What type of car was in the dukes of hazzard

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what type of car was in the dukes of hazzard

Top 10 Dukes of Hazzard Car Facts Revealed About the General Lee

Traveller was also the name of the car in Moonrunners, the movie precursor to The Dukes of Hazzard. Roscos Patrol Car. A AMC Matador was one of many different Hazzard County police cars used on the series, mostly in the first season; they had . ??The car was restored and sold for $, The Dukes' car was originally going to be named Traveller, after General Lees horse, but the producers worried that no one would get the.

Over the years, audiences found themselves getting attached to famous vehicles that became characters on their own rights, and one such car is General Lee: the iconic Dodge Charger used by cousins Bo John Schneider and Luke Tom Wopat Duke used in What did rome contribute to the world Dukes of Hazzard.

To this day, old-school fans of the show and newcomers alike admire the General Lee and spend vast amounts of money to acquire a replica or even a miniature of it. To celebrate the show nearing its 40 th anniversary, here are 10 bizarre facts about General Lee that you may not hazzarc heard what to do for back muscle spasms. Using the General Lee, the Duke boys pulled off amazing stunts that would make professional racers envious.

Some of its modifications include: custom wheels and tires, heavy-duty suspensions, a powerful Magnum V8 engine, and loosened brakes to make the car capable of making degree turns. Each General Lee was fitted with interior steel roll bars and cages to give the driver and passengers added protection. Every time the General Lee made one of hundreds of daredevil jumps, it soared in the air and landed rear-wheels first. To avoid this from happening, the General Lee was loaded with extra mass by placing concrete ballast, sandbags, or weight boxes in the trunk.

This meant that its heaviest what type of car was in the dukes of hazzard was now in the back, allowing the Charger to briefly fly in the precise way that the directors wanted it to. The General Lee is known for many iconic tyoe, one of which is a horn that plays the Confederate song "Dixie.

The General Lee is known for making breathtaking jumps, with its highest peak being 16ft high across a distance of 82ft before crashing down. The jump broke records and ratings, landing its way into television history even if the car itself got totaled. The Charger that made this jump is also the only General Lee to appear in every episode of the show, with its archive footage being used in the opening credits.

If the General Lee could be considered to be a character in The Dukes of Hazzard, it only makes sense that it had stuntmen. In total, the Lee had around doubles 26 in the movie all of which died during filming.

The only reason why the General Lee seemed impervious to constant punishment in the series was because it was constantly repaired or replaced. On average, one charger was totaled per episode, resulting in some dire and unforeseen consequences. This caused problems for the action-oriented and car-loving show, since this uazzard model was basically its lifeline and main attraction. To work around this, the production designers bought orange AMC Ambassadors and modified them to resemble the Charger.

Crewmembers even went as far as conducting aerial searches to find as many Dodge Chargers as they could while leaving flyers on Chargers' windshields, asking their owners if Dukes could buy their car. As the Dodge Charger shortage worsened and with funds drying up, Warner Bros. In its prime, Dukes of Hazzard inspired a dedicated fanbase to send letters to each member of the cast including the General Lee.

The General Lee is arguably the star of The Dukes of Hazzard, and this was best shown when it went up for sale. The post itself was filled with false bids, and eBay stepped in more than once to stop it.

Due to the rise of far-right terrorism where the use of Confederate imagery was rampant, Warner Bros. Because of how to draw doodles art giant Confederate flag on its roof among other thingsthe General Lee suffered the most when Dukes products were pulled out of the typ. Part-time artist and writer, full-time overthinker. Believes that Samuel L. Jackson whay the greatest actor on earth and misses ot stores.

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??The General Lee was two kinds of cars. It was mostly a Dodge Charger but if you pay attention there were a few Chargers as well. The marker . ??The Duke Farm land has been in the family since 1 and the building has housed 'five-generations' of Dukes. The Farm is approximately 18 miles from the Town of Hazzard 2 Located on Old Mill Road.3 Jesse Duke lived on the Duke Family farm with his wife. Over time they took in four of their nephews; Luke, Vance, Coy, and Bo Duke as well as one niece, Daisy Duke. Another nephew Jeb .

From to , a television spinoff of the movie Moonrunners , starring Tom Wopat as Luke Duke and John Schneider as Bo Duke, became very popular not for the actors but for the car used in the series. The car would jump rivers, roads, hills, and other cars, and land perfectly to race off at high speeds. In reality, the jumps would damage the cars so severely that they had to be scrapped, usually at least one or two cars per episode.

Dukes of Hazzard cast. In the beginning, a couple of cars were wrecked by flipping over during a jump until ballast, in the form of sand bags or concrete, was put in the trunk.

If, by some chance, a stuntman actually lost control, the film of the accident was written into the show. Because of the number of cars that were destroyed, the producers had people going through parking lots and flying over residential homes offering to buy any Dodge Chargers that were found.

Dukes of Hazzard Sheriff Car. AMC Ambassadors were redone to look like Chargers for some episodes. It got to the point that , , and Chargers were modified to look like the version; cars that would have normally been scrapped were fixed just enough to jump them again some even had the engine and transmission taken out and were pushed into the jump; old footage was used; and finally, some jump scenes were filmed using miniatures, which was not supported by the actors.

Some of the wrecked cars were cut up for interior shots but more than were crushed in junkyards. John Schneider at the Sacramento Autorama. They sat for about five years until someone had the idea of selling them off. All but one were sold to private collectors. Watson displayed the car at various functions. When he announced that he would be painting over the Confederate flag on the roof, the director of the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois, Brian Grams, offered to buy the car from Watson but was turned down.

Warner Bros. The creation of the battle flag was to differentiate between the two armies in battle because the actual flag of the Confederacy looked too much like the Stars and Stripes. Photo by Richard E. Is the flag used as such in other applications? Yes, but certainly not on the Dukes. Jones also organizes events featuring the cast from the television show and the music of Tom Wopat and Whey Jennings son of country music star Waylon Jennings. Jones is currently working on a documentary about the making of the Dukes of Hazzard television series.

No matter what your stance on the flag controversy on the car, it is impossible to deny that a Dodge Charger with the doors welded shut made quite an impact on American culture. Apr 1, Ian Harvey.