meets voice recognition: Kids can now control the direction of the game using just their what is a cross shredder via the top of Mr. Monopoly's hat. They learn about negotiation skills and financial basicsso it makes education fun during family game night, or with two to four other players. With detachable compartments, this space station toy makes it easy to customize the space mission and get creative.

Sound effects such as radio contact, space noises and jet propulsion add to the life of the game. In the set, you'll get two astronauts, one space robot, one space station, tools, food supplies and several more accessories to reenact a successful Mars mission. The set comes with three LEGO Star Wars mini figures and more than pieces for hours of building and imaginary play. Fans of musical chairs are sure to love this toy! Easy to bring anywhere you go, scramble and grab a chair when a "butts up" prompt applies to you.

Brofher player left without a chair takes a score ring what to get my 8 year old brother for christmas asks the questions next, the player with the least amount of score rings in the end wins! It's a fun, active game to bring to parties with a group of friends or family. If your 8-year-old is a Fortnite fan, this set of action figures covers three different how to help my 7 year old make friends of characters chistmas, so kids can collect them all.

The best part is that they have swappable weapons, accessories and back bling. Kids can grow their own collection while engaging in imaginary play.

The perfect gift for an 8-year-old who leans more towards independent activities. It doesn't leave a huge mess behindexcept maybe some sticky fingers from the decoupage glue. Simply apply the pre-cut stickers with the glitter decoupage glue for a unique figure of his own.

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Find that special something for him

8 Our toys have been tried and tested by actual 8 year olds, so you know you'll be the best birthday gift-giver at the party. Present them with a stomp rocket, or a unique collapsible soccer ball that fits in their pocket! Plus, you can add wrapping paper at checkout%(K). As they transition from little to big kid, 8-year-old boys are ready to challenge themselves with higher-level toys, cool gadgets, and more sophisticated electronics. To save you some time and effort, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best gifts. Nov 18,  · Let your brother take over hosting Thanksgiving next year when he learns how to deep fry a turkey with his new deep fryer. This compact deep fryer can easily fit on the kitchen counter or pantry shelf and is easy to wipe clean.

Whatever the occasion—a birthday, life milestone, new job, or the holidays—getting the perfect gift for brothers is important. Your brother s has been through a lot with you, after all, so coming up with a thoughtful gift idea for him is probably a priority for you, even though it can feel intimidating.

It might even be more challenging than finding gifts for your boyfriend, unfortunately. Scroll through our top Christmas gifts for brothers or brother-in-laws.

Happy holidays, indeed. You can't go wrong gifting your brother a handsome pebbled leather vessel for all his toiletries. Show him he's ready to graduate to a grownup dopp kit that's sturdy and roomy—with a soft structured design and handy interior pocket—perfect for both traveling and at-home storage.

Get him in the holiday spirit with a tin of Peppermint Pretzel Snaps: pretzels, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate on a crispy dark chocolate wafer dipped in white chocolate peppermint bark.

Prepare to win sibling of the year. If your brother or brother-in-law has a thing for watches, this is an ideal gift besides maybe an actual timepiece that keeps on giving. Your brother can set up his own mini golf course around the house, outside, or wherever he pleases with this playful gift.

It comes with two mini putters, two golf balls, four different holes, and of course, obstacles to make things interesting. Maybe he just moved into a new place or simply needs your keen eye to help fill that empty wall space he's been ignoring for months years? There are so many great places to buy eye-catching wall art without breaking the bank.

Help yours out by gifting him a fragrant candle from Homesick. With a burn time of 60 to 80 hours, it offers a comforting scent to remind him of his favorite place. The New York City candle will take him right back to spring in Central Park with its sophisticated blend of citrus, floral, concrete, sandalwood, and oakmoss notes. Is the brother or brother-in-law in question an avid cyclist?

Then he needs these pocket-sized magnetic LED bike lights white for the front and red for the back for staying safe on the road.

Powerful magnets hold these palm-size beams in place on the bike. Then they simply snap closed and fit easily in a pocket or bag until his next ride. A classic weekender bag with double leathers handles and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap option is an ideal gift for brothers. This one features a separate exterior zip compartment for shoes, so his clothes can stay free of dirt and grime. Choose from either black or navy blue with brown leather straps.

A cold beer, a hot shower, and some tunes? This multitasking shower beer holder is secretly a Bluetooth speaker, which means your or-older college-bound bro will be the most popular guy in the dorm next semester. For the brother or brother-in-law who pours hot sauce on everything from breakfast sandwiches to burgers, here's a hot trio of gourmet condiments that bring the heat in style. Gift him a set of Fuego Spice bottles, including Hot Hive spicy honey, Zana white garlic and habanero sauce, and Riza ghost pepper and jalapeno blend sauce.

Whether he's outfitting his first apartment or just desperately in need of some cocktail tools to make his favorite negroni recipe from home, a monogrammed bar tool set is the way to go. This one comes with a corkscrew, strainer, cocktail spoon, muddler, double-sided jigger, and cocktail sticks all neatly fitted in a soft, roll-up canvas case—which means it's great for camping and picnicking, too. It's the end of an era—the one where your brother uses one generic drugstore shampoo to wash his hair, face, and body in the shower.

Introduce him to Huron, the men's care brand designed for busy, no-fuss guys who deserve quality grooming products without a ridiculous price tag. Hi, hello, is that your brother who looks so cool? There's nothing he owns that a bomber jacket can't instantly elevate to movie-star status. It's the perfect piece of outerwear for transition months, weekend strolls, and casual nights out. Not that your brother doesn't deserve a floral bouquet, but it's possible he won't appreciate fresh stems as much as he'll appreciate a bundle of, yes, that's right, artisan salami.

The packaging is just the start of this fun, edible gift that keeps on giving. His next charcuterie board or late night snack, we don't judge is looking promising. Even if your bro lives in a city or has no green thumb to speak of, he can still grow organic cilantro, basil, and mint with these herb-in-a-can kits. Each set of three comes with soil, seeds, and biochar soil conditioner, so all he needs to do is place them in a sunlit spot and wait for his fresh, fragrant greens to grow.

According to The Tie Bar, olive green is the new neutral of the moment. The gift of a quality neck tie never goes out of style, so add to your brother's lineup of neckwear with this classy houndstooth number he can wear it to Christmas dinner! Smart light bulbs and lamps have been on the rise in recent years, with more companies producing their own versions so anyone can create custom lighting at home without expensive fixtures or wiring. This smart table lamp pairs with Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, so he can easily set the mood by voice command, phone app, or touch sensor.

It emits over 16 million color settings, including several warm and cool white light options to suit the atmosphere working, reading, date night, you name it. The handheld percussive therapy device gives muscles the deep-tissue attention they most likely need whenever you want it.

This model features five different speeds, ranging from gentle to intense, and four attachments. Your brother or brother-in-law can cater the treatment to any area of his body, from sore and tense muscles to long-standing aches and pains. This triple-layered, vacuum-sealed roaming tumbler will keep an ice cold beer cold 12 hours in theory, of course and his favorite coffee hot for four hours.

So whether he's having drinks on the beach with pals, hiking in the mountains, or commuting to the office, this is the durable tumbler to bring. If your brother is still living off frozen pizza and take out, help boost his proficiency in the kitchen with this fundamental cookbook from the pros at America's Test Kitchen. This trusted guide, featuring must-know recipes plus tons of tips and techniques , will teach him absolute best way to cook the essentials, from simple, weeknight pan-seared chicken to cacio e pepe to chocolate pot de creme.

Available in twelve different colors, this warm yet lightweigh pullover is made for cold-weather workouts and, let's be real, lounging around the living room. The two ergonomic, ceramic cereal bowls are designed to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, thanks to an indent in the base, while a side notch stabilizes his spoon—freeing up a hand for the remote.

Die-hard skiers will appreciate the clever repurposing of a reclaimed ski into a handy spot for holding cabs and merlots. The whole family can partake in some friendly competition with this clever game. A series of cards sends everyone on a digital scavenger hunt using their smartphones. Help your brother step up his grilling game with this smoking and grilling box set. These accessories will have him smoking and grilling meals infused with tasty flavors in no time, taking his BBQ dinners from amateur to pro.

These 3D replicas of some of the most famous stadiums across the country are made from white birch and poplar wood. If your brother is a die-hard fan and appreciates a vintage aesthetic, this is the perfect Christmas gift for him. The compact device is touted for its superb sound quality and powerful battery, and it comes in three colors—black, blue, and red—so you can choose what matches his home best.

He can leave his music playing for a full 24 hours with any Bluetooth-enabled device before the speaker battery needs to be recharged. The easiest way to elevate a dish is with some delicious seasoning, and this set of three salt blends will have your brother tasting smoky, chili, or BBQ notes whenever his heart desires.

He can use the salts as a seasoning, cook with one as a dry-rub, or even use the Sultan Papadopoulos flavor for his next Bloody Mary. If your brother's been nice to you this year, it might be time to treat him to this fail-proof, in-1 kitchen appliance. Obsession over the Instant Pot is totally justified. Trust us, he'll be inviting you over for homemade slow-simmered buffalo chicken meatballs on game day next year. The warm material will keep his toes toasty no matter the weather.

Give your brother the chance to learn new takes on 21 classic drinks. If he's a margarita fan, he'll especially love the Matador recipe. Who doesn't love opening a gift to find a new pair of pajamas—especially in the winter when we can never seem to have enough comfortable loungewear? Your brother will probably live in these soft plaid PJ pants well beyond Christmas morning.

Instead, wrap up this tin, which will let him make his own cold brew iced coffee at home—no special equipment needed. Each can has bean bags to make 12 servings of iced coffee right in his refrigerator. If grooming tends to fall by the wayside for your brother, help him make self-care less of a hassle with a Dollar Shave Club gift set. It comes with a razor handle, extra blades, prep scrub, shave butter, and a post-shave moisturizer.

If he loves it, he can subscribe for recurring monthly shipments to restock. You can also get him an e-gift card that he can easily redeem for the grooming products of his choosing. When all else fails, an Amazon gift card does not disappoint.

If your brother is picky or particularly hard to shop for, let him choose the perfect thing for himself, on you. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Start Slideshow. Holiday Gifts for Brothers Mark and Graham leather travel dopp kit in chocolate brown. Holiday Gifts for Brothers A man and his watch coffee table book. Holiday Gifts for Brothers: Magnetic bike lights.

Holiday Gifts for Brothers Gabba Goods bluetooth shower speaker beer holder. Christmas Gifts for Brothers Mark and Graham roll-up bar tool set with monogram.

Christmas Gifts for Brothers Salami Bouquet. Holiday gifts for Brothers Theragun Prime percussive massage gun.

Christmas Gifts for Brothers S'well navy blue insulated tumbler. Christmas Gifts for Brothers Under Armour half-zip fleece pullover. Gifts for Brother: Couch Bowl Set. Christmas Gifts for Brother: Game of Phones. Christmas Gifts for Brothers 3D stadium wall art. Christmas Gifts for Brothers Instant Pot 6-quart pressure cooker. Christmas Gifts for Brothers Sheepskin slippers from L.